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Parent-Teacher Conference by PyreFlie
Parent-Teacher Conferenceby Pyre
*COMPLETED* Clementine loved AJ but becoming a mom at the age of 22 was not in the plans. How will she handle it when AJ's stressful home life leads to misbehaving at sc...
I Trust You ( A Violetine Fanfiction ) by BechloeSendrick05
I Trust You ( A Violetine your friendly dinosaur
She was covered in blood, Violet didn't really know if it was human blood or walker blood, and she really didn't want to know. Her once shining hazel eyes had turned to...
Moms by PyreFlie
Momsby Pyre
Clementine and Violet want to start a family, with all the ups and downs that entails.
Misconceptions by PyreFlie
Misconceptionsby Pyre
*COMPLETED* Violentine, AU, takes place in high school. Violet thinks Clementine is a teacher's pet, but the more she learns about the girl in the baseball cap, the more...
After The End - Violentine by JustAnotherGoblin-ZQ
After The End - Violentineby Secretly Not a Human
After the loss of her leg Clementine will need all the help she can find to survive in the apocalypse, however with the people (and dog) of Texas Two and the support fro...
Malformed (Ericson Kids) by onihs_
Malformed (Ericson Kids)by shino
Clementine Marsh is a troubled girl with a dark past. After her father died, she just changed. Her mother didn't like her attitude so she sent her away to change. She en...
Play the Leader by PyreFlie
Play the Leaderby Pyre
Clementine never wanted this lifestyle, it just sort of fell into her lap... the same way she fell into the laps of men every night at the strip club. The club she start...
Nails and teeth. | Violentine fanfiction. by ClaudiTf
Nails and teeth. | Violentine ClaudiTf
Violet, If they tell you to go get food ... You go for food! You don't bring a wild girl covered in walker guts to school. This is an English version of the book of the...
One Shots by ATAJauregui
One Shotsby ATA
Just a bunch of one shots for multiple fandoms. I hope you enjoy and find something for you! Some of the fandoms that'll be included: The Walking Dead Game Descendants V...
Her Happiness Is My Happiness (DISCONTINUED) by vinnerva
Her Happiness Is My Happiness ( vinerva
AU: Minnie is convinced to come back to the school by Tenn and Violet. With half the Delta Members dead, and Lilly, she has nothing to loose. Until she finds out Violet...
Watch Your Words (Violentine) by the-captain
Watch Your Words (Violentine)by Captaion Nahorseon
Curses are real. They may not be anything like they are in the books, man turning into dragon, broken by a true loves kiss, but rest assured they are real. Unfortunate s...
The Joys Of Parenthood by millieannemily
The Joys Of Parenthoodby millieannemily
After two years of trying, Clementine and Violet are ecstatic to find they are going to have a baby. But parenting isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Family Is What You Make It (Sequel) by lesbianslayer
Family Is What You Make It (Sequel)by Lesbian Slayer
Every thing was perfect. They have a family and that's all you need at a time like this ,but eventually every good has to come to a end.
Feeling Darkness | Violentine  by DemonataTG
Feeling Darkness | Violentine by Ty/Demonata
What does it feel like to be surrounded by nothing? Tragedy struck Violet Adlon one year ago when an unfortunate event caused her to lose her eyesight completely. Now sh...
Violetine ~ short stories by shebendsspace
Violetine ~ short storiesby "how do you know which way is...
This Walking dead themed book contains lengthy violetine stories that may or may not be continued, mature themes such as cursing, self-harm, offensive jokes and sexual t...
The Walking Dead One shots (English versión) by ClaudiTf
The Walking Dead One shots ( ClaudiTf
Clementine x Mitch Clementine x Brody Clementine x James And everyone's favorite!!! CLEMENTINE x VIOLET This book is a English versión of my book of the same name in spa...
violentine yandere (Modern Au) by Dekukawaiiflower
violentine yandere (Modern Au)by Dekukawaiiflower
As violet sees another by Clem she starts to think on how to get rid of them....
The New Baseball star (Clemerva vs Violentine) by Yuri-Queen
The New Baseball star (Clemerva YuriQueen
Clementine is excepted into Ericson's boarding school only because of her skills as a baseball star. At this school she meets a lot of people but two girls catch her eye...
Violentine one-shots by moonshixe
Violentine one-shotsby moonshixe
okay so this is my first book so it might not be great but i thought id give it a try!
The Joys Of Parenthood by TexasTwo20
The Joys Of Parenthoodby TexasTwo20
After two years of trying, Clementine and Violet are ecstatic to find out they are going to have a baby. But parenting isn't all it's cracked up to be.