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Clementine x Louis by xqueenclemsterx
Clementine x Louisby Rich Boy Louis🤑
Clementine has just been introduced to the amazing kids at Ericsons School for troubled youth. Her and AJ will fit in just right. The kids seem to take interest in Clem...
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Weapon Of War (Clementine x Louis) by madisongracem
Weapon Of War (Clementine x Louis)by Madison
Raised as a weapon of war since she was 8 years old, Clementine Everett is sent back to civilization now that her war is over. Clementine had spent the last 9 years on...
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Clementine & Louis One-shots by xscully
Clementine & Louis One-shotsby Scully
Little stories about our favourite apocalypse couple ;) 💋Rated T for kisses 💚Contains fluff and angst RANKINGS: ✨Number 1 in #clementinetwdg ✨Number 1 in #louistwdg...
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I Love You Too (Clouis fanfiction) by Oria017
I Love You Too (Clouis fanfiction)by Orianne
A fanfiction roughly following the storyline of The Walking Dead season 4. Mostly about Clementine and her relationship with Louis throughout the game, but also includes...
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Cute ass twdg one shots by VeronicaBbonkers
Cute ass twdg one shotsby Veronica
just a bunch of cute ass one-shots spicy one shots = ⚠️ Mostly Clouis, but some Violentine Thanks for reading
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Clementine x Louis // Oneshots  by louintine4eva
Clementine x Louis // Oneshots by louintine4eva
Here are a collection of Oneshots about Louis and Clem. Mainly Fluff. No Smut. Enjoy!
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twdg how life goes by lalalala123412
twdg how life goesby lalalala123412
clementine and aj are in this stange place clementine meets a boy named louis will she be able to fall in love without getting hurt ...... i don't own twdg or twd @m...
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violetine and clouis one-shots by Essencede
violetine and clouis one-shotsby layne
some violetine and clouis one-shots :)
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Clouis one-shots  by lobsidedfish
Clouis one-shots by Iwannadie
Just a book of one-shots for Clementine and Louis. Hope you like it! No smut/lemons Warning: Explicit language
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A family ( Louis x Clementine) by angelvioletka
A family ( Louis x Clementine)by Angel
A Clouis story, first few chapters close to the game but this is gonna be a kinda fluffy story where Clementine, Louis and AJ become sort of a family. this is my first...
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The Day We Met 2 (Clouis AU) by theweirdomya
The Day We Met 2 (Clouis AU)by 𝐦𝐲𝐚 .
It's Clementine's Junior year in high school. And it's also been a half a year since she's spoken to Louis. She doesn't plan on it either (Or so she thinks)... But it's...
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Two Sides of the Same Street (A Clouis Fic) by xscully
Two Sides of the Same Street (A Scully
Louis is getting tired of working at the music store on the corner until a cute girl starts to work in the antique shop across the street. RANKINGS: ✨Number 1 in #twdgcl...
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if 'i love you' was a promise  [clouis] by yeetediitz
if 'i love you' was a promise [ ✩ maleah ✩
Clementine and Louis have been best friends since middle school. Will they let drama, friends, hormones, or anything else ruin their friendship? Or will they become so...
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Clouis ~ One shots by TwdgBee
Clouis ~ One shotsby TwdgBee
This is my collection of one shots! Requests open :) I did indeed make the cover fanart.
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clouis imagines. by tmarajj
clouis toby
A book filled with Clementine and Louis, from the walking dead, imagines/oneshots. the book cover has some fan art i found on tumblr by someone, idk who they are but if...
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clouis one shots  (louis x Clementine) by Bree-the-weirdo
clouis one shots (louis x shadow
just some one shots requests are open
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The Boy Nextdoor / COMPLETE by ysabelle_thewriter
The Boy Nextdoor / COMPLETEby Ysabelle <33
Clementine has just moved into town being newly adopted by such a caring family. Whilst she adjusts to her new surroundings a young freckled boy who goes by the name of...
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A Love Worth Surviving For (Clementine x Louis)  by HaleyCisme123
A Love Worth Surviving For ( HaleyCisme123
(Spoilers for episodes in story) Clementine and AJ are rescued by a group of kids after a car crash. The leader, Marlin, decides to let them stay at their boarding schoo...
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Oh My Darling, Clementine by AquaElizabeth
Oh My Darling, Clementineby Elizabeth
A story about Clementine and Louis, and their fight for love as teenagers in the zombie apocalypse.
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Days With You (A Clouis Fic) [SLOW UPDATES] by xscully
Days With You (A Clouis Fic) [ Scully
The start of the new school year also brings in the start of Clementine and Louis's relationship. This story follows their many, many dates throughout their time at coll...
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