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Soul Bonded [Claude De Alger Obelia x reader ] by ExhaustedSoul06
Soul Bonded [Claude De Alger ExhaustedSoul
Everyone knows the tragedy of the novel 'Lovely Princess'. Y/n a average modern girl suddenly is killed by a mysterious women and gets reincarnated into this crazy world...
Always (Claude De Alger Obelia) by Just_Call_Me_Leanne
Always (Claude De Alger Obelia)by P̸͇̳͎̩̣̈̐ͅo̵͇̻͓̙̊̅͊͌̈ͅó̶̑̿́̕...
He will forever be your always. "Will you stay by my side?" "Always, your highness" It's him. I'll always be him. Even if he didn't love you back, ev...
lovers' oath. | claude de alger obelia by lunaireee
lovers' oath. | claude de alger lunaire. is back ???
"I will love you." - wherein you are given a chance to be reborn from your untimely death in a body of a girl who's existence is labelled as a wallflower. With...
Princess of the Lilies by Mawllow
Princess of the Liliesby Mallow
[ Claude De Alger Obelia x OC ] (Who made me a princess) Aurora Rhandstone, The daughter of one of the most prestigious kingdoms 3rd to Obelia. Aurora, well....the orig...
Reincarnated into wmmap as an extra by asnasameer_
Reincarnated into wmmap as an extraby Kodzuken9_27
In which, Y/n L/n, a crack head, Reincarnated into the wmmap world and goes crazy. ***** "You've got something all over you." You say "What is it?" H...
Promise to You by ex_used
Promise to Youby kou
Story takes place in Lovely Princess. Who Made Me a Princess doesn't exist because I won't let her die, the forgotten princess. It's a shame that it wasn't her who recei...