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Wasting My Life Pretending (Class) by ellienerd14
Wasting My Life Pretending (Class)by Ellie :)
In order to help Charlie's weekend with his parents bearable, Matteusz agrees to come with him, only to discover that his parents are convinced they are dating. Things g...
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Pastel Prince (Marlie)  by ellienerd14
Pastel Prince (Marlie) by Ellie :)
When Charles, Prince of Rhodia gets the opinion to visit earth, he moves in with the MacLean's. On a planet of new palettes, he explores new colours and despite his love...
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We've Gone Way Too Fast For Way Too Long (BBC Class) by ellienerd14
We've Gone Way Too Fast For Way Ellie :)
It's easy to feel burnt out at nineteen years old, but things are so much harder when you're part of a superhero duo. Charity and Mercy have protected the Rhodian State...
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The 5 Times Quill Cares (Class)  by ellienerd14
The 5 Times Quill Cares (Class) by Ellie :)
Part of the 'more Than Muggles' universe. 5 Times Quill cares about Charlie and the first time she admits it. *I don't own Class*
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Standing Guard (Marlie/Class)  by ellienerd14
Standing Guard (Marlie/Class) by Ellie :)
Matteusz doesn't sleep that night. He watches the Cabinet of Souls and keeps an eye on their now locked door. More importantly he watches over Charlie. *I don't own Cl...
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Prom (Marlie/Class) by ellienerd14
Prom (Marlie/Class)by Ellie :)
The missing scene we all needed (and deserved) where Charlie asks Matteusz to be his prom date. *I don't own Class, the BBC does.*
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You make my heart shake bend and break (in that order) (Class AU) by ellienerd14
You make my heart shake bend and Ellie :)
'Secrets could be dangerous. Soulmates could be dangerous. Matteusz' soulmate was a murderer.' In an universe when you are born with the knowledge of your soulmates big...
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Class Appreciation Week 2017  by ellienerd14
Class Appreciation Week 2017 by Ellie :)
Day 1 - favourite character Day 2 - favourite episode Day 3 - favourite villain Day 4 - favourite theme Day 5 - favourite relationship Day 6 - favourite scene Day...
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Class One Shots  by ellienerd14
Class One Shots by Ellie :)
A collection of one shots about Class *I don't own class*
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