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Knives || The Hunger Games  by SarcasticQueenz
Knives || The Hunger Games by ♤ 𝐐𝐮𝐞𝐞𝐧 ♤
***Rewriting*** "Hurry up Clover" "Don't call me that" "Why not? You are my Lucky Clover" **A Clato Fan-Fiction**
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Clato's story by deerwrites
Clato's storyby 🦌
Clove Kentwell is a hardworking girl who has comitted her life to winning the hunger games. But what will happen when Cato Hadley, a handsome popular guy notices her and...
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District High [Paused] by lovelyxreadx
District High [Paused]by Your local fan girl!
Welcome to District High. A high school in Panem. Clove, Cato , Glimmer and Marvel are the characters I'm going to focus on in this series! I hope you like it 😘
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The Hunger Games High School by parislover2374
The Hunger Games High Schoolby Adri
Takes place in modern day. Katniss Everdeen thinks she has her life figured out. One day this new kid, Peeta, comes to school and steals her heart. Join Katniss, Peeta...
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Beauty and The Geek by Onenonlysamich
Beauty and The Geekby 1 n on1y Samich
Cato Hadley is new to Panem High School. He's a little . . . different than the other kids at his school. He has a big secret that would absolutely destroy his reputatio...
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Fanfiction: A Clato story part 3 by iheartsethclearwater
Fanfiction: A Clato story part 3by Clato4life
In this part three of my Clato fanfic, will Clove stay with Cato? Or will she being out her confused feeling for Marvel? And will she kill Glimmer, yes she wants to.
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Our Love Never Dies (an Everlark fanfic) by whynotwhy7
Our Love Never Dies (an Everlark whynotwhy7
Katniss Everdeen just moved to Panem from a very poor place called District 12. Her mother went into a deep depression when her father died. Then one night she goes out...
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You Stole My Heart (Clarvel Fan Fiction Sequel) by Ella-Potter
You Stole My Heart (Clarvel Fan Ella
Who Would Of Thought That The "Badass Cold-Hearted Bitch" From Two And The "Sarcastic Cold-Hearted Clown" From One Would Fall In Love. They Have To G...
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Supernatural by FandomJunkie202
Supernaturalby Commonly Known
Its my first official story Sooo.... im sticking to it. What happens when Katniss is bitten by an unknown creature and wakes up 2 weeks later, only to realize shes on th...
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Clato vs Clarvel vs Glato vs Glarvel by thehungergames4ever
Clato vs Clarvel vs Glato vs Chloe(Clo)
Clove loves Marvel Marvel loves Clove Cato loves Clove Glimmer loves Marvel So how is everything going to work out when they are all thrown into The Hunger Games? I will...
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together forever Glimmer and Cato by courtney772
together forever Glimmer and Catoby courtney772
This is a Glato story!! There is some strong language in this and i do not own the hunger games! this has a little twist in it. Thanks
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Panem high; together or not at all (clato) by clato100
Panem high; together or not at clato100
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Panem high by glimmerhamelton_
Panem highby Taylorpaige
Ok hey guys I decided to write another panem high since you guys liked it so yea This one is about clove she moves from district 2 to district 1 Will she make friends...
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Once upon a time by takentributes
Once upon a timeby takentributes
This tale shows us four tributes that have been selected for the 74th annual hunger games. Will they choose love over death? Marvel, Glimmer, Cato and Clove will fall in...
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Panem High by aya_pratiwi
Panem Highby aya_pratiwi
Panem in Modern Life. Filled with romance, friendship, and suprises
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Clarvel by foxel_shipper
Clarvelby foxel_shipper
I ship Clarvel
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The Capitol~Clato Fanfic by ezriaxclatoxglarvel
The Capitol~Clato Fanficby Ali L
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Unstoppable by Jaidersss
Unstoppableby Jaida
And so it was decreed that the twelvce districts of Panem, shall offer in one tribute one young man and woman, between the ages of twelve and eighteen to be trained in t...
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Fighting For My Life (Hunger Games Marvel and Clove) by abelsara480
Fighting For My Life (Hunger ѕαяα єℓιzαвєтн ツ
We all know the story of Peeta and Katniss, the star crossed lovers from district 12, but no one really asked about the other tributes. In this story we follow a tribute...
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The Secret Love by GlatoLove
The Secret Loveby Juliet