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Right before Bellamy and the rest of Spacekru leave for the Ring, he and Clarke sleep together. When he comes down six years later, he's surprised to find Clarke alive...
LOVE in Polis by Daughterofchaos065
LOVE in Polisby Daughterofchaos065
Clarke and Lexa finally found peace. Their love for each other blossoms over the days. Follow this lovely couple one there journey through Love in Polis
instagram | Alycia Debnam Carey  [ON HOLD] by fearlessheda
instagram | Alycia Debnam Carey [ lexa ♡
@arianahale: my face when i watch t100 and see lexa and her beauty @alyciajasmin: your face is cute .: social media series; book 1 :. ©FEARLESSHEDA [this story is on hol...
Lightning Only Strikes Once - Clexa by bedazzled_by_books
Lightning Only Strikes Once - Clexaby @sleepless_clexa_lover
When Lexa dies, Clarke climbs to the top of the tower and is struck by lightning and sent back in time to the dropship landing. This is fiona_249's story from ao3 *** M...
Prisoner 345 {the 100} by obsessedwthe100
Prisoner 345 {the 100}by obsessedwthe100
Aaliyah Stark. She was the youngest kid who got locked up on the ark at the age of 10. But she was innocent. All she did was wait for her death. Now 2 years later every...
The 100 Imagines💯 by stellarke
The 100 Imagines💯by stellarke
Request in PM and I'll try to get them all but I apologize if I can't. ❤= neutral 💓= fluff 💙= sad/angst Sorry I don't do 💦= smut Yet I can do... Murphy-Clarke-Bellamy...
Corvus | Raven Reyes by dailyluvtea
Corvus | Raven Reyesby • Andree •
Best rankings: 1st #the100 06/02/22 1st #clarke 17/02/22 Athena looks away quickly fighting the urge to meet those brown eyes again. Raven is here to meet Finns but do...
A Commander and a Princess by clexylexy
A Commander and a Princessby clexylexy
What would have happened if Lexa had met Clarke before she sent her warriors to kill the 100? Highest rank: #40 in Fanfiction (5/24/16)
𝐌𝐘 𝐋𝐈𝐓𝐓𝐋𝐄 𝐆𝐈𝐑𝐋-𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝟏𝟎𝟎 ¹ by barbiebixch
"You're beautiful baby, from the outside in Chase your dreams but always know The road that will lead you home again Go...
Skai Prisa - English version by Abril0333
Skai Prisa - English versionby Abril
This is the translation of my spanish story, "Skai Prisa". This is a crazy idea I had, but I hope you like it. Clarke is sent to the ground at the young age of...
Shadows by Kathryn2468
Shadowsby Kathryn
It's been three months since Clarke left Camp Jaha, three months of being all alone in the woods, and three months of nightmares that never seem to leave. Clarke has alm...
The Commanders Weakness • Clexa by YoloKindaGirl12
The Commanders Weakness • Clexaby just another writer
After the war at Mount Weather, Clarke leaves Camp Jaha after all thats happened. But when she runs into a familiar face, what events will take place?
The Girl with many Names by YaiphalembaMangshata
The Girl with many Namesby Yanky
Clarke's journey towards self forgiveness and happiness after the mountain fiasco doesn't happen overnight. It is a rather long and twisted adventure. A poison meant to...
Forever Yours by SandraWilliamson7
Forever Yoursby Warrior Of The Clans
This is how 307 should have gone. This is what should have happened. Clarke and Lexa unite to fight against the challenges that face them. They refuse to give up, eve...
Prisoner 198 (The 100 Fanfic) by SugarBear1306
Prisoner 198 (The 100 Fanfic)by SugarBear1306
Confined for being born, for being different. And she's only 12 years old.
I Thought Love was Weakness? by bookbitch667
I Thought Love was Weakness?by bookbitch667
Clarke Griffin awaits to meet the Commander of the 12 clans, known for being ruthless and lethal. After much conflict, they decide to make peace as slowly their desire a...
Once upon a time... (Bellamy Blake) by EmmaS18
Once upon a time... (Bellamy Blake)by Emma
"We're just kids." Aurora Kane,A girl who's mother always taught her fairytales.So when she finds herself on earth after ninety seven years,she begins living a...
Red - Bellamy Blake - I by ionlyfallforthefloor
Red - Bellamy Blake - Iby trinity
"Can you promise me something, Bell? Promise me you won't do anything stupid?" "I can't promise you that. If it means protecting you- I'll do...
resist || bellamy blake by rlybadwriting
resist || bellamy blakeby rlybadwriting
"STARED IN THE MIRROR AND PUNCHED IT TO SHATTERS COLLECTED THE PIECES AND PICKED OUT A DAGGER." nightmare, halsey re•sist /rəˈzist/ withstand the action or eff...