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If Only by lexxlove03
If Onlyby Elizabeth Forbes
I've always been by myself, always been this shy girl that no one really talks to. There is this guy in my school, Elijah Goldsworthy, and for some reason he is the only...
Not Just Anybody by SophiePrice7
Not Just Anybodyby SophiePrice7
Degrassi/Eli Goldsworthy Fan fiction. I do not own any of the degrassi characters. Copeland Edwards has been friends with Clare Edwards for a very long time. They met at...
IM HE'S SECRYTARY by maryrosefloresflores
King Of The State - Forever Miya by forevermiya
King Of The State - Forever Miyaby forevermiya
Nina, a 20 year old college graduate who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. A stripper who's just trying to get by in life. When she strips, she notices a man vibing in the v.i...
Baby Daddy Catastrophe by lina_chambers
Baby Daddy Catastropheby Lina Chambers
Clare is pregnant and automatically assumes it's Drew's. Eli is upset with Drew getting Clare pregnant and is determined to get Clare back. But what happens when there's...
Scared Trail by Christlove88
Scared Trailby meeting_meghan
While out walking Fitz finds something shocking along the trail by the ravine. How do he, Owen, and Jake deal with the situation?
Kissing as the Fireworks Fly by Christlove88
Kissing as the Fireworks Flyby meeting_meghan
Owen, Drew and Luke plan to spend Canada day in Owen's pool and then watching fireworks, but they all get a few surprises along the way, and maybe a happy ending or two?
He Said Yes? by Kat_R_Fuller
He Said Yes?by Kat Fuller
Remember Umbrella part 1? When Eli said no to Clare spending the night. What if he had said yes, would it have changed the outcome of their relationship? ONE SHOT!
Degrassi: High School Love by gaygaygayaf
Degrassi: High School Loveby gaygaygayaf
Eli goldsworthy clare edwards Tristan milligan miles hollingsworth Zoe rivas grace cardinal Zig novak maya matlin Emma goldsworthy zach Monroe Clara Novak khloe hart Da...
I think I'm in love with my best friend by smaster2344
I think I'm in love with my best smaster2344
There's a new girl at Degrassi, it's Bailey Cameron, you know Sean Cameron's sister. they have just moved back to Degrassi.When she arrives and sees her old best friend...
Who We Are Now- Eclare Fanfiction by _YouHavePrettyEyes_
Who We Are Now- Eclare Fanfictionby Degrassi_Love_
Clare wasn't really sure how it happened. The plan was to take a year to find herself while Eli waited for her. She knew he would wait forever for her. She also knew she...
Twinkling lights by thesmoketoyourhigh
Twinkling lightsby thesmoketoyourhigh
An eclare fanfic! Taking place after clare and eli finally got back together in season 13 *cries hysterically* my OTP right here. ❤️ my first fanfic and I plan to write...
Behind the Scenes by Kat_R_Fuller
Behind the Scenesby Kat Fuller
Maislinn! Aislinn has been typecast since her role as Clare, and Munro doesn't understand. She hasn't seen him for months, what will happen when they see each other agai...
The Black Hole Of Degrassi by KatherineMSmith
The Black Hole Of Degrassiby Katherine M. Smith
Angela Jeremiah comes back to her hometown and is enrolled into Degrassi, something she's not looking forward to. Until she meets Mark Fitzgerald. A boy she can't help b...
I Don't Understand It by Christlove88
I Don't Understand Itby meeting_meghan
Owen learns the past, the present and the future of a new friend that shock and sometimes even appall him, but as he learns more he is determined to be there for her. He...
Degrassi: Never Lasting Summer Of Fun by Sweetgeo96
Degrassi: Never Lasting Summer Georgia Loughran
The 2014 class had just graduated from Degrass as they are goning to spend the summer in the best way before going in different directions. Alli, Clare and Jenna realise...
Love in the City - Eli and Clare by Daydreamer353
Love in the City - Eli and Clareby Daydreamer353
Eli and Clare have always had an intense, passionate relationship and they have been through a lot of tough times together. Despite all of that they have managed to work...
Eli&Clare Shark In the Water by ShannonMichelle_SWS
Eli&Clare Shark In the Waterby Shannon Michelle
When Clare's mother can't help but comment about Clare's new friends. Eli struggles to let it go and forget, especially after a series of unfortunate events. 'Theres a S...