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DYNASTY ✔ by tavanalee
DYNASTY ✔by taѵaŋa ɭҽҽ
Book 1 Clary found out the truth; Jace was her brother; Alec fell in love with her; Isabelle fought for her family; Simon found love; Jocelyn made peace with her past; V...
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Coming back  {Completed} by Clacefe
Coming back {Completed}by Maite
When Jace cheats on Clary, Clary leaves. Only to come back after 7 years. The demons have been busy in New York. So the Iron Sisters have to come. What's going to happen...
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Parenthood by beatenshadow
Parenthoodby Mutant
Blake and Gabbie go on a mission on order of the clave. However, when that mission goes sideways and they die the one thing everyone is truly worried about is the now or...
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Silhouette ✔ by tavanalee
Silhouette ✔by taѵaŋa ɭҽҽ
0.4/2 Alec Lightwood was the bane of Clary Fray's existence. They hated each other. Or did they. After finding out Jace had a secret lover, Alec took her on a hunt. The...
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Clalec by Wanheda4325
Clalecby Wanheda4325
Jace and Clary broke up. Alec is straight. What will happen when Alec and Clary realize there may be something more between them?
Clary Fairchild And Alec Lightwood:A New Beginning  by SupernaturalShipsSH
Clary Fairchild And Alec SupernaturalShips
Clary and Jace's relationship Is the most romantic relationship in the shadow Hunter world until Alec and Clary have a connection and it changes everything! Will Clace S...
Clary and Alec by Jay1864
Clary and Alecby J21
CURRENTLY UNDER EDITING - I know there's a lot of spelling mistakes and other grammar issues so I'm fixing them :) This is the first book I ever wrote so its really che...
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Shadowhunters Ships by Tempest_Shadow1102
Shadowhunters Shipsby Rhiannon Bainat
A hole bunch of ships: Clace, Malec, Sizzy, Clizzy, Saphael, Jimon, Jalec, Clalec, Jizzy, Rizzy, and anyone else that someone requests. I am always open to ANY suggestio...
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Falling for you by mattsdesire
Falling for youby mattsdesire
As Maira and Lisa decided to follow their dreams in America, they had never thought that falling in love with someone could hurt so much. How heart breaking would it be...
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Psychotic • Clalec by mattsdesire
Psychotic • Clalecby mattsdesire
"Feel something..." She begged me and looked at me with tears in her eyes. I stared for a while at her and laughed. "I don't feel anything." I said...
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Love Hurts Worse by AveLayne
Love Hurts Worseby AveLayne
Trigger Warning: This is a Clalec fan fiction. Some may be offended by this relationship. When Clary finds out that Jace has been dating someone else, Clary turns to Al...
Clalec - The Revenge by shadowhunter4eve
Clalec - The Revengeby shadowhunter4eve
The war is over. The fey folk feel humiliated by the sanctions set by the Council. Kaelie wants revenge on Jace Herondale. She will stop at nothing to take away the girl...
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Clalec- keep me sane by Havenite123
Clalec- keep me saneby Abby
I own nothing, except the plot, that is mine. After Clary attempts suicide, Alec promises to keep her safe. But what happens when it is him that he needs to protect h...
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Love & Revenge by LindseyStarkweather
Love & Revengeby LindseyStarkweather
Shadowhunters- Clalec: Fanfiction When a mission to dispose of misbehaving vampires goes awry for Clary Fray and she gets injured, what happens when Jace is not the...
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A Beautiful Mess | Clalec by alecsmags
A Beautiful Mess | Clalecby alecsmags
Clary switches from school when she got bullied a lot. She is going to the same high school now as her old middle school best friend, Simon. There she meets Alec Lightwo...
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Finding True Love by jensenmaple11
Finding True Loveby jensenmaple11
Clary Fray was thrown into the Shadow world and starts dating Jace Herondale but she soon finds out how abuse he can get. She is scared to be alone with him most of the...
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missing love by claceschild
missing loveby clary
one day clary was walking around the institute looking for her boyfriend jace she finds jace cheating on her and runs without a trace when she comes back will she still...
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Shadows • Clalec by mattsdesire
Shadows • Clalecby mattsdesire
"Emotions are nothing but a distraction, Clary." He said and I looked at him and knew that his heart and soul was filled with ice-cold nothing... Clary had be...
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That Girl Is Mine | CLALEC by multifandomgirl05
That Girl Is Mine | CLALECby multifandomgirl05
clary broke up with jace but he still want her but clary loves alec and simon also love clary .what will happen?,will clary and alec be together forever or will someone...
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Clalec: A divergent story. by xdemixvargasx
Clalec: A divergent xdemixvargasx
Clary lived as human as long as she remembers. Once she turned 18 she has to make a decision. Will she be human for the rest for her life? A shadowhunter? A warlock? A w...
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