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The Grey | Hermione Granger by ravenclawspride
The Grey | Hermione Grangerby ravenclawspride
Saffron Mitchell, an orphan of the Great Wizarding War, did not share the same fate as the Boy Who Lived Harry Potter. She wasn't a wizarding icon. She didn't go down in...
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The Younger Mate by flowerbug
The Younger Mateby Ali James
Daniel Reed was eighteen when he found out that his mate was seven year-old, Paisley Conner. Forced to make a choice between putting his life completely on hold to be wi...
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What's Inside? | Hermione Granger Book V by ravenclawspride
What's Inside? | Hermione ravenclawspride
Book V in 'The Clairvoyant Series' The looming threat of the Triwizard Tournament was something that terrified Saffron Mitchell but never did she anticipated that her el...
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Dreamers by SoloSweets
Dreamersby SoloSweets
Senior year was supposed to be a great year but Lana is about to discover a huge secret about her family and herself. Now she has to decide how to use her gift and keep...
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inure. teen wolf by SJORDVN
inure. teen wolfby shay
inure; to accept or grow to accustomed to something undesirable there is little space between the plane of the living and that of the dead. few tend to bridge this gap...
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EUNICE by chifu01
EUNICEby chifu01
There's a thin line between having extra-sensory perception and insanity. Eunice is on that line. Would she cross it? Become what the monsters beyond the mist wants her...
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EXTINCTION WARRIOR, Slaying the Red Dragon by turtleseed
EXTINCTION WARRIOR, Slaying the Turtle & Seed
15-year old indigenous crossbreed and telepathic, trans-human animal communicator, Luki Sloan knew she was born to save Endangereds, but not one by one, like her parents...
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However Long the Night by Amyclg
However Long the Nightby Amy Wood
He predicts death. She lives on the brink. Can he save her before it's too late? ***HIGHEST RANKINGS #1 speculative #1 clairvoyant #1 youngadultthriller Will Brody ha...
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Never Ordinary~ Dunbar [3] O.H. by multi_fandom2015
Never Ordinary~ Dunbar [3] multi_fandom2015
"The Wild Hunt. The men on horseback that took Alex and his parents. They're going to take Stiles!" "What the hell is a Stiles?" Anna McCall and her...
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Touching Souls by LazyFirebird
Touching Soulsby Laura
A girl who sees the future meets a girl who sees the past. As secrets are uncovered, everlasting memories and connections are made. But can one truly escape the life the...
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MAGISCH ACADEMY by _black_a_z
MAGISCH ACADEMYby Zheiaeily_Sañez
Natasha is known as a bitch for her attitude. She cared in no one. Merciless. But because of an incident, she need to go back home. Go back where she truly belongs. The...
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Auras | G.W by WayIeroToro
Auras | G.Wby goth daddy™
Townes, a clairvoyant with a soft heart has always had a bad habit of trying to save those she knows are hurting. What happens when she meets someone she isn't so sure s...
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Diametric Opposition | Draco Malfoy by ravenclawspride
Diametric Opposition | Draco Malfoyby ravenclawspride
Life wasn't easy for Maya Mitchell. From the moment her mother died, when she was barely able to toddle, she was forced to fill that void for her siblings Saffron, Rache...
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Magic Streets- Prague bound book one by author-marco-marek
Magic Streets- Prague bound book author-marco-marek
Photography has never been so dangerous for Jack. Excited to visit Prague, he's ready to action. But, photos isn't the only challenge that Jack will face. Blissfully una...
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Sextons by theholyscribe
Sextonsby CLS
The Sextons are a large ancient family who run and operate Sexton's Eternal Rest Burial Grounds. Unlike other cemeteries, Sexton's Eternal Rest resembles a forest filled...
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Division Rising: A Macgyver Fanfiction  by angel-At-heart
Division Rising: A Macgyver angel-At-heart
Here's the thing about the future. Every time you look at, it changes - because you looked at it - and that changes everything else.
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Agent Shift (GirlXGirl) by WinterWidow74
Agent Shift (GirlXGirl)by Jade Wilson
Soulmate AU. Skye meets her soulmate in an unexpected way.
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Beautiful Rescue [ON HOLD] (George Weasley FanFiction) by RelentlessChaos
Beautiful Rescue [ON HOLD] ( RelentlessChaos
Things get bad when a muggle is introduced to the wizarding world. Things get worse when a wizard falls in love with the muggle. When seventeen year old Ariella Gallaghe...
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Orenda ✓ by xXeudaimoniallyXx
Orenda ✓by Brigette George
Orenda (n): A mystical and divine force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world or to effect changes in their own life. ~*~ When ever-perfect and e...
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The mating run by AscendingAngel12
The mating runby Ascending Angel
Ava Brooks, of the crescent hollow pack just celebrated her 20th birthday, and as a werewolf, she must compete in the annual Mating Games. Ava doesn't want a mate, and w...
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