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The Grey | Hermione Granger by ravenclawspride
The Grey | Hermione Grangerby ravenclawspride
Saffron Mitchell, an orphan of the Great Wizarding War, did not share the same fate as the Boy Who Lived Harry Potter. She wasn't a wizarding icon. She didn't go down in...
  • hogwarts
  • hermionegranger
  • hufflepuff
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However Long the Night by Amyclg
However Long the Nightby Amy Wood
He predicts death. She lives on the brink. Can he save her before it's too late? ***HIGHEST RANKINGS #1 #speculative #1 #clairvoyant Will Brody has a morbid secret. W...
  • fiction
  • teenfiction
  • clairvoyant
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The Clairvoyant - Tales from Borderclan by Meadow-Briar
The Clairvoyant - Tales from Meadow-Briar
After the destruction of the lake territory by a mysterious star, the clans were forced to live together. Starclan is distant, and there have been no prophecies for many...
  • seer
  • magic
  • clairvoyant
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Ghosts on the Mountain   - Sequel to The Crying Garden by ghostwriter_63
Ghosts on the Mountain - Denise Murdoch
Stacy likes an adventure --at least she thinks she does, and Matt knows the way to the abandoned old mine up on the mountain -- KEEP OUT, NO TRESPASSING, DANGER-- AREA C...
  • spirits
  • mystery
  • ghost
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The Younger Mate by flowerbug
The Younger Mateby Ali James
Daniel Reed was eighteen when he found out that his mate was seven year-old, Paisley Conner. Forced to make a choice between putting his life completely on hold to be wi...
  • mate
  • clairvoyant
  • unordinary
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THE MOUNTAIN MIST - book 3 by ghostwriter_63
THE MOUNTAIN MIST - book 3by Denise Murdoch
Surely the spirits of the dead will leave Stacy alone now; she helped them out--risked her life... it's over, she can heal. But in the expanse of rolling pasture...
  • highschool
  • romance
  • ghosts
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The Unseen|C.Scherer by Okayimtaylor
The Unseen|C.Schererby Taylor
Violet Sage Williams spends most of her time under the radar. Shes quiet, timid if you will but she was truly a flame to be reckoned with. She's from a family with famou...
  • youtube
  • coreyscherer
  • colbybrock
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MIDNIGHT CITY | D. HALE by nihiliism
MIDNIGHT CITY | D. HALEby ˗ˏˋ kyia ˎˊ˗
  • vampire
  • derekhale
  • peterparker
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Never Ordinary~ Dunbar [3] O.H. by multi_fandom2015
Never Ordinary~ Dunbar [3] multi_fandom2015
"The Wild Hunt. The men on horseback that took Alex and his parents. They're going to take Stiles!" "What the hell is a Stiles?" Anna McCall and her...
  • clairvoyant
  • lydiamartin
  • allisonargent
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The Spirits Of Us >Fred Weasley< by _24aliaamore24
The Spirits Of Us >Fred Weasley<by AliaAmore
Cassandra Azalea Amore a girl taken from life to early. She died trying to save Sirius Black she was dead for two more years until best friend Fred Gideon Weasley died a...
  • remuslupin
  • clairvoyant
  • lilypotter
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Red As Blood {Elena Gilbert} (TVD) by Hufflepuff-Lesbian
Red As Blood {Elena Gilbert} (TVD)by Little Witch
"Come on now, Love. Don't listen to what that dick has to say." {Elena Gilbert fanfic} ((Vampire Diaries//Season One))
  • mattdonovan
  • jeremygilbert
  • stefansalvatore
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The Clairvoyant by DC_lover
The Clairvoyantby DC_lover
Clairvoyant. A person who claims to have the supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact. Story inspired by @Warrior_Eli 's s...
  • robin
  • dickgrayson
  • clairvoyant
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clairvoyant » n.h by schneeflxttchen
clairvoyant » n.hby samyy
Ursprünglich dachte Mabel Cromwell, sie würde ein normales, gewöhnliches Leben führen. Nichts spektakuläres. Das dachte sie zumindest bis ihre Hand die von Zac Hault str...
  • wattys2018
  • hellseherin
  • niallhoran
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When Lies Protects It Secrets  by Gnani_13cmFairy
When Lies Protects It Secrets by KarmaAkabane☺
Lies has always a Secret.You can't hide the Secrets without Lies. Every secrets you keep,have a lies beneath. Let's explore the world full of powers and abilities! (On g...
  • powers
  • amethyst
  • lies
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The Clairvoyance by TheAmourUmbreon
The Clairvoyanceby + Rash +
Fifteen-year-old Remilia Hano is the daughter of a well-respected engineer and scientist named Kara Hano. The Hanos move into a private community that is protected by a...
  • notaromance
  • unlimitedpride
  • clairvoyant
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The Clairvoyant is in Disguise by mistress_annie
The Clairvoyant is in Disguiseby Leonhardt
A world that magic doesn't exist. The world that only you can walk through without pretention. The world that I keep loving however gives me heart aches. The world that...
  • clairvoyant
  • hurt
  • magic
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Now or Never ▹ Mon-El by The_Avengers_Devil
Now or Never ▹ Mon-Elby ━ SLAYLER ACE ━
❝Never pick up, never call me you know we're runnin' out of time❞ [Supergirl season 2] [Mon-El x female! oc] ©︎ The_Avengers_Devil Beautiful made by @richardmaddens Incr...
  • romance
  • kryptonian
  • alexdanvers
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Horror At The Cove (A #Supernatural #Mystery ) by Vivbha
Horror At The Cove (A Viv Bhanot
An old cottage on a desolate cove holds morbid secrets! Four beachcombers, on a weekend break at the cottage, find their live...
  • mystery
  • satanic
  • dark
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The Alignment | Hermione Granger Book III by ravenclawspride
The Alignment | Hermione Granger ravenclawspride
Clairvoyant Series: Book The Third. Sequel to 'The Grey' and 'Treacherous'. After fully immersing herself in magic over the last couple of years, Saffron Mitchell has gr...
  • harrypotterfanfic
  • hermionegranger
  • harrypotter
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Violets are purple not blue | Jeremy Gilbert by _IAmALostBoy_
Violets are purple not blue | _IAmALostBoy_
"Jer she's crazy! She has voices in her head for god sake" "No she's not. She's so much more than that" 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 "Do you think I'm crazy?"...
  • ghost
  • jeremy
  • tvd
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