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A Forbidden Love ( Michael Jackson Fan Fic) by SheMichaelJacksonBad
A Forbidden Love ( Michael SheMichaelJacksonBad
All Ariel's life she was taught that blacks and whites are not the same that whites were better than blacks. Ariel never paid to much attention to the way things were be...
JOURNEYby 𝐝𝐚𝐛𝐢𝐳𝐳.
"These white folk ain't treatin' us right cause they scared of us!"
KKK Killers by Thethinker508
KKK Killersby Thethinker508
Two teens struggling during the Civil Rights Movement days. They are assigned by an old man to kill certain members of the KKK. In doing this comes with questions, will...
1963 by JoMarch123
1963by JoMarch123
Luna Thermopolis embarks on a journey to Washington D.C. to investigate the March on Washington, an action which her mother prohibits.
A Night In New York by TheChibiRiceBall
A Night In New Yorkby TheChibiRiceBall
Hello wonderful readers! This is my first story up on this site and i hope you enjoy it!This is an AU during the 1950s civil rights era. Alfred F. Jones, southern gentl...
The Man at The Station by blacksoulgh0ul
The Man at The Stationby 7 0 7 t r a s h
This is just a mini story that I had to write based on the CRM and segregation for my History class. I'm bored with nothing to do so um yeah imma just post it here mkay?
Loving v Virginia Project skit by WannabEtab
Loving v Virginia Project skitby 🎩Etab🎩
This is the script for a project im doing in my ELA class for the civil rights movement. I'm doing it on Loving v Virginia and I have to do an art piece to go along with...
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (Beatles Fanfic) by Miss_Lani64
You've Got To Hide Your Love Miss_Lani64
Adeline Berry has to face her way through the 60's hiding her love from the public. Her love being her wife Ada Parker, a white home wife from the 60's. A mixed race lov...
James Baldwin's Legacy: A Lifetime of Writing that Spoke to the World by BeyondLife1000
James Baldwin's Legacy: A Beyondlifeisadream
To appreciate a famous writer and Civil Rights figure, this features an essay I wrote about James Baldwin for a Civil Rights research paper. It doesn't specifically go...
Little Miss Wanna Be Educated by moresweetthancandy
Little Miss Wanna Be Educatedby Carly
Magnolia Dewey is a 67 year old writer, artist and social justice activist known for her work done during the Civil Rights days. But once she was a little girl moving to...
Civil Rights Movement Reflection Essay by PrinceKurushimi
Civil Rights Movement Reflection Tether
This essay was assigned to me as extra credit from my Junior Year US History teacher, who asked me to reflect on a visit to the historical building Woolworth, in downto...
Seeing in Color by Beccampeterson
Seeing in Colorby Becca Peterson
Set during the time of school integration in the U.S. after abolishing the 'separate but equal' laws, this story is of two young girls who befriend one another despite t...
Kathrine and Ben. Forbidden Love. by KaitlinWilkinson
Kathrine and Ben. Forbidden Kaitlin Wilkinson
What is love? Does love only work when the same skin color loves another? Historical Fiction Novel about an aspiring white woman named Kathrine who seems to get herself...
1963 by beapeach
1963by Brooke
I experimented with a horrific scene and used a mundane description.
Cold | Hemmings  by readytorunrejects
Cold | Hemmings by des
The winters were cold, the war was cold, and the people were cold. But they kept each other warm. The story of Alabama-born baby boomers Luke Hemmings and Ethel Whitfiel...
The Wonders of Janesville by K_taylor_412
The Wonders of Janesvilleby Kristina
Tomas continued to look back at the door as he stormed down the sidewalk of his home, his suitcase clacking against the pavement. There were no words to describe how he...
The Song of Freedom by BudgieBird14
The Song of Freedomby Justin Pretre
Franklin Press is an African American child growing up in the heart of the civil rights movement, 1963. Based upon the startlingly true events of The Children's March in...