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The Invincible Summer of Juniper Jones (Wattpad Books Edition) by keyframed
The Invincible Summer of Juniper Daven
WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION. There are some friends you never forget. It's the summer of 1955. For Ethan Harper, a biracial kid raised mostly by his white father, race has alw...
The Invincible Summer of Juniper Jones by keyframed
The Invincible Summer of Juniper Daven
WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION In 1955, mixed-race Ethan Harper leaves his progressive hometown for a summer in Alabama where he's not welcome, except by resident free spirit...
The American Summons by sprlte
The American Summonsby Sprite
In another world... Magical kingdoms reign across the lands. Serfdom, corruption, slavery, and wars persist throughout history. Two tall continents are parallel to each...
'1963 (BWWM) by spottedmelanin
'1963 (BWWM)by Morgan
Jacqueline Marie Johnson is an African American 16 year old girl living in the 1960's. She keeps up with the latest fashion trends and the hot new music and culture. She...
Fighting for Freedom by DCKinzie
Fighting for Freedomby DCKinzie
Book Two in the Freedom Series.. Terry and Annabeths stories continue, with a special focus on the blossoming yet infuriating relationship of Sandy Merriman and Henry W...
Ectopic by futurefavoriteauthor
Ectopicby futurefavoriteauthor
In lieu of Evergreen's tragic death, prompted by an ectopic pregnancy forced upon the ten year old, Mira finds herself plagued with resentment beyond compare. Her resent...
My name is Charlotte  (BWWM) by ashleynd92
My name is Charlotte (BWWM)by Ashley Downey
Meet Charlotte Atkins. She is an independent, headstrong, young woman who knows what she wants. She happens to fall in love with her neighbor who is white. This would b...
Hearts of Iron: The New Order by BlazeSaber00
Hearts of Iron: The New Orderby Ghost Recon
(A/N: Story idea requested by BINTANG1919. This is basically Modern America (sort of) in Hearts of Iron 4: The New Order. There will also be elements from the game Turni...
Blackbird, Fly (A Paul McCartney Story) by adreamyreality
Blackbird, Fly (A Paul McCartney adreamyreality
Paul expectedly falls in love during their first trip to America.
New Earth Born Vol #2 (1967-????) by UnionGranto
New Earth Born Vol #2 (1967-????)by EarthSovereign
Author's Note: Since Wattpad has a 200 Page Limit I'm continuing my WATTPAD story If you missed or haven't read the first Volume of the book click here: https://www.watt...
Can't Help Falling {Elvis Presley Sibling Story} by Emo_Slytherin
Can't Help Falling {Elvis Elvis_Presley_Fan_
James Presley is the younger brother of the famous Elvis Presley. He's a year younger to be exact. This is the story of two brother's, one working through fame and the o...
Hearts of Iron: The New Order: Military Arsenal and Weapons by BlazeSaber00
Hearts of Iron: The New Order: Ghost Recon
These are the military technologies and weapons that will be used in my story 'Hearts of Iron: The New Order'. Hope they help.
Beyond Human: Queen's Shadow Series by BrokenComet
Beyond Human: Queen's Shadow Seriesby BrokenComet
Apollos Morten the 9th Prince has made himself comfortable in the shadows. Though after he has proven himself as a competent leader and military General he has also sho...
Never Grow Up by Icaruko
Never Grow Upby Icaruko™️
Two boys' love for eachother sparks a much needed change in the world they live in. Childhood friends. Total goofballs. Soulmates. The whole world at the palms of their...
New Earth Born! - Vol. 1 (1960-1967) by UnionGranto
New Earth Born! - Vol. 1 ( EarthSovereign
(This is a Continuation of the EDH Unionverse Lore from Earth's Darkest Hour! This lore is not meant to be taken seriously with its ideology and leadership this is all f...
Loreless by PJWhittlesea
Lorelessby PJWhittlesea
Currently nominated for two major Australian literature awards. Sometimes, it's impossible to get home, especially if home is not where you think it is. Aboriginal urban...
Countryhumans: The History Of United States of America by Marcus_PH
Countryhumans: The History Of The President of United States
in 1776 USA is Declared Independence for Britain and Will Grow More Stronger For Over a Decades for Now US is The Most Strongest Military Ever Cast Esther As United Stat...
America: The Civil war: The Motion Picture. by TheDaleyFlames
America: The Civil war: The TheDaleyFlames
So I've been wanting this for a long time and never it's time for me to get to it.
✓ Skin Deep ↠ Connor | D:BH by ladycielphantomhive
✓ Skin Deep ↠ Connor | D:BHby Fandom fAn
Not many know the past of Lieutenant Hank Anderson's adopted daughter. Then again, not many know Hank's past, either. Both medicate their sorrows with a drink. Connor kn...
Rage & Anguish  by Ari_S22
Rage & Anguish by Aries
furiously typing prose into my little screen to work out the wrongdoings of those, and myself.