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New York academy  by marie77078
New York academy by marie77078
Clary and her brother Jon start going to a shadowhunter training school as they both learn how family really is and how love is not to destroy as they get closer with th...
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The One (Magnus Bane x Origin/OC) by Summer-angel
The One (Magnus Bane x Origin/OC)by Summer-angel
Ongoing fan fiction of Magnus Bane's first love. A love, that 600 years ago, was confined and imprisoned has now been released but for a reason she doesn't think twice a...
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Clockwork City by LunaBaine
Clockwork Cityby Luna Aviery Baine
What happens when the characters from The Infernal Devices travel to New York to meet the Lightwoods with their friend Raziella, daughter of the angel?
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City Of Falling Darkness by _Dat_Author_Life_
City Of Falling Darknessby _Dat_Author_Life_
Valentine never was evil, Jocelyn never left. The war never happened. Jonathan is growing up with his younger sister Clary, she's 16 now. He's 17. He starts to notice he...
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The City of Heavenly Fire : My Version by PierceTheAngel
The City of Heavenly Fire : My Cathy
Clary and Jace are finally able to be together though all the troubles. Now that they have escaped Sebastian is out on the loose. Sebastian Is after Clary trying to get...
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sebastian... // the mortal instruments fan-fiction by Sherutsu
sebastian... // the mortal ❥Brietta
[Achtung! Diese Geschichte enthält verheerende Spoiler der Bücher! Wer nicht gespoilert werden möchte, nicht lesen :) ] Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern ist wieder da un...
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The Mortal Instruments Poem by lindsayggreene
The Mortal Instruments Poemby lindsayggreene
Fanfiction. The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.
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City of Frozen Time by shadowhuntersGeek
City of Frozen Timeby shadowhuntersGeek
In their later years, Clary and Jace get married, just to find that when they are together, time seems to stop. Literally.... Hehe. Pun
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