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Agender Problems (And other Non-Binary Genders) by Genderless_Writer
Agender Problems (And other Kaia
Just a bunch of problems in life.
  • pangender
  • genderfluid
  • non-binary
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LGBT+ True Coming Out Stories by xAcidGhostx
LGBT+ True Coming Out Storiesby Quentin
I am no longer taking submissions, so please don't ask. First published June 2, 2015.
  • transboy
  • transgirl
  • transgender
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Transguy things by dannntm
Transguy thingsby Dan
Hi! I'm Dan. I'm a female-to-male teen who has a lot of struggles in life, just like many other people do. I'm here to voice my opinion and share my feelings and give re...
  • gay
  • lesbian
  • lgbt
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PAN (#WattPride) by booksAndbooks247
PAN (#WattPride)by @Torin
"So you're telling me you identify as a kitchen appliance?"
  • queer
  • lbgtqia
  • pronouns
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WTF is Gender? by adrenalineparty
WTF is Gender?by ezra v.p.
A place where your favorite trans babe talks about gender and it's many mysteries.
  • transgender
  • cis
  • sexuality
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BOY ; malum by peachprincecal
BOY ; malumby theodore
❝ don't you get tired of people misgendering you? ❞ ❝ i've been misgendered my whole life. it's nothing fairly new to me. ❞ or the one where calum is a ftm transgender a...
  • fluff
  • michael
  • transgendercalum
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LGBTQ+ Guide by spaceprincesam
LGBTQ+ Guideby Sam or Strider
An incomplete guide to the LGBTQ+ world and the language we use (in progress)
  • demiguy
  • intersex
  • mtf
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Hurt Too Deep by camm_deidei
Hurt Too Deepby camm_deidei
Her fragile body. Her broken soul and spirit. Her mental instability. Her trust, faith. His hands beating and exploiting her innocent body. His words cut like knives acr...
  • asexual
  • aromantic
  • love
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LGBTQ+ Handbook by -MyahAllana
LGBTQ+ Handbookby Myah Arden
a guide to the lgbt community
  • transgender
  • intersex
  • agender
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The Raven & Annabel Lee by _Lissa_
The Raven & Annabel Leeby Lissa
The Raven & Annabel Lee Nash has always had a hard exterior with a locked past. They only have one friend for reasons they won't share. Anyone who tries talking to them...
  • anime
  • music
  • alternative
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Violet by MidgetEren
Violetby Eren
My gaze sharpened as I watched an unfamiliar girl sit down just a few seats away from me in History class. I examined her face and immediately knew she was pretty, but h...
  • teenfiction
  • teenromance
  • cisgender
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(they/them) by punkslikeus
(they/them)by cassie
A collection of stories about a group of six friends who really need to pull it together.
  • gay
  • cute
  • heteroflexible
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LGBT+ 101 by fan_charlie
LGBT+ 101by fan_charlie
If you want to know anything about the LGBT+ community it will eventually be in this book. I will include definitions, stories, explanations, etc. I do not know every...
  • cisgender
  • pansexual
  • lgbt
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The Girl in the Mirror by SailorRose19
The Girl in the Mirrorby Miss Rosey Rose
Jake is not your typical 15 year old boy, he's transgender! Since the 5th grade, Jake struggled with his gender identity not feeling like a boy but feels more comfortabl...
  • comingout
  • transgender
  • cisgender
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the day I knew I was transgender  by transgirltalks
the day I knew I was transgender by transgirltalks
it's a little short good story
  • lgbtqap
  • cisgender
  • transgender
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Asexual Spectrum by infernal_insturments
Asexual Spectrumby Amber
This is all about informing everyone of what asexuality is and the spectrum of it. I will explain all of the different types of asexuality along with narratives of some...
  • asexual
  • sexuality
  • cisgender
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Nova Geração by LucasMendes770
Nova Geraçãoby Lucas Mendes
Millennials. Geração Z. Geração perdida. Covardes. Revolucionários. Diferentes. Às vezes boa, outrora ruim, a nova geração tem a sua própria história para contar sobre a...
  • cisgender
  • lgbtphobia
  • bigotry
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FTM Transition and Detransition [WIP] by taylorsaub
FTM Transition and Detransition [ taylor
As a cisgender female, to an FTM, back to cisgender, I talk about the physical and emotional process through transitioning and detransitioning. PLEASE read the introduct...
  • workinprogress
  • process
  • detransition
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the saga sagas by collabs-r-us
the saga sagasby collabs-r-us
Lola Overturn, a 13 year old girl has just been kicked onto the streets of New York City once she told her parents she wasn't a he, and her name wasn't Logan. On the str...
  • lesbian
  • bigender
  • agender
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