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Poems And Some Deep Thoughts by affkff
Poems And Some Deep Thoughtsby affkff
"Writing feels better than speaking" The pictures I used in this book are not mine. Credits to the respective owners... #4 in poetry - 20/05/2022 #1 in freever...
A Catholic Poet's Heart by chloe_coolio9
A Catholic Poet's Heartby Chloe Cheah
All the religious poetry I have written in my lifetime, specifically Catholic poetry x
Read those poems that are interesting like this.
Words Of Value by CLmauve
Words Of Valueby CLmauve
An experiment in diamond shaped Cinquain poems centered on our most priceless gems and materials.
" Collection's of poems " by angeialm
" Collection's of poems "by IAM
My collection of poems
Seven Heavenly Virtues by DakotaMadison7
Seven Heavenly Virtuesby Dakota Madison
Seven poems for seven different heavenly virtues. Please vote and comment as much as your heart desires! See you at the end my beautiful people ✌️
My Poetry by writer2471
My Poetryby Sara
Apparently, its poetry month on Wattpad, so I figured I'd share some of the poems that I've done. ^_^ I hope you enjoy them!
51 Shards of Broken Glass - Poems  by StuartJohns
51 Shards of Broken Glass - Poems by isalittlebroken
Poetry Book By Stuart Broken Johns
Monsters by JonnyCastoArdern
Monstersby Jonny Casto-Ardern
A series of poems of different styles, united by the theme of monsters. The first ten were my entry into the 2012 Attys. Audio performances can be found at the link belo...
Cinquain (For You) by most_bay
Cinquain (For You)by most_bay
A collection of romantic Cinquains....
Poetry Book Project 2012 by yama-sama
Poetry Book Project 2012by yama-sama
8th Grade Poetry Project Mrs. Rivas 3/30/12 *selected poems Poem 2: Ballad Poem 6: Diamante Poem Poem 7: Advanced Color Poem Poem 8: Onomatopoeia Poem Poem 10: Haiku Poe...
love poems by graypogchamp
love poemsby gray is so pog
idk just some random poems because i like poetry and my english teacher says i should write poetry more bc i'm good ig lolz idk might not all be abt love but chances are...
  Voices (Short Poems) by hershee18
Voices (Short Poems)by Crizel
Hi readers! I just wanted to share this poems I made, :)) Its all about life, it contains every aspects. I feel so much of writing down my thoughts so pls. give it a try...
Xmas Elements by WilloStars
Xmas Elementsby Will'o'Stars
Christmas/seasonal themed poem series - they vary from humorous to gloomy, haiku's to sonnets, religious to trivial, yet all are short and most have somewhat of a twist...
Deeper Than Words by Bookworm121001
Deeper Than Wordsby Emily Autumn
Many times I've thought that the English language doesn't have words that express what people are really thinking. So I'm trying to put my thoughts into words by writing...