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We are blood (a boondocks fanfic) by ty_Blush
We are blood (a boondocks fanfic)by Blush_Hitoka
PLEASE READ BEFORE READING THE STORY Huey and Riley The Freeman brother grew up thinking it was just the two of them and there crazy grandad but what happens when a litt...
Boondocks Sibling Scenarios by Horrolicious
Boondocks Sibling Scenariosby Horrolicious
"Once a upon time,someone noticed there wasn't many boondocks scenario books or books of boondocks.Then,they got an idea and decided to make one and follow their he...
imagines // boondocks . by canttellyouuu
imagines // boondocks .by hey lol :)
requests are open ! 💕 huey riley caesar hiro cairo + more !
Cinderella and the alpha  by norwegiangirl
Cinderella and the alpha by Renate
As a young girl, Cindy always wished she could live in a fairy tale, full of princesses, beautiful dresses and happy endings. Sadly, that dream has since become a nightm...
instagram | harry styles | by lordofchips
instagram | harry styles |by .
in which two best friends open up to each other
Success Is the Best Revenge {Book 1} **Watty Awards 2012** by itsKristen
Success Is the Best Revenge { itsKristen
Seventeen year old Alea Peters has the perfect boyfriend. But a prom night gone wrong tears them apart forever. What happens when the girl her boyfriend left her for com...
Come and See Me - Harry styles// Instagram by 5secsofharrys
Come and See Me - Harry styles// Holly (with a y)
Come and see me for once Come and see me for once You don't ever come to me In which an Instagram model and a pop star just can't seem to get it together. Based off of C...
FEAR STREET (SAM X DEENA)by billieeyelash16283
if you watched the movie yk what this is abt😏😏
Ziggy Berman x reader by wh0re4SimonKalivoda
Ziggy Berman x readerby Deenasgayness<3
So this story is about how you a shadysider experience something very traumatizing and camp nightwing... While you are at camp you meet this girl Ziggy and you guys inst...
Somebody's Watching Me: Fear Street by jacksonaveryirl
Somebody's Watching Me: Fear Streetby jacksonaveryirl
"But why do I always feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone?" oc x fear street. i don't own fear street tbh
my opinions on ships by OfficialSapnapSimp
my opinions on shipsby kinda inactive
dont question the cover lmao
My Kindergarten AU  by AmethystMoonAishi
My Kindergarten AU by Amy
This is probably a dead fandom but, eh, why the hell not? Contains spoilers for both Kindergarten games. So play/watch someone play the game before reading this. This b...
forbidden- ziggy x reader by Hannah960621
forbidden- ziggy x readerby finnsfuturewifeyasf
y/n goode, the one person from Sunnyvale that isn't a goody two shoes, she has other interests as in ghosts, the shady side witch, horror movies, and of course a shadysi...
Kindergarten 2 Incorrect Quotes #24 by Lyriaisawesome
Kindergarten 2 Incorrect Quotes #24by Lyria
:p because why not
A Heart After All by Just_Jae_fr
A Heart After Allby Jae 🙃❤
Huey, Riley, and their younger sister Jada have all encountered some type of crisis in their lives. But never have they ever experienced love, drama, and white girls. B...
Spider-Man's Older Brother x MCU(Harem) by ThatEhhGuy
Spider-Man's Older Brother x MCU( Civil Warrior
In an alternative universe where Peter wasn't the only one who lost someone, Jason Parker or as he calls himself the Iron-Spider the older brother of Peter Parker joins...
my girl | Ziggy Berman x Fem!reader by itsZiggyBermansWife
my girl | Ziggy Berman x Fem!readerby Irl Hermione
The description is supper cringe but I promise it's a good fanfic A terror comes upon camp nightwing in which Sahara fier returns strong as ever will the beautiful Ziggy...
Fear street 1978 x reader by gawvckhpswbb
Fear street 1978 x readerby gawvckhpswfs
Y/n and Cindy are best friends at camp and then one day they catch unexpected feelings for each other, but one is shadyside and the other is sunnyvill.
giantess Town by Madexo43
giantess Townby Nexus life
In a land where giantess hunt humans for food there was a giantess girl called cindy Cindy was a giantess who lived with her older brother called dagon she couldn't eat...