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Cimorelli Sister by LazyKid06
Cimorelli Sisterby LK06
Dawn Cimorelli... a kind, beautiful 19 year-old girl, living with her mom and dad with her 11 siblings one being her twin sister, Danielle. What happens next?
The Fiancé  by l1v1ng-h3ll
The Fiancé by Gr4nt
In their Senior year of highschool, the Klay twins, have been through it all together. They've pursued their dreams on YouTube, recently accumulating over a million subs...
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"The Journey" 2.0 Feat. Lauren Cimorelli by yyo3394
"The Journey" 2.0 Feat. Lauren Yoyo
Aaron is a High School Senior who dreamt of becoming a soccer player. It seems like those dreams are a thing of the past as he failed to make an impression on his junior...
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Down with the fire (a Cimorelli fanfic) by kaththepoetcim
Down with the fire (a Cimorelli kaththepoetcim
When a giant fire breaks out in Nashville and almost the whole city turns to ashes, all Nashvillians must try to stay safe. Many people are brought to safe houses outsid...
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Cimorelli one shots by LaurenLisaCimorelli
Cimorelli one shotsby Door Queen
Welcome to my Cimorelli one shot book! Here there will be different varieties of one shots. sad ones, scary ones, romantic ones and ect. Please if you are sensitive to g...
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Sister, I need you (a Cimorelli fanfic) by kaththepoetcim
Sister, I need you (a Cimorelli kaththepoetcim
The six Cimorelli sisters are in Los Angeles for a few days for a concert. The day before the concert takes place the sisters split up into two groups to explore the cit...
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Touring With Cimorelli by SeventhCimorelli
Touring With Cimorelliby SeventhCimorelli
There's a new tour starting in 2019, spanning five different countries and thirteen months. It's mainly about CImorelli, Shawn Mendes, and Camilla Cabello with a few dif...
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Cimorelli Imagines by SeventhCimorelli
Cimorelli Imaginesby SeventhCimorelli
This is just going to be some random imagines between Y/N and the Cimorelli sisters. I don't have many ideas so I'm hoping people can comment some requests. Some will be...
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If I Can't Have You- Lauren Cimorelli/You- Girl x Girl by supercim
If I Can't Have You- Lauren Karla
everything means nothing if i can't have you
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Hope For It by Reynurbekir
Hope For Itby
What happens when the two sisters Lauren and Dani fall for the same girl? Will it ruin their sisterhood or is their bound too strong? Started: 7th september 2018
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And that was the night I started falling for you (a Cimorelli fanfic) by kaththepoetcim
And that was the night I started kaththepoetcim
Ashley Michaels is a twenty-seven year old young woman who moves from New York City to Nashville to start a new chapter of her life. She meets a girl at work, and when s...
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f a k e   l o v e | Laurisa story by hugelittlemixer
f a k e l o v e | Laurisa storyby Sarah
this is a Laurisa Cimorelli story, inspired by the movie 'the wedding ringer' (its quite different, though). they are not related in this story! read to find out;)
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How Would Cimorelli Sing by Love_RossShor
How Would Cimorelli Singby Aurelia Gold
This is the way I think Cimorelli would sing songs they havent done covers to. These are also on my YouTube channel, Aurelia Gold, in video form. This is insipered by Ci...
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Blue Galaxy | Lauren Cimorelli Love Story + Dani Cimorelli Love Story by rhiannaj7
Blue Galaxy | Lauren Cimorelli Rhianna J
*THIS IS NOT A DAUREN STORY IT IS 2 SEPARATE STORIES* Skid Row outcast crosses paths with Lauren Cimorelli. He has been crushed by toxic masculinity, the pressures of be...
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No place like home (a Cimorelli fanfic) by kaththepoetcim
No place like home (a Cimorelli kaththepoetcim
The Cimorelli family has eleven kids, six girls and five boys. They're all between the age of thirty and fourteen. One day a man and his nineteen-year-old daughter move...
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Dani Cimorelli One Shots by CimorelliLover2001
Dani Cimorelli One Shotsby CimorelliLover2001
This Will Be Cimorelli One Shots Mainly Involving Dani Since She Doesn't Seem To Be Very Involved.
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Mystery Solved  by daurencim
Mystery Solved by Daurencim
Book 6(ish?) It's time for Dani and Lauren's oldest daughter to have her own story. The last book in this series is going to be a wilddd ride so get READY
loves in the air by December_babe12
loves in the airby December_babe12
Aleesha is a fifteen year old girl who has a younger sister Violetta to look after ( I only used that name cause I love the name Violetta) her mom died giving birth to V...
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Back to you (a Cimorelli fanfic) by kaththepoetcim
Back to you (a Cimorelli fanfic)by kaththepoetcim
The girls are in Thailand for a vacation when a dam breaks near the city they're in and the seven sisters get separated from the others by the enormous floods. Will they...
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Broken Inside by ANot856
Broken Insideby ANot856
Katherine and her wife Amy we're walking into the playground with their 2 children Dani (3-6 headspace_19 RL) and Lisa (2-5 headspace_21 RL) when they hear crying from a...
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