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If I Can't Have You- Lauren Cimorelli/You- Girl x Girl by supercim
If I Can't Have You- Lauren Karla
everything means nothing if i can't have you
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The Girl at the Restaurant by parisstrauss143
The Girl at the Restaurantby Paris Strauss
You live in LA and are taking a vacation to Malibu. There you run into 2 girls Dani and Lisa Cimorelli. You guys exchange numbers and become best friends. while you are...
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Cimorelli Saved Me (Book 1) by simplyinspiration44
Cimorelli Saved Me (Book 1)by Courtney
16 year old Bella hasn't had the easiest life. Then she meets Lauren and the rest of the Cimorellis and everything changes.
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Quickly by moaningdinah
Quicklyby moaningdinah
This is a girl and girl story if you don't like it...go away.
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Cimorelli: The Internet Bestfriend by laurencimswife
Cimorelli: The Internet Bestfriendby rippincimorelli
Slow Updates due to multiple fan accounts Scroll to the bottom to skip to the description ------ First off, I have 2 accounts on instagram @rippincimorelli @laurencimswi...
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The New Neighbours by ATAJauregui
The New Neighboursby ATA
The Cimorellis get a new neighbour, but they are the most problematic ones they've ever had. Y/N moves in with her siblings next door to a rather big house. They were r...
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Back to you (a Cimorelli fanfic) by kaththepoetcim
Back to you (a Cimorelli fanfic)by kaththepoetcim
The girls are in Thailand for a vacation when a dam breaks near the city they're in and the seven sisters get separated from the others by the enormous floods. Will they...
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Cimorelli Imagines by supercim
Cimorelli Imaginesby Karla
A bunch of Cimorelli imagines. Mostly Lisa, Lauren and Dani because I can. gxg, requests are welcome
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Living Next Door (girlxgirl) by SeventhCimorelli
Living Next Door (girlxgirl)by SeventhCimorelli
You used to live in New York, but after a car accident kills your parents you and your brothers decide to move to Nashville. You end up living next door to six sisters w...
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My Secret by geeway1977
My Secretby dani nicole
Christina has been acting weird lately. She won't tell anyone and gets more bossy and grouchy by the minute. Why? She has a very horrifying secret. The only one who know...
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Cimorelli songs turned into one shots (Dauren) by LaurenandDaniLover
Cimorelli songs turned into one LaurenandDaniLover
This is a book based on songs that Cimorelli has written. It is going to be filled with Dauren and LGBTQ content. We hope you like what we write
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Has Dani self-harmed? *NOT FANFICTION* by NoahTheBoi
Has Dani self-harmed? *NOT Cimorelli FanFiction
This isn't me trying to expose Dani, neither am I trying to say that this really happened. I am just showing you the research I did and why I think Dani may have previou...
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Why Is Love So Confusing? by LaurenandDaniLover
Why Is Love So Confusing?by LaurenandDaniLover
Dani and Lauren Cimorelli are sisters with one problem, they like each other more than they should. One side of them tells them to ignore it but the other side screams...
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I Need You Here - Sequel to Don't Give Up by bibismacedo_13
I Need You Here - Sequel to Don' LaurenCarpenter
Read first "Don't give up" - A Laurisa Fanfiction. Then come here.
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Stupid Triangle by moaningdinah
Stupid Triangleby moaningdinah
When you meet 2 amazing girls sometimes you end up falling for one other times...possibly both. What happens when 18 year old YouTuber Kaitlyn Riker meets Lisa and Laure...
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Forever and Always (Lauren Cimorelli x You) by camorellostories
Forever and Always (Lauren camorellostories
February of 2018, Y/N moves to Nashville after living in NJ her whole life. While waling around the park, she runs into a beautiful girl. Y/N can't help but stare into h...
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Laurisa One Shots by kellxcim
Laurisa One Shotsby kellx
Just a bunch of Laurisa one shots :))
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Nick cimorelli??? by makenna25790
Nick cimorelli???by makenna25790
When Nick cimorelli texted the wrong number you got it, but you don't know Cimorelli, yet. Will you fall for Nick or become best friends🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️ Maybe fall for one...
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What if? -Oneshots, preferences- Lauren Cimorelli stories by LoveStory52
What if? -Oneshots, preferences- LoveStory52
A Lauren Cimorelli x Reader series
Somebody to love (Nobody to love series: book 3) by kaththepoetcim
Somebody to love (Nobody to love kaththepoetcim
Elena decided for herself that it would be a good idea to go to the psychiatry. The first night there, she regrets her decision already as Madison, another girl in the p...
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