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The New Neighbours by ATAJauregui
The New Neighboursby ATA
The Cimorellis get a new neighbour, but they are the most problematic ones they've ever had. Y/N moves in with her siblings next door to a rather big house. They were r...
lauren cimorelli & y/n oneshots by laurencinnamonrelli
lauren cimorelli & y/n oneshotsby 😛
dramatic but cute lauren cimorelli oneshots :) gxg, fluff, angst, and a little smut. request if you want 😩
Love, Fun, and Disasters (Book 2) by simplyinspiration44
Love, Fun, and Disasters (Book 2)by Courtney
This is the sequel to my story Cimorelli Saved Me. The Cimorellis decide to take a vacation to end the summer off. It's full of fun and excitement for Bella and the othe...
What Happened to Us? by __unlimited__
What Happened to Us?by Annie
Lauren Cimorelli is broken. She has been kicked out of the band, and all her sisters have been ignoring her. All except one that is. Lisa is the only thing keeping Laure...
Here I Am! by Misfit0123
Here I Am!by 🤷‍♀️🙃
Y/n Cabello. The unknown 22 year old sister of well known singer Camila Cabello. Y/n fells like the outcast of her family. She can't sing like Camila and isn't as innoce...
Look For Me || Luke Hemmings by snowfluke
Look For Me || Luke Hemmingsby Cal :-)
"I can't save you from yourself." "Just look for me."
Found (Book 1) by simplyinspiration44
Found (Book 1)by Courtney
When the Cimorelli sisters go for a walk in Malibu they find something shocking. What do they do now?
A Y/N Cimorelli Story by tiger17796
A Y/N Cimorelli Storyby MinnesotanCim
Y/N thinks she's a loser because of her past. When her crush Lauren Cimorelli comes to talk to her at the worst time it is not good. Will Y/N tell about her past or keep...
Cimorelli One shots  by ozoz111
Cimorelli One shots by ozoz111
Cimorelli One shots (Mainly Laurisa, probably all actually but we'll see) First Wattpad book so... Editor @bread-and-tea Friends that helped @bread-and-tea @kwa @R-jay-
Secret Cimorelli Sister? [DISCONTINUED]  by ThePandaTaylor
Secret Cimorelli Sister? [ Taylor Mason
Have you ever felt like you don't belong in the family your in? I felt that way since I was four years old. I was an only child and always wanted a little brother or sis...
*The Light's Prophecy* Cimorelli by nikkijo41
*The Light's Prophecy* Cimorelliby Nicole
The girls are living a perfectly normal life when one day they are brought to camp half-blood, they think its a mistake until they are all claimed by separate gods to fu...
Since The Day We First Met (A Cimorelli Fanfic)- REMAKE by mysterious_cimfam360
Since The Day We First Met (A mysterious_cimfam360
Isn't it that 'brothers' are supposed to get along with each other? I guess not everyone.... Meet the Carter Brothers: Kyle, Nathan, Drew, Blake, Shane, and Max. They're...
Indescribable (A Lauren Cimorelli Fanfiction)~Trailer~ by Mysteriskie
Indescribable (A Lauren Mysteriskie
(Don't Read this just add it to your library) Lauren Cimorelli is struggling because of her own insecurities even her sisters hate her because of some mistake that she d...
Fearless by Chels_Eleven
Fearlessby Chelsea & Eleven
Lisa and Lauren Cimorelli get kidnapped when they're really young. A mysterious person took both girls and kept them captive for many years. Starting from 1998 to 2016...
Cimorelli Imagines by SeventhCimorelli
Cimorelli Imaginesby SeventhCimorelli
This is just going to be some random imagines between Y/N and the Cimorelli sisters. I don't have many ideas so I'm hoping people can comment some requests. Some will be...
The Unknown Cimorelli (Cimorelli/ Fifth Harmony/ You) [Wattys 2017] by Misfit0123
The Unknown Cimorelli ( 🤷‍♀️🙃
Y/N Brooks. She lives with her foster family. What do you think will happen when her real family finds her after 16 years? It all happens at a charity concert by Cimorel...
Beautiful, Brave and Young by MyCimorelliGirls
Beautiful, Brave and Youngby Sofia🌍❤🔐🔑
Just the life of six sisters in school and making music. Prepare for drama, violence, love and graphical scenes.
What Shapes Us? by tiger17796
What Shapes Us?by MinnesotanCim
Nobody is born a single way their environment changes them for the good, the bad, the broken, or the hopeful.
In Love With My Sister by ChristianLaso7
In Love With My Sisterby Christian Laso
It's a Disa book, cause there's not a lot of Disa books and I ship Disa. ( No copy rights) Dani G!P
Danstina FanFic🤙 by Kumbayagurl
Danstina FanFic🤙by Izzy
A fanFic of a very underrated ship