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His Butler, A Homosexual // SebaCiel by SMOL-ASIAN
His Butler, A Homosexual // Trash / Keita
[ UPDATES IRREGULARLY ] Sebastian Michaelis had watched his master suffer through many things, but this, more than anything, made his blood boil. How dare that blon...
Pride month specials <3  by ciel_the_hive
Pride month specials <3 by Noose Chan ❤️
This is a sebaciel pride book so if you don't like it get lost <3 This book is safe for Lesbians Genderfluid people Gay people (gay men) Bi sexuals Pan sexuals T...
Nightmares to dreams /Sebaciel by Abbieemma
Nightmares to dreams /Sebacielby Abbieemma
Sebastian x ciel Modern AU Slight TW SH (will have a warning) Ciel doesn't have many friends and doesn't believe in love or happiness he's the loner at school that no o...
One Hell of a Butler (Ciel x Sebastian) by xHoldOnTillAprilx
One Hell of a Butler (Ciel x xHoldOnTillAprilx
Ciel Phantomhive is a young earl who sold his soul to a demon named Sebastian Michaelis. Without parents or siblings, Ciel turns to Sebastian for comfort and reassuranc...
Insane by kawaii__koala
Insaneby kawaii__koala
After 2 years of being kidnapped and tortured Ciel has had a somewhat stable life but is still revisited by the horrors of his past. Causing him to seek for help. After...
~My demons~ Sebaciel by Justanotherfangurl13
~My demons~ Sebacielby XxUwUxX
Ciel and Sebastian are happily married and living in the Phantomhive manor with the servants. But when some unexpected news are announced, Ciel and Sebastian are going t...
Without Him.... by Miss_NaLu_Shipper
Without Miss_NaLu_Shipper
Being an orphan isn't so bad I guess.... ⚠WARNING SPOILERS AND FOUL LANGUAGE⚠ Disclaimer~ I do not own any of the Black Butler characters, I just simply own the plot lin...
My Young Lord Is A Cat (Ciel x Sebastian)  by -nicorin-
My Young Lord Is A Cat (Ciel x Unknown mehuehue
This story is about a young lord called Ciel Phantomhive with his butler Sebastian Michaelis one day the do same routine everyday but this day is kinda suspicious his bu...
Modern Sebaciel AU SECRET AGENTS by astrephantomhive
Modern Sebaciel AU SECRET AGENTSby astre 𖤐
Ciel and Sebastian are secretly CIA agents and are paired up to work for a mysterious and dangerous case that has to deal with the Russian mafia. Will Ciel ever stop thi...
Mine (yaoi cielxsebastian) by That_Anim3_Girl
Mine (yaoi cielxsebastian)by That_Anim3_Girl
EDITOR WRITING Ok so this is my first yaoi fanfic that I have ever wrote so it will be bad....warning-smut
Bitter Sweet. (Sebaciel)  by GrellMalfoy
Bitter Sweet. (Sebaciel) by ∂яαяяу тяαѕн
When Ciel gets poisoned by something non-human, only Sebastian can take care of the young Earl. (Sebaciel) (If you don't like it - don't read it.)
My beloved Young Master •Ciel x Sebastian• by DeathRose017
My beloved Young Master •Ciel x DeathRose017
It's been so long my revenge is finished, me and lizzy is not engage anymore since I might just let her die in sorrow when I leave and yet him. He won't leave me and tak...
🥀The attempt🥀 (sebaciel) by ciel_the_hive
🥀The attempt🥀 (sebaciel)by Noose Chan ❤️
Trigger warning ⛔️ ATTEMPT SUICIDE ⛔️ OD (overdose)⛔️ that is all for the trigger warning Ok now the description- Ciel is tired of all the pain so one night ciel tries...
sebaciel-'cause we all just wanna be big rockstars by CUTENEKOWOLF
sebaciel-'cause we all just CUTENEKOWOLF
what happens when ciel and the famous singer,sebastian michealies meet?
His Butler, With Lust. by ghoulbutler
His Butler, With Rei Baby
Sebastian has been Ciel's butler for as long as Ciel can remember, but he's never felt something quite like this for his master.
A Demon's Kiss (CielxSebastian) by Lover_Of_BlackButler
A Demon's Kiss (CielxSebastian)by Lover_Of_BlackButler
Ciel has been thinking a lot about Sebastian, and wondering what he means to him. But Sebastian has been thinking as well about Ciel and what he thinks of him as well. W...