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Honey // ChuckleSandwhich x Striper female Reader by R0tt3nL0v3r
Honey // ChuckleSandwhich x Nico W.
Come along the fun and festive ride of Befriending 3 boys ⚠️ !! Smut warning !!⚠️ ( book isn't full of smut there is also lemon and fluff ) In this story you use She/He...
Naughty Little Joke Book by jewel1307
Naughty Little Joke Bookby Julie T Chapman
Funny short stories guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Sources: stuff I've heard from friend, family, readers, and other folk who thought they'd spread some joy and...
chuckle sandwich - group chat // incorrect quotes by SuckMyJosuke
chuckle sandwich - group chat // lar
title. a large majority of these are conversations i've had or have witnessed. also sorry chapters are really short sometimes lol started: feb 27, 2021 ended: top ranks:...
Love at First Sight by Drebur123
Love at First Sightby Drebur123
Ted Nivison X Reader. Edited by my editor @Ghost-Bee. Go check out his stuff. Under editing once again. It may get confusing for me so please be patient. Thank you.
the tables turn (kayla x chuckle) by stfu_lexxx
the tables turn (kayla x chuckle)by Lex <3
this book is about my shawty bae kayla <33 and a dude she use to like and chuckle if u encounter this book give kayla a chance man 😩 ☆ Kayla goes to high school with...
Nightmare || JiKook (COMPLETED) by ggeukkmin0113
Nightmare || JiKook (COMPLETED)by mingguk13
"I don't want to lose you Jimin" - Jungkook "As long as we have each other, you'll never lose me. I promise." - Jimin
Always Look On The Bright Side :) by Bruigefisher
Always Look On The Bright Side :)by Keira
memes I make for fun . . . not all good but I do it when I'm bored, so don't judge!
Good Morning || JiKook (COMPLETED) by ggeukkmin0113
Good Morning || JiKook (COMPLETED)by mingguk13
"I missed you." - Jungkook "I missed you too." - Jimin
People Are Stupid by eh1110
People Are Stupidby Emily H
Are you dying for people to realize how utterly stupid they are? Do you want to read things that reflect exactly what your life feels like? Then read this. You won't reg...
Dark Senryu Collection by EddyElemental
Dark Senryu Collectionby EddyElemental
Little misanthrope, I shall contain you, in this Book of senryus. After further insights, my dark haikus are actually senryus. And therefore this title change. Enjoy!
The Outcast by FudgePeppersLies
The Outcastby Sara
Rosaline Jandie was in 10th grade when the accident happened. No one knows exactly what happened, all that they know is that somehow- she got Amnesia. She forgotten ever...
knuckles asventure tru story thingy yayyysyshshs by iwantded69
knuckles asventure tru story iwantded69
knuckles and knuckles adventuresjjedjei the tur sdventu im tko lazy to typ so basically story is knuckles and kncukes do knules or whatrve its 2:38 am help knuckles and...
Given The Chance by DreamTheoryBy3
Given The Chanceby DreamTheoryBy3
"I'm given an opportunity to laugh everyday. Why should I give that up? Besides, when I laugh, it makes both of us feel better," she explains, with a gentle sm...
INTELLI-DUMBby Ismail Ahmed
A dumb kid who is burdened with trivial facts and intelligent pieces of information as if he were an encyclopaedia, he thinks he's smart and goes through his teenage yea...
To The Moon and Never Back by queenmicrosoft
To The Moon and Never Backby · bðse ·
"hearts were made to be broken and shattered and left lying around" - anon. an extremely short story about trust, friendship, betrayal and a broken red prius (...
The first day's friendship by AnushreeBhattacharya
The first day's friendshipby Anushree Bhattacharya
A young girl who remains nameless, talks about her college days. The book begins with her first day in college and how she survives it. It could be the story of any girl...