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Dedicated To You (BoyxBoy) by NyckMisfit
Dedicated To You (BoyxBoy)by Nyck
What would you do if you were mated to a vampire. Impossible right? Or so you thought. But what if they were male? Where does that leave a freak like me? Will there be a...
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Love Knows No Colour by DaliaEllz
Love Knows No Colourby Dalia Ellz
"Okay Melanie whatever changing topics now I don't want to talk about it." "No" "Yes you just won't admit it... Hell even Serenity knows you're...
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A Summer with Payton M. by savvy_reads_part2
A Summer with Payton 💜savvy_reads_2.0💜
I would tell you but then what's the fun in that... also there is lots of drama so read it I guess💀💕
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Love Don't Change  by daXnae
Love Don't Change by Aa.nniya
Twins they can look alike but be complete opposite. Da'Nya and Da'Mya looks just alike but live too different Life styles! But as their parents being Associated with the...
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Religious by mackenzie_bou
Religiousby mackenzie_bou
Mackenzie has had it. She doesn't want to have to follow her family's religion any longer. But the rest of her family wants her to. What will happen?
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YOU TOUCH ME AGAIN...YOU WILL DIEby ; # admin account
the devil's mbs
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Squidward Finds Jesus and Repents for His Sins by walmartgroceryapp
Squidward Finds Jesus and analog_clock67
A young, sinful squid converts to Christianity after going Catholic confessions.
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You Saved me... by Rodeo_girl_2017
You Saved Kenzie Epperly
what happens when Layne Jennings self proclaimed single barrel racer for life, girl getting ready to start down the wrong road meets lawson bates, saved front row church...
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Mormons at Taco Bell by yumi_and_panda
Mormons at Taco Bellby Uhhh
The mission that would change it all.
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Pomegranate Seeds ~ Editing in Progress by EpicFantasy700
Pomegranate Seeds ~ Editing in Cora
Lilith made a mistake. One that has left it's imprint forever. She can't change the past. But she can change the future. But will she be able to resist the urge to retur...
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The Beauty of the Night by AnjaRosePohloffical
The Beauty of the Nightby A.R Pohl Offical
Story has officially been released on 02.02.18 Next story is TBA </3 Next Update in the Broken Prince 05.02.18 Description << Insert here>> With Love...
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Ghosts of the Haunted Chruch by majd3tears
Ghosts of the Haunted Chruchby majd3tears
Three friends went on a camp night in a lovely forest beside a peaceful village. what does the night hide for the three guys ? will they make it out alive or the priest...
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My Journal/Diary by manyfandomsbvtch
My Journal/Diaryby g e n i e ✨
This is my diary/journal and it's about why I do and what happens in my life for obvious reasons I will be blocking out people's and town/city names
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Power of The Soul by Flameklr
Power of The Soulby Flameklr
Who determined that a soul is only useful in a Human body... Or how malleable and pliable it is?
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Redemption Church Covenant by LeafeonPower
Redemption Church Covenantby Reality is what matters
This is what my Church Covenant says. To show everyone what sort of commitment I am supposed to have to my church.
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The Priest's Boy by Nerdiechick106
The Priest's Boyby Call me whatever tbh
Fourteen year old Wyatt is always moving to a new town, all of the time. When this family move to a small town in Arkansas, he doesnt know What to expect. Then theres Hu...
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Just The Luck  by loveslouistommo17
Just The Luck by Cinnamon Marie ♥️👑
Meet Jade faith a 13 year old foster kid she goes to church and is a really good kid Meet Libby jades 17 year old sister she lives in a group home that reach her about...
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Can't Be Friends by timpani411
Can't Be Friendsby Marie Cousins
When an ex-bestie texts Melanie out of nowhere asking for help, she agrees, but not considering her risks.
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