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The Darksield Chronicles, Book 1: Legend of Spyro by DragonLord39
The Darksield Chronicles, Book DragonLord39
Coming from a destroyed world, Wraith Dragonborn has always been a unique boy. When a portal opens, and he is sucked into the world of Legend of Spyro, how will he survi...
When We Collide // Narnia by LondonaLozzy
When We Collide // Narniaby Loz
After tragedy struck Lauren's life she wished for something better. Could her cousins Lucy and Ed, the magical land of Narnia, an adventure and a handsome King called Ca...
Letters To Edmund |book 1| by WonderlandDreaming-
Letters To Edmund |book 1|by ~Amelia~
"I'm a child with a sword, playing king." Have you ever been to Narnia? Have you ever seen a train station that takes you to a completely different world? Wel...
The Phoenix Archer (Narnia Story) by SherlockedNarnian
The Phoenix Archer (Narnia Story)by 𝑵arniac 𝑴erlockian
Ana is a human hiding in Narnia. She has a secret that most of the Narnians don't know about. Revealing it would mean she wouldn't have to spend her whole life in hiding...
The Wing's Chronicle | Levi X Reader by Pride_Fool_Sinister
The Wing's Chronicle | Levi X MaYumi Ryhnne
Captain Levi Ackerman decided to clean the old headquarters castle's library and accidentally found a mysterious book It was the book we're the well known history behi...
A Queen for The Just | ✓ by princessjaswrites
A Queen for The Just | ✓by 𝒋𝒂𝒔𝒎𝒊𝒏𝒆
❝Stop it, Edmund, just stop it! You knew who she was and you knew she was in love with him! Just because you wanted to play Knight in Shining Armor for a night doesn't m...
Sanctuary (Riddick) by AnarchistAce
Sanctuary (Riddick)by AradiaCross
Two convicts find themselves stuck on a desert planet, their senses able to pick up the sounds of the creatures around them, but what happens when two convicts stay toge...
The Virgin Chronicles by IronButterfly3
The Virgin Chroniclesby Julia Jay
"I just couldn't wait until our date to do this." He murmurs with a lick of his lips. "To do what?" I could feel the inevitability pressing away at m...
Andrew Detmer X Reader: The Last To Fall  by zombielover8469
Andrew Detmer X Reader: The Last zombielover8469
"Freak. Monster. Demon. Witch. Experiment gone wrong. Murderer," she whispered to herself. "What am I?" ...
The Chronicle - RWBY Ruby Rose x Male Reader. by ThatOneGamer154
The Chronicle - RWBY Ruby Rose x ThatOneGamer154
As a 16 year old boy gets accepted into Beacon a year early under odd circumstances, he finds a Red Hooded Girl who is perfect for him. But the longer he stays at Beaco...
The Riley Chronicles +1 by OMTRobbie
The Riley Chronicles +1by Olivia
THIS IS BOOK TWO. READ THE RILEY CHRONICLES FIRST. *** Two pink lines. Fuck. I was pregnant.
The dragon queen of Narnia by Avengergirl99
The dragon queen of Narniaby Harley Quinn123
This story is about Clara who live in the magic land called Narnia, she is the cousin of prince Caspian 10th, the niece of Miraz and the daughter of the high King of the...
Sweet Hearts by Chikarapee
Sweet Heartsby Praise Chikara
They are opposites. But opposites attract. Lara and Chris have to get married, that's a dying wish. But how long can opposites stay together?.
The Equinox - RWBY Yang Xiao Long x Male Reader. by ThatOneGamer154
The Equinox - RWBY Yang Xiao ThatOneGamer154
A miraculous stroke of luck goes over a boy's life. He is accepted into the prestigious Beacon Academy. The boy fears the immense obstacles that such an academy carries...
Siege // Peter Pevensie [EDITING] by tristarollins_
Siege // Peter Pevensie [EDITING]by T.N. Rollins
1300 years ago, the marvelous and former glory of Narnia was tarnished. The castle of Cair Paravel, sieged by Telmarines, stood in flames as the army victoriously celebr...
Together In Azkaban ~ Sirius Black by MeganLuvsU
Together In Azkaban ~ Sirius Blackby Not Megan
BOOK 1 OF THE PROPHECY CHRONICLES! *** Jordyn Lewis, death eater at age 13, had always lived a crappy life. I guess that's what lead her into being the youngest and most...
The Grace Chronicles by gracewatson221B
The Grace Chroniclesby gracewatson221B
Grace Watson, the sister to John Watson and the love interest to Sherlock Holmes. This collection includes the many stories of how Grace and Sherlock fell in the love an...
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The Decision (The dragon queen of Narnia 2) by Avengergirl99
The Decision (The dragon queen Harley Quinn123
~Sequel to The dragon queen of Narnia. IMPORTANT NOTE: READ THE FIRST ONE BEFORE READING THIS. It has been a year since Clara left Narnia, she live in a orphanage. She...
The Lion King Chronicles: Vitani's Vengeance by adelaide_angel
The Lion King Chronicles: Vitani' Allison Schaust
Vitani is born into a war-torn world. How fitting that her name means 'I am war'. Not long after she is born, Simba kills her father, Scar, and exiles many of them to th...
Nico's quest by wisdomofthesea
Nico's questby Sanne
Thanks to Anubis' ritual going wrong, while Sadie and Carter are off saving the world in Throne of Fire, Nico is stuck in the Duat, dodging dangers, saving Bast's skin...