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Patience by Kris_Stien
Patienceby Kristien Vanhove
She the patient, she needs patience in him finding a cure He has to be patient with her condition World class neurosurgeon Harry Styles is the last hope of chronically i...
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A Little Unexpected by insignificantsunite
A Little Unexpectedby insignificantsunite
When Emerson witnesses her best friend's car crash, with the unknown of if her friend was going to make it on her mind, she finds herself extremely stressed. What usuall...
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Outnumbered -  Dermot Kennedy FanFiction by MissRose
Outnumbered - Dermot Kennedy MissRose
Jane is third-wheeling her parents' diamond anniversary trip to Scotland. With a genetic auto-immune disorder and an awkward sense of humour, she must battle not only th...
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Nightingale Studios by insignificantsunite
Nightingale Studiosby insignificantsunite
Seventeen year old Lock is just a normal teenager. Well, normal if you count having acquired 235 million dollars after your father died and having a daughter. Oh... and...
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Josie's Discovery by reneesmee461
Josie's Discoveryby reneesmee461
Josie has a chronic illness, but doesn't find out until she sees her doctor who examined her and asked her symptoms and daily behaviors. Her mother tried to help numerou...
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I Have A Chronic Illness System wu wu wu (BL) by System008
I Have A Chronic Illness System System008
[System008 has logged on] System008- " Welcome host to the I Have A Chronic Illness System... IM SO SORRY :(つд⊂):゜。" Qiao Chen softly caressed the glowing ball...
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Celiac Problems: A Life Journey by Justpenandpaper
Celiac Problems: A Life Journeyby Angel
This is going to be a collection of Celiac Problems and Celiac Wins. It's also going to include some stories and inspirational quotes. Welcome to the life of a Celiac.
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Hiding The Pain by _ThisLittleGeek_
Hiding The Painby _ThisLittleGeek_
Hinata Shouyou, the hyperactive ray of sunshine of Karasuno. With his emotions put proudly on display constantly, nobody would ever guess that he could be hiding anythin...
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Life in the hospital by survivingaway
Life in the hospitalby Living but not
The thing about a hospital is most of the time if you make friends either they are going to die. Or you are going to die. But it's life so this is the story of me and m...
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Unknowing (Stingue) - CRAPPY ORIGINAL by GhostlyMorris
Unknowing (Stingue) - CRAPPY GhostlyMorris
After the war with Alvarez and Zeref now being a mage of Fairy Tail, the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth return back to their guild, one of them holding loving and yet confli...
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Finding Hope by mysticash3y
Finding Hopeby Mystic
A seemingly normal teen boy suddenly has a life threatening seizure and needs to learn how to live his life with new diagnoses and His 'new nornal' His goal, "Find...
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Dying To Try by johnnieboiii
Dying To Tryby Johnathan Gruenewald
Highest Rankings ✩ #4 in chronicillness --- Ryder is a younger guy who has had to deal with chronic pain all of his life. However, the apocalypse has made it so much wor...
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My Life by CamoHorseMN
My Lifeby Maya
You wanna know what goes on in my life? The thoughts I think? The experiences I've had? Well, here's the book for ya! All of the stuff in here is 100% nonfiction, writte...
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Lungs And Roses  by EastCoastGirl
Lungs And Roses by EastCoastGirl
I been living with cystic Fibrosis all my life and I'm writing this book to raise Awareness and Educate others on CF .
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Her Journey, My Struggle by allmylovingpaul
Her Journey, My Struggleby allmylovingpaul
My sister was based on Meaghan and she was on the road to eating disorder recovery. On Sunday, Spetember 17, 2016, she was admitted to the hospital after a suicide att...
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Her Favorite Color is Yellow by IVIIMMXVII
Her Favorite Color is Yellowby E.M. Newman
First love is an experience you get only once because it's filled with many emotions that you feel for the very first time. You may have had other experiences where you...
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Under the Willow Tree by Chronically_Lially
Under the Willow Treeby Chronically_Lially
Ainsley Winter has been sick for as long as she could remember, but no one would believe her. Her parents constantly fought, she was bullied, and her world was falling a...
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Phlower P.O.T.S. by Just_A_Chickie
Phlower K. M. James
Jack always seemed to be sick. First it was colds than he began getting weaker and weaker...But finally here received a diagnosis: postural orthostatic tachycardia syndr...
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My life with ehlers danlos syndrome by candychloe100
My life with ehlers danlos syndromeby candychloe100
This is my daily life with eds
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The Life Of A Sick Girl by KenzieCamille
The Life Of A Sick Girlby KenzieCamille
The story of a girl battling multiple chronic conditions. She was 13 when her symptoms began, and didn't think much of them at first. But little did she know how much he...
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