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Best Friends Whenever//Christian Yu by ManyWonders_
Best Friends Whenever//Christian Yuby Daisyyyyy
A girl named Daisy, grew up with a boy named Christian Yu, in America. They were the best of friends and lived next to each other. Although, one day, he had to leave to...
Revival by Episode_AC
Revivalby •Undercover•-AC
"Why is she so hard to let go of?" I close my eyes and shake my head, thousands of memories of us were whispering telling me exactly why it was hard to let he...
Online school lovers | DPR LIVE (Hong Dabin) by IMATALLTREE
Online school lovers | DPR LIVE ( Kezia
"Hey Babe!" Said Megan Brown who is 7 years younger than Hong Dabin as a joke. Does this joke can turn real? Contain: - Bad Words Thats it I change it from unc...
CRUSH || Christian Yu by elvlri
CRUSH || Christian Yuby 3leonoraMichelle
Disukain oleh seorang cwe udh biasa bukan? Tapi disukai oleh sahabat sdh biasa juga bukan? Tapi bagaimana jika dia selalu bilang udh ngelupain padahal belum? Selalu meng...
City Of Angels by latinaxeuphoria
City Of Angelsby latina
this is based on the show euphoria. a girl named Yaritza De la cruz is finally a teenager and is now entering highschool. her and her friends Maddy, Cat, and Rue help h...
Roller Coaster (Christian Yu) by hopexluna
Roller Coaster (Christian Yu)by Luna 🌙
Roller coaster is about you and Christian Yu. Your cousin is Stephanie and Christians best friend is named jay. Roller coaster will have a lot of mix feelings but the q...
HΣ DΣ∇IL 3 by jammiejuicyjuicy
HΣ DΣ∇IL 3by Jammie_Mingyu✔
New Beginning (Christian Yu) AMBW ™ by darkeyes9
New Beginning (Christian Yu) AMBW ™by darkeyes9
After, working so hard as an Author in Atlanta. Sarah decides to take a trip to Hawaii by herself but during her trip, she meets a man who is full of surprises.
hiraeth // deadly class by diamondswhite
hiraeth // deadly classby e
❝heart shaped kisses, i really miss my mistress.❞ hiraeth noun onging for home, which can be loosely translated as 'nostalgia', or, more commonly, 'homesickness'. origin...
"Bestfriend???" by LILIANNA444
"Bestfriend???"by LILIANNA 444
(After driving to the club since your best friend called you to come and get him) Y/n : what do you want ?!! (Drunk Chris kisses your lips softly) Chris : Y∅∪........
as it should be|| sik-k by hotwangs
as it should be|| sik-kby ᴍᴀᴍɪ🧚🏾‍♀️
I think it's safe to say that our relationship is crazy as fuck but it's as it should be. -Sik
chatroom _ dpr by starrykun
chatroom _ dprby peachez
a chatroom whereof consists the many chats of dream perfect regime - but of course, christian accidentally adds someone relationships . food . jokes . trouble . [ starte...
Frenzy by nissy_4_real
Frenzyby Nissy.Ynw✨🤙🏾
All that toxic love😘 ____________________________ Come right in, ya won't regret it✨ ※
Kpop texts by Chummami
Kpop textsby Wolfstories
Fake kpop and khh texts
[K-Hip Hop] Reader x Rapper Oneshot Prompts! by Katayangi
[K-Hip Hop] Reader x Rapper Katayangi
I'm writing one shots about y'all's favorite khh acts! Just leave a prompt as a tell on my tellonym (@Katayangi). I WILL write: - Smut - Fluff - Light Angst - Male x Rea...
Réactions KPOP by pikakooh
Réactions KPOPby pikakooh
Il y aura des réactions kpop comme le dit le titre, n'hésitez pas à demander !
Summer Never Ends (Christian Yu x Reader) (AMBW) by Prettynaypie04
Summer Never Ends (Christian Yu Prettynaypie04
Summer had just moved back to Hawaii where she was born and raised from Georgia. When she got there she only had her bags, her phone, $34,000 that she inherited from her...
Story of One Day by pikakooh
Story of One Dayby pikakooh
Nouveau livre ! Qui ne sera pas terminé d'ici peu.. Livre de OS ! N'hésitez pas à passer commande ! ^^