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Realm Of Christ by RealmOfChrist
Realm Of Christby RealmOfChrist
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Christian Fiction by Christian_Fiction
Christian Fictionby Christian_Fiction
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A New World by HimitsuStudy
A New Worldby HimitsuStudy
A New World takes place in a peaceful utopia 1,000 years in the future that has never seen war, disease, hate, famine, murder, or meaningless strife, even nature and hum...
The Last Library by EvelynMLewis
The Last Libraryby Evelyn M. Lewis
Most of the earth has been laid waste in nuclear war, but in the wilderness of Alaska, some humans cling to life. They've reverted to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, worsh...
The Following Storm by SharonHammons
The Following Stormby Sharon Hammons
Red Arrow, adopted by an outlaw gang when she was very young, learns of the truth of Christ soon after her adopted dad died. She breaks up the gang and grows to be a law...
7/24: Time Like No Other by stevenkwiebe
7/24: Time Like No Otherby Steven Wiebe
"Time is moving differently for me. It is skipping like a fast-moving stone on water. Through the week and around the clock - in that order! Into danger." Afte...
Officers of OFFICERS by swordpaint24
Officers of OFFICERSby Rayne Holmes
My NaNoWriMo project for the year. Unedited. A comedy that doesn't take itself as a comedy. A tale of 14 characters and their relationships. A story of power and persona...
Country In Chaos by JessiLRoberts
Country In Chaosby Jessi L. Roberts
For decades, the government plotted in secret, but now one of their secrets is back to bite them. Rolf lived waiting for an apocalypse, but when the nuclear bombs fall...
MAYFLOWER by NightwatchPublishing
MAYFLOWERby NightwatchPublishing
In the twenty-second century long-distance space travel has been mastered. Humans have colonized many planets. The last Christians have left earth and settled on a plane...