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You're My Home (completed) by HollySlatt
You're My Home (completed)by HollySlatt
This is a story of a woman who is afraid to love...and a man who just can't stop himself from loving her. Rachel is a small town college drop-out who has given up on bo...
Solivagant by dreams_of_silver
Solivagantby Dreams
Magic is to be feared. It is a wild, unpredictable thing, and anywhere it goes it brings mayhem and destruction. Those that wield it are even more dangerous. At least, t...
Seeing Magic Through God's Eyes: A Short Guide to Writing Christian Fantasy by TheRegularRavenclaw
Seeing Magic Through God's Eyes: ˗ ˏˋ Trinity Evermore ˊˎ ˗
Christian Fantasy is a small industry that needs more readers... But first needs more writers! And you can be one of the few who rises up to the challenge! But where do...
Figurehead by Humanbean01
Figureheadby Humanbean01
Janf is a messenger- a trusted messenger- in the Escatin kingdom, but she could be more. She knows it, her friends know it, a certain someone knows it. She is more than...
SOL by teniyakisauce
SOLby ten
"Queens and commoners, princes and peasants, welcome to the party of the quincentury!" For most people, receiving an invitation to the White King's Masquerade...
SPIRIT WARRIOR: A Christian Fantasy Story by ESElias
SPIRIT WARRIOR: A Christian E. S. Elias
>>ON HOLD<< "Evil, it is all around you. There are times that you can see it. Other times you are just blind." Annabella has a mission, a missi...
Heroes of Nativity by SethZarandona
Heroes of Nativityby Seth Zarandona
Princess Genevieve has all the typical concerns of a young lady. She longs to see the world. Her mother, Queen Andrina, is overprotective of her. And she hasn't the firm...
Thoughts In The Ashes by authorgabriellaslade
Thoughts In The Ashesby Gabriella Slade
My name is Kiera and my imprint testing was supposed to be the best day of my life. I was supposed to become a Soul Quester and then dedicate my life to studying the mag...
Destiny Scrolls Path of the Warrior by livingwordspress
Destiny Scrolls Path of the Warriorby Zach Larson
Light, truth, and knowledge might not be enough... Arkeadion seems peaceful, but under the surface a tempest is brewing. Murdock, the king, took the Capitol from the jud...
Shades of War by EvelynMLewis
Shades of Warby Evelyn M. Lewis
[Highest Rank: 653 in Fantasy] When a portal to the Cursed Planet of the Shades suddenly appears in the capitol city of Dralina, it can only mean one thing: War has retu...
Nephilim Blood by gtargirl
Nephilim Bloodby gtargirl
Joshua the 10-year-old prince of Kaynan is drugged, kidnapped and on his way to the dark side of the enchanted forest. There's no way out, or back, and if he wants to su...
Shatter Like Glass-Cinderella Retold "Wattys Edition" by AlcinaMystic
Shatter Like Glass-Cinderella Samantha Leonard
She was the most beautiful girl at the ball-and the most dangerous. After the murder of the Viridian prince at his engagement ball sparks a bloody revolution, pira...
Blind Watcher Vol. 1 by BlindWatcherComics
Blind Watcher Vol. 1by Trinity Evermoor
Gwenyth Clifton's just another faceless engineer at Tritonics inc. until a mysterious object is found in the wreckage of a long-since-crashed spaceship in the Western De...
Tales of The Adriel by Bella_Geniveve
Tales of The Adrielby Grace E.
Once, many moons ago, a ship landed on the land that is now called Contucktland, or 'God's Land'. The passengers on the ship were called 'Norwegians'; and had pale ski...
Like As The Waves-The Little Mermaid Retold by AlcinaMystic
Like As The Waves-The Little Samantha Leonard
**OLD DRAFT**** This draft connected to the older version of Shatter Like Glass. While you are welcome to read it, some plot points, characters, and other details will...
Royal Deception, a blade shifter novel by dwritermaniac
Royal Deception, a blade shifter Denae Christine
A Prince who can shift his arms into swords, a tutor who can shift his arms into wings, and a madman who wants to kill them both . . . . Like all royals, thirteen-year-o...
Kidnapped by JessiLRoberts
Kidnappedby Jessi L. Roberts
Inside the walls of Refuge, Fern and Ash have always been safe from the bandits, werewolves, werecats, and vamps who roam the forests, until one day when Ash is kidnappe...
Evig by TreyBailey3
Evigby Trey Bailey
A young boy and his sister go on a journey to find an Evig Li, an ancient artefact sent by the gods to give eternal life.
Brí An Íobairt: An Amanthian Tale by TheRegularRavenclaw
Brí An Íobairt: An Amanthian Taleby ˗ ˏˋ Trinity Evermore ˊˎ ˗
Cassair Bresal, a Faichefolk of the hidden realm of Faichehaven Valley, has never wanted more than the soil beneath his bare feet, the crops he grows, and the stars at n...