The CEO & the Christian Girl✔️ | For Love & Money Book 1 by ntlpurpolia
The CEO & the Christian Girl✔️ | 🇭🇰NICOLE✝️LAM🇨🇦
NO MATURE CONTENT / SWEARING IN THIS STORY! EXCERPT: "What the heck is wrong with you?" He was breathing hard, his face white and shocked, his hair dishevelle...
  • french
  • christiansunite
  • kidnapping
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His Personal Secretary | very slowly editing by Sunlene
His Personal Secretary | very Sunlene
Cali Wilson desperately needs money. She had her father's gigantic gambling debt and 4 months overdue rent to pay. When she saw a job opening that offered a place to sta...
  • money
  • secretary
  • ceo
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Updates and Fangirling by ChristianLove8o8
Updates and Fangirlingby Squeaks the Fangirl
Come on in and taste my Christian rath! This is the book where I tell you all about updates and fangirl over my fandoms! Learn more inside.
  • christian
  • fangirl
I Am Not Ashamed | ✓                      by cathylxlo
I Am Not Ashamed | ✓ †
"Why do you do that? Why do you dress like that? Why can't you be like any other girl?" Elijah asked Rachel with curiosity, the girl who was now hugging her b...
  • jesus
  • cute
  • highschool
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Witness by zuhmyruh
Witnessby Z
"Okay let's make a deal." He says while walking closer to me. "Let's see if you can break down the bad boy's walls and get him to become as holy as you.&q...
  • teen
  • romance
  • witness
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Desperation  by Seraphic_devil_mione
Desperation by Mione
In the dictionary, Desperation means recklessness without despair... That's how Hermione Granger defined her actions. She had lost everything, including the man she love...
  • granger
  • coulson
  • forbidden
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Can't Get Enough [Wattpad Featured Story] by SummerSurfs
Can't Get Enough [Wattpad Summer
A surfing safari down the coast of California, a few shocking and rather unpleasant secrets, and four inevitable relationships that seem doomed to fail - this is where s...
  • road
  • surf
  • summer
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Chasing Reality. by Toinpre
Chasing Toinpre Donald
Clarissa couldn't think of a loophole in her life, she was an average Christian girl, or so she says, but others tend to differ. She had everything going for her till sh...
  • spiritual
  • smart
  • girlmeetsworld
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A Mobster's Love: The Story of Franco & Carmen by determinedpublishing
A Mobster's Love: The Story of Determined
This story is about a mobster and the woman he loves. They meet on a blind date, but she is horrified to find out that he is a part of the mafia. But she is even more co...
  • fear
  • jesus
  • love
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Laços do Destino (COMPLETA) by Lyssa_Silver
Laços do Destino (COMPLETA)by Lyssa Silver
Ele foi o primeiro dela, porém seu estilo de vida falou mais alto e ele optou por esquecê-la. Ela, ao encarar a nova realidade, tenta achar um porto seguro em si mesma...
  • jack
  • christian
  • anastasia
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The Mafia (On Hold) by MeganLouise66
The Mafia (On Hold)by MeganLouise66
~THE MAFIA~ ~On hold~ 35 year old Christian Ronaldi is the Boss's son and is part of the Italian Mafia Organisation, 'The Wisemen!' He is intense, fierce and selfish, an...
  • boss
  • crime
  • davidgandy
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Moving On by _TrishaGrace
Moving Onby _TrishaGrace
Two complete different personalities would have to learn to get along and play nice in order to survive a will that would change their lives. For twenty years, Tyler Hay...
  • forgiveness
  • billionaire
  • ceo
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JEREMY & D' Unbeliever (COMPLETED): A Christian Love Story by NimfaBeck
JEREMY & D' Unbeliever (COMPLETED) *Nymph*
Everything came like a bomb! "You need to undergo radiation and chemotherapy to kill the cancer," he paused intentionally. "It will kill your baby, too.&q...
  • billionaire
  • praise
  • althea
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The Incubus by AuthorLen
The Incubusby Len du Randt
Something evil is brewing in the small town of Kelwick. Something malevolent stirs in the shadows. When Justin and Rebecca Greene fall pregnant; strange things begin to...
  • edgy
  • demons
  • spiritual
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Angel of Death by danie1011
Angel of Deathby Danie O'Brien
He was not human. That she know Since she was five she suspected his nature How can one fall for a fallen angel A demon from the pit of hell How can one hold so much fo...
  • love
  • obsessive
  • bully
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Our Ana | Kate & Ana & Christian by fiftyshadesofbourbon
Our Ana | Kate & Ana & Christianby Mrs.Grey
When Christian tries to win Ana back he discovers his past mistakes are not the only thing holding them back from a future together. Christian has a new competition he n...
  • love
  • fiftyshadesdarker
  • anasteele
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Strong Enough (An Older Brother Story)  by justwritin17
Strong Enough (An Older Brother justwritin17
Highest Rankings: #4 Religion #5 Family This is a story about Clayton, age 24, and his little sister Sophia, age 12. Their parents died when Sophia was 6 and Clayton h...
  • love
  • family
  • faith
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Theo Raeken Imagines ★ TEEN WOLF by slightlyunhappy
Theo Raeken Imagines ★ TEEN WOLFby ☻slightlyunhappy☹
A collection of imagines with the character Theo Raeken from Teen Wolf!
  • fan
  • mtv
  • fanfiction
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Something To Believe In by hellothereall
Something To Believe Inby Elizabeth Perrone
Elizabeth Perrone is an awkward 17 year old theater nerd who lands one of her dream roles as Katherine Plumber on the Newsies tour. She finds new friends, who soon becom...
  • toursies
  • joshburrage
  • broadway
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Roller Coaster (Christian Yu) by hopexluna
Roller Coaster (Christian Yu)by Luna 🌙
Roller coaster is about you and Christian Yu. Your cousin is Stephanie and Christians best friend is named jay. Roller coaster will have a lot of mix feelings but the q...
  • kpop
  • c-clown
  • dprian
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