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Chrisse One Shots by LectioInAeternum
Chrisse One Shotsby CallMeAutumnQueen🎈
This fandom needs more Chrisse so here it is! (I only own the plot of the stories, not the characters or the pj's world)
Percy and crew react to ANYTHING by britishbarny
Percy and crew react to ANYTHINGby Daughter of Athena
I haven't seen enough of these and I went down a wormhole of these stories with the Avengers so, given all that I decided to make one! It's basically in the title do I...
Heroes of Olympus LOVE by xxcalmly_madnessxx
Heroes of Olympus LOVEby ;)
Just some cool one-shots about everyone's favorite team! Please vote and comment, I really appreciate it! Also I love feedback, even if it's a little harsh I won't be...
Chrisse one-shots by A_Million_Stars
Chrisse one-shotsby A_Million_Stars
Just a bunch of one-shots about my fave ship Chris and Clarisse! :) I hope you enjoy! :)
This Ship Has Sailed! - PJO/HoO Ship Oneshots by -vatican-cameos-
This Ship Has Sailed! - PJO/HoO -vatican-cameos-
This Ship Has Sailed! - PJO/HoO Ship Oneshots If you are reading this, then you are most likely a completely besotted and hapless Percy Jackson fangirl/boy. And I feel f...
Children of the future, Parents of the past. by tratie325
Children of the future, Parents tratie325
Have you ever wondered what your future holds in store for you? Perhaps a family? It's just a normal day at Camp Half-Blood: a disturbing prophecy, some Percabeth, a p...
Mortals meet Percabeth (and others) by caitie_a
Mortals meet Percabeth (and others)by ✬ 𝒞𝒶𝒾𝓉𝓁𝒾𝓃
Mortals will meet the famous couples from the PJO/HoO stories, in the most uncliched and cliche ways. I know this plot has been doon a thousand times but I find them ins...
Mortals Meet The Demigods by 11Kiddo27
Mortals Meet The Demigodsby DaghterOfAthena
Have fun watching these chaotic mortal and demigod interactions (it is extremely cliche and dramatic)! Most of the couples are with the person they were with in the book...
Who Are You? 『A M.M.D』✅ by Radiish_Creates
Who Are You? 『A M.M.D』✅by [inactive!]
[COMPLETED] 『M.M.D』 Stands For Mortals Meet Demigods. • Why don't you start reading it? Open the book! Whaat- No I'm not kidnapping you, Gods, your mind is messed up! • ...
The Son of Time by KatieMossman
The Son of Timeby Katie Mossman
This is the sequel to my other story Percy Jackson the new god, I suggest you read that first so this will make more sense. Twelve years have passed since Annabeth left...
People Meet Demigods by demigodTARDIShunter
People Meet Demigodsby FireBreathingBitch
Just Mortals and their thoughts when they meet Demigods. I do accept requests, only if they are the couples in the books. Sorry but no reynico or thalico (they are cousi...
Meet the Demigods by Inara-ish
Meet the Demigodsby Inara
HI! I used to do 1. Mortals meet 2. Demigods meet 3. Gods meet 4. Youtubers 5. High school stories 6. Oneshots 7. Fluff 8. Later in life 9. Ask the Demigods 10. Reactio...
Mortals meet demigods by thesword1
Mortals meet demigodsby they_sword
A no-mist book of mortals meeting demigods. Some new demigods and the classics. High school, college, adulthood and just camp will be included. Bear with me for the firs...
Moments Worth Facepalming in Percy Jackson Fanfics by Chilea
Moments Worth Facepalming in ❀Don't Worry, Chilea's Here☼
Just typical stupid things I see in PJO fanfics. [Warning: Contains satire. If you can't handle that, then don't read. Literally not PC at all so just... be warned] ||C...
The New God (Percy Jackson The New God Rewrite) by KatieMossman
The New God (Percy Jackson The Katie Mossman
Percy Jackson's Summer at Camp Half-Blood was going just fine until the day he planned to propose to his girlfriend of five years, Annabeth Chase. Instead of it being o...
Mortals Meet Demigods by twobascosauce
Mortals Meet Demigodsby k
Another one of those cliche MMDs. I'm trying to update regularly, because I aim this to be awesome, because a lot of MMDs out there are really short. Check out my other...
Reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief by CunningDauntless
Reading Percy Jackson and the Ava
You have read the title. The usual reading the books in the past with the Old Heroes and Gods. But this will be a least I hope. Hercules being a jerk...
Mortals Meet Demigods (PJO/HOO One-shots) by MaidenDemigod4Life
Mortals Meet Demigods (PJO/HOO ✨ kenny ✨
This is a typical demigods meet mortals fanfic. I'll try to make mine a little bit different. If I'm boring, I'm sorry you dislike my taste. I hope you still read this t...
people meet the demigod couples  by alcindahale
people meet the demigod couples by alcinda hale
mortals meet percabeth, frazel,jiper,caleo,tratie,comanda,solangelo,and more!