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Instagram- Grayson Dolan by cosmicblud
Instagram- Grayson Dolanby S ❥
@graysondolan followed you @graysondolan liked your post @graysondolan commented : cutie 😍❤️
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youth | skins gif series by katielees4
youth | skins gif seriesby ModeratelyDelusional
❝ the kids your parents warned you about ❞ • { requests are open } { lowercase intended }
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Chris Miles preferences/imagines by IoannaTheodorou
Chris Miles preferences/imaginesby CM wit dat XANARCHY
Requests are open if you want an imagine just comment or pm me. There will be cute,sad,break up,dirty or whatever you want! There will be some 'special guests' in some i...
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magcon imagines+preferences by verityyxx
magcon imagines+preferencesby vez
couple scenarios n shit x
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Magcon Dancer by dabbing_magcon
Magcon Dancerby dabbing_magcon
Cassidy O'Conner is a dancer that is invited to Magcon. (I suck at descriptions so just read this). Started; 9/17/16 Completed; 6/6/17
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SKINS Imagines and Preferences by emiliaclarkesdragons
SKINS Imagines and Preferencesby JoBros
Imagines and Preferences for the TV Show Skins Generation One and Two only. 🏅#77 in thrones (August 2018) 🏅#2 in skinsuk (August 2018) 🏅#2 in warmbodies (August 2018...
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Chris Miles Preferences and Imagines by blazedswazz
Chris Miles Preferences and Monica
I kinda have major feelings for this 16 year old who has mad bars and from New York
Best Lines From Skins by bcitsraining
Best Lines From Skinsby /
Generation 1 And Generation 2 and Generation 3 Plus Fire Pure And Rise Quotes *I do not own skins or any of it's characters. I simply take the best and most favourite...
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magcon preferences&imagines😙 by xblissfulblakex
magcon preferences&imagines😙by a xx
Preferences and imagines for Blake;Hunter;Cam;Aaron;Jacob;Taylor;Brandon;Chris&Daniel♡☀︎
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My MAGCON Experience ! by sabrinabmyers
My MAGCON Experience !by Sabrina Myers
Hi I'm Sabrina and this is my MAGCON experience ! I'm going to be telling the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH! So pls don't hate! Every time I go to another MAGCON I wil...
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New Magcon preferences  by lexi_rowland14
New Magcon preferences by lexi_rowland14
My babies and their preferences.❤️
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Magcon Preferences (New Magcon) by Kpoptrash200209
Magcon Preferences (New Magcon)by Kpoptrash2002
Includes 1. Camoran Dallas 2. Carter Reynolds 3. Taylor Caniff 4. Aaron Carpenter 5. Jacob Sartorius 6. Daniel Skye 7. Willie Jones 8. Mark Thomas 9. Hunter Rowland 10...
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✈ New Magcon Imagines & Preferences ✈ by MissClaraAnn
✈ New Magcon Imagines & MissClaraAnn
Cameron Dallas Carter Reynolds Chris Miles Willie Jones Trey Schafer Jacob Sartorius Daniel Skye Blake Gray Hunter Rowland Brandon Rowland Christian Delgrosso J...
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Snapchat | Chris Miles by guccichris
Snapchat | Chris Milesby guccichris
notchrismiles added you! notchrismiles sent you a chat! ~ Will Chris ever get to meet Sophia?
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BEE * anwar kharral by grooooooot
BEE * anwar kharralby groot
a girl who craves death finds a boy full of life
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Not everyone is who they say they are... (A Matthew Espinosa Fanfiction) by cuddlyyespinosa
Not everyone is who they say BlurryFacedMatt
Amelia is faced with problems while on tour with Digitour. Matthew helps her through and something happens... Read to find out more
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The Magcon Girl (A FanFiction) by a_dallas94
The Magcon Girl (A FanFiction)by a_dallas94
The Magcon boys are able to bring a relative to tour. Aaron Carpente has a cousin that is a big fan of Chris Miles, and he thought it would be a good idea to take her wi...
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Rare// brg (COMPLETE) by carrot001
Rare// brg (COMPLETE)by sophie
Blake, Harvey and I. Unstoppable. An ordinary girl and not such an ordinary convention. Magcon. Ps: Brooklyn Beckham comes into the story in chapter 28
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achieved - a chris miles fan fiction  by chrismilesgetwild
achieved - a chris miles fan katieee :P
"Me and my best friend Chris Miles were only 6 years old, but we had our whole lives planned out. It's been almost 10 years since then, though..."
Lil' Caniff by XxX5sosKittensXxX
Lil' Caniffby Axles (Alexis)
Taylor Caniff's sister is a party animal, she is a 'crazy ass motherfucker' according to Taylor, but her name makes her sound like the sweetest person in the world, Hope...
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