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Bound By Darkness by kateVictoryStar
Bound By Darknessby Cloud
Yume and Sasuke were together ever since they were infants. Twins in the Uchiha clan usually had a very close relationship with each other due to the fact that they're s...
Yo en el cuerpo de Naruto?!?! by I-Am___
Yo en el cuerpo de Naruto?!?!by I-Am___
Bueno básicamente, te mueres y por obra del maravilloso destino tu conciencia y alma traspasa al cuerpo de Naruto reemplazándolo completamente.
Kakashi's Daughter (Naruto)  by ashlynniris
Kakashi's Daughter (Naruto) by Autumn
Shukaku the one tailed beast Matatabi the two tailed beast Isobu the three tailed beast Son Goku the four tailed beast Kokuo the five tailed beast Saikou the six tailed...
The Bonds We Share by KazumiDiablo
The Bonds We Shareby Kazumi Namikaze
'If I could change one thing in the past it would be that I worked up enough courage to confess to you,' - Kiba 'Confess,' - Naruto
Sun and Shadow by KazumiDiablo
Sun and Shadowby Kazumi Namikaze
They have always observed each other, looking from a far. They were different, that's what intrigued the slow burning interest. First it was casual glances, then slowly...
Trust || Narushika by raxitol
Trust || Narushikaby raxitol
With a target on his back, Naruto hid himself under the cover of an obnoxious, happy child. He never had any friends since all the children followed in suit of their par...
leave before the lights come out // sasunaru au by iluvitachi
leave before the lights come katherine
sasuke and naruto meet at a party in a very unusual way or a proof that playing truth or dare drink is a bad idea. high school sasuke/naruto au.
Konoha's Little Snow (Naruto Fanfiction) by Animefreakyoshino
Konoha's Little Snow (Naruto Animefreakyoshino
One day , the Chouza Akimichi found a baby wrapped in a blanket in the woods . Laying beside her was a lifeless body , the man's body was covered in blood . He took her...
Pied Piper by KazumiDiablo
Pied Piperby Kazumi Namikaze
After the War Naruto turns rogue for unknown reasons but comes back to lead a certain Nara astray with him. Shikamaru goes through five stages of conversion and he's all...
Invisible | Sakura Haruno by konohaguild
Invisible | Sakura Harunoby 09 | 08 | 2018
•I'm definitely rewriting this story, the plot was there but I just couldn't write it properly I guess. Sakura Haruno wishes she was invisible sometimes. She is severely...
Forget me by 11Ava11
Forget meby 11Ava11
One person needed courage to face the past. Another person needed effort to make a dream come true... It's been a few years after the great shinobi war and there's fina...
Obsidian Love by dawnEclipse_
Obsidian Loveby Azrail
Uchiha Sasuke's attitude scares anyone who tries to approach him but a certain blonde with aquamarine eyes seems to tame the dangerous beast. (I do not own Naruto. All c...
Naruto: Ball of Dreams by Rndm_Fnfc_Wrtr_021
Naruto: Ball of Dreamsby Xanthene Meiren
Being the mischievous three they are. They kidnapped every shinobi, transport them in a big theater, but with a twist. One Uzumaki. Two Uchihas. Three fakes. Followed by...
Hope for Light by MikenekoRin
Hope for Lightby MikenekoRin
He sees her. She feels him. Somehow, they started to pay attention to each other, incidentally, on the same day. Shisui x Fem! Naruto. Non-Massacre. Fūinjutsu! Medic! Na...
In my dreams by BeE_hAve
In my dreamsby BeE_hAve
Nara Shikamaru, someone who is somewhat lazy yet gifted with smarts at the same time. Shikamaru looks at his surroundings and conclude that everyone around him or everyt...
Shikatema Wedding Problems by cfigueroawriter
Shikatema Wedding Problemsby cfigueroa
Did I ever tell you that my life was normal? If I did, then I'm 100% sure that I was wrong. Being the only girl in the family was not an easy task. Neither was being the...
The string that binded us||ShikaNaru by BeE_hAve
The string that binded us|| BeE_hAve
•I don't own Naruto and it's characters• •BxB• •Shikamaru(Bottom) Naruto(Top) •No smut, only lemon, angst, and fluff :D• Desc: What if the normal started to become more...
Beauty and the Voice (ShikamaruXOC) Naruto Fanfiction by shitorina
Beauty and the Voice ( Its_シトリナ
Meet Takagi, Ai. The girl who used to live a life full of happiness with a completely happy family and real friends. What makes her life more lively is the power that th...
Ninja's Life Remake by Kiragirl18
Ninja's Life Remakeby Kira
Remake of my original story Ninja's life. I started rereading it and noticed a lot of things that seemed mary sue so I'm fixing it up and making her out to be more belie...
Another World | NejiTen by Cecilia427
Another World | NejiTenby Cecilia
After the Fourth Shinobi War was over, Tenten could finally mourn the loss of her lover and teammate, Neji. When a strange woman approaches her one day, she tells her th...