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Home // t.o.p fanfiction by greezlybxxo
Home // t.o.p fanfictionby peach
Not even once, she thought of having a permanent life somewhere in the continent she never visit, let alone in Europe. She loves being who she is for almost a decade and...
Ten Year Marriage {Kwon Ji Yong/G-Dragon} by Greymanson19
Ten Year Marriage {Kwon Ji Yong/ Jill Greymanson
She's a child forced into marriage at the age of 14. He's an adult forced to marry for the company.
💃🏻 Super Junior's Lily Flower 💃🏻// Super M's leader 🌼 by x_MissLee_x
💃🏻 Super Junior's Lily Flower 💃 Miss Lee
Choi Nari, née Yoo, is the one and only female member of the biggest 2nd generation Kpop group. Even if she had to take a lot of criticism, Nari never regrets being par...
Day Till Debut - YG (T.O.P Fanfic) COMPLETED by Jhyt124
Day Till Debut - YG (T.O.P Fanfic) Jhyt124
So there was this girl. ordinary girl. Auditions... Practices... And BOOM!! Choi Seung Hyun came into her life. read on as JiEun survives her YG trainee life 2nd FanFic...
Taeyang's Sister by FallOutLevi
Taeyang's Sisterby Akira
Hee Young was separated from her family because of financial problems and was sent to Los Angeles to live with her older cousin. Before she went to the US, Hee Young had...
A Love She Deserves by shaicology
A Love She Deservesby shaicology
Park Sandara or Dara is a Production Assitant in KEBN. Her peaceful life is shaken when a well-known entertainment executive and a charismatic actor enters her life. No...
Ms. Alone meet Mr. Badboy [COMPLETED] by Wynwynforever
Ms. Alone meet Mr. Badboy [ Wyxxieeee
ako si Jenelle Monteverde naiinis ako sa mga F5 dahil ayoko silang nakikita at kasalanan nila kung bakit nagulo ang tahimik kong buhay kasalanan yun ni kuya jiang chen a...
BigBang  ( complete)  by Miss101010
BigBang ( complete) by CarlamcGivernVIPS <3
Imagine for a moment that you were the 6th members of BigBang, yes one girl and five devilish handsome men and you had to live in there beautiful villa with them, wer...
First Impressions by Rainbow764
First Impressionsby Rainbow764
They say that it takes one -tenth of a second for a person to judge someone and make a first impression. Kwon Jiyong and Lee Seungri know all about the art of first impr...
Married to the biggest playboy in Seoul || On Hold by Chiarra_R
Married to the biggest playboy Chiarra Ravenberg
Why am I in love with a playboy ???
Flower Road || A BIGBANG FanFiction (ON HIATUS) by aviiiixxvi
Flower Road || A BIGBANG aviiiixxvi
Ash Lee was a doctor but she decided to be an actress of YG Stage. Her path towards her dreams kept on crossing with the members of a certain idol group and they eventua...
FORBIDDEN LOVE by nyong8890
FORBIDDEN LOVEby nyongtory.
Seungri and Jiyong are lovers, they have a relationship for eleven years and look so happy. But something happened to their relationship. Jiyong's parents ask Jiyong to...
Short stories about these adorable men.
Love Ain't Easy (Bigbang & 2NE1) by AnneTOP
Love Ain't Easy (Bigbang & 2NE1)by AnneTOP
Bigbang and 2NE1 Fan Fic from AFF :)
I'm Kidnapped By T.O.P? (a T.O.P/BIGBANG Fanfiction) by matina_loves_bigbang
I'm Kidnapped By T.O.P? (a T.O.P/ Matina
Three years after the horrible event had past. T.O.P had been kidnapped. The kidnappers decided that they don't want money to free him and killed him. V.I.Ps still can't...
Final Destiny by -StarlightSkies-
Final Destinyby LoveYourself
Seungri love Jiyong but he love other girl.He wish he had a chance,even once,to express his love and tell Jiyong how hard is it to breath when Jiyong just happily stab a...
We Got Married? by TheOfficialGTOP4Life
We Got Married?by TheOfficialGTOP4Life
What happens when you mix fan girls, drinks, Vegas and Big Bang together? GTOP happens. Two ordinary but manipulative girls encounter two members of Big Bang, G Dragon...
Angel Eyes.  (English Version.) by nyong8890
Angel Eyes. (English Version.)by nyongtory.
Remember that I still with you.
The Gift by shaicology
The Giftby shaicology
Seunghyun looks at the woman who is the mom of the two lovely children his wife met. His eyes meet the eyes that haunt him in his dreams for years.
The Day You Came Into My Life (A BigBang Fanfic) [COMPLETED] by Bubble_Moon99
The Day You Came Into My Life (A 소니아 ~
A girl's life gets turned upside down when Big Bang members GD & TOP start falling head over heels for her.She starts to have feelings for them too,but in the end she k...