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LGBTQ+ Choir by PidgeSteve
LGBTQ+ Choirby The Fandom Child
L= Louis G= Gavin B= Becklyn T= Tera Q= Quinn += Hannah, Wren, Cassidy, Sam, Wren, Jaxon, Aiden, Michael, Halley, Devin, Jack, Lyric, Zane, Parker, Liam, Brielle, Noah...
  • choir
  • lgbtq
Here's the Tea by SadCatAHH
Here's the Teaby Yacy
Spam Book #2 A continuation of AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • complaining
  • theatre
  • highschool
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Mi amor by singanna
Mi amorby Clit destroyer
  • rondrew
  • hiroshima
  • faglove
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Thick With One Thousand Cs by aubreyalford19
Thick With One Thousand Csby Aubrey Alford✌🏻
Ok so I read that to make my Wattpad story more popular I must have a very interesting description. I really have no idea how to do that so I will just say this, if you...
  • highschool
  • fandom
  • singing
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Anatomy of a Love Song [gxg] by queen-clandestine
Anatomy of a Love Song [gxg]by elise ♥
Highest | #5 in gxg Elodie Wright falls (literally) head-over-heels for Natasha Erring, the pretty girl whom she knocks down the stairs the first day of junior year. Aft...
  • freethelgbt
  • crush
  • wattpride
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The music of the night ~ Les choristes by xlesamisx
The music of the night ~ Les xlesamisx
Gabrielle Rachin, daughter of Monsieur Rachin, director of Fond de l'etang, a boarding school for problematic boys, must live in the school on her father's command. Ther...
  • pierre
  • voissurtonchemin
  • rachin
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Neon Moon 🌙  by Jaqueline_1212
Neon Moon 🌙 by Jaqueline Duarte
When not even music could make her feel better, she would turn to her only companion, the moon. Each and every night she would tell her about her future plans and her ul...
  • singing
  • newstory
  • dreams
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Coda by LoreleiD04
Codaby LoreleiD04
Description coming soon, read prologue.
  • senioryear
  • iloveyou
  • youngadult
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Bend and Break by AllAlong-HeHearsYou
Bend and Breakby Adam Camarena
For several people, it's almost impossible to come out of the closet. For those who identify as Mormon, it's infinitely tougher. In a small town, two Mormon guys come ou...
  • smalltown
  • unlimitedpride
  • choir
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to my best friend  by angie_jika_cherie
to my best friend by Angie Cherie
Even if we will be freshmans we will rule high school in no time just like how we ruled middle school in less then a year. And even if I'll be homeschool for the first c...
  • instagram
  • choir
  • bestfriends
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The Apple Of My Parents Eyes by FranticOdy
The Apple Of My Parents Eyesby Priceless Child
INTRODUCING THE BOOK "THE APPLE OF MY PARENTS' EYES" "I am sick and tired of you, you know? I am here to spend time with you and all you do is ignore me e...
  • sad
  • doctor
  • acceptance
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choir // zach herron by blastingbigplans
choir // zach herronby blayke❤️
the one where they're in choir together.
  • choir
  • wdw
  • whydontwe
The Totally Unpredictable Lives of Stella and Kate by LoveablexStories
The Totally Unpredictable Lives disney is rad
Stella is just your average girl. She thinks some rules are made to be broken, yet enjoys the comfort and safety of staying out of trouble. Her best friend, Kate, is a...
  • sisters
  • friend
  • choir
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Learning The Chords  by phantomfandomwriter
Learning The Chords by Sam
Brendon Urie is a music teacher for high school teachers. Along with class in school, he also gives private lessons in his home for any student that wants to learn more...
  • highschoolexperience
  • music
  • panicatthedisco
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HARMONY 🎶 SISTER ACT 2 by Unco0rdinated
When a new nun takes over their music class, Harmony and her friends find themselves blending together as one to form a gospel choir in the hopes of saving their school...
  • sisteract2
  • love
  • frankie
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The Best Relationship  by supernatural_znation
The Best Relationship by S
In this special story follow Emma as she goes through her junior year in high school meeting new friends, getting closer with the old ones, and meeting possibly the best...
  • school
  • awkward
  • dates
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Let Me Write You A Symphony by InfiniteGoldRoses
Let Me Write You A Symphonyby InfiniteGoldRoses
17-year-old Ryan Zheng is every Asian parent's dream. He's the first chair of his high school's prestigious orchestra, an NHS officer, and a straight-A student in his Ho...
  • music
  • showchoir
  • friendstolovers
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I didn't try with those eyes by Jaydens_black_socks
I didn't try with those eyesby Jayden
"She always had this sad look in her eyes. She never talked or did anything. It's as if she felt she didn't belong you know ? Dressed in black and always had a blac...
  • love
  • sad
  • deppression
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My Angel (Pierre Morhange) by elizabeththelost
My Angel (Pierre Morhange)by elizabeththelost
Fond de L'Ètang, a hopeless place where love is just a word, happines is a dream and hope is the only thing that keeps you sane. What happens when a broken girl falls in...
  • music
  • choir
  • pepinot
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Choir Casualty by ThatManleyGirl
Choir Casualtyby ThatManleyGirl
Rebecca and Rena are apart of their Eisenhower High School Women's Choir. The teacher, totally not a crazy bitch, takes the choir to their state competition at SouthEast...
  • horror
  • friend
  • band
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