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Star Shine   [Jasper Hale] by JamieLynn28
Star Shine [Jasper Hale]by Jamie Lynn
Amelia Queen, she was new to the town of Forks and being the new girl she never heard of the legends. She didn't know the man she met in her science class was one of tho...
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Falling for you by mattsdesire
Falling for youby mattsdesire
As Maira and Lisa decided to follow their dreams in America, they had never thought that falling in love with someone could hurt so much. How heart breaking would it be...
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My love for you was bulletproof but you're the one who shot me by staygoldsunsets
My love for you was bulletproof http.dallaswinston on instagr...
Katherine Curtis was the Curtis's brothers long lost sister. After she comes back to Tulsa and is reminded of what she had missed she realizes that this is where she be...
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Your Fake Love || Jamie Dornan || by threeOverFour
Your Fake Love || Jamie Dornan ||by threeOverFour
Aubrey Bradshaw, 18, works at Barnes and Noble, gets her 4.0 every semester. Her life was easy until she meets this very mysterious man she met in the library she works...
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The Honeymooners by MrsBoss14
The Honeymoonersby MrsBoss14
Theresa and Harrold Styles got married one year ago. They have two adorable twins. When they go on a full payed honeymoon they decided to move to their honeymoon destin...
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The Break-up Diaries 1: To the Next Girl by unicahija_
The Break-up Diaries 1: To the æ
Miya Carter didn't expect her first relationship will end with so much pain. 1 year and 11 months of happiness will go to an end. As they broke up, Miya wrote her ex-boy...
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DON'T by harrysagram
DON'Tby harrysagram
Holly, a girl full of sadness and depression. Zayn , a boy who's not usually your hero. The unexpected happens as they meet. What has destiny got in store for them?
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History by Marcel_1direction
Historyby Marcel_1direction
You and me got a whole lot of History.
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Just Another Girl by golden_burito
Just Another Girlby Halting
Gabriella has a talent and that talent is singing. Gabriella has the voice of an angel. Gabriella is just 17 years old b when her mother died from a car crash.Gabriella...
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The Doll by lollipop_bubblegum
The Dollby lollipop_bubblegum
Hi, my name is Amelia Black. I graduated out of college early, at age 18. All I need is a job now. Just a job, not babysitting a doll in a haunted house. ...
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See You Again - A Harry Styles Story by stylesftlovato_
See You Again - A Harry Styles Grace 🥀
What would you do if you saw someone whom you thought you'd never see again? (This story will contain mature content at times, so be sure if you want to start reading t...
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Hearts will break by fivesaucez_
Hearts will breakby Lyaaa
"I'm Taylor"
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The Guy With A Dark Side || Jack Gilinsky by muderdrugs
The Guy With A Dark Side || Jack muderdrugs
Let's Take This Image Of Perfection And Destroy It. {WILL NOT CONTINUE THIS STORY}
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She Is My Hot  Ceo by KrushiShah
She Is My Hot Ceoby Krushi_❤️
When your life changes in the blink of an eye what will you do ?? She never broke she was heartless and cold what happened that made her this way ? But ..... Their is...
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Chrysanthemum's Walls | I.P. by katiecountry
Chrysanthemum's Walls | Katie
She is not ordinary, she wasn't born, she was made. A lonely girl that is cursed so that anyone who falls in love with her will die. So she isolated herself. She built w...
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Getting With The New Girl by The-User
Getting With The New Girlby The-User
A group of Bad boys led by Grayson Fox are the schools most loved/hated people at Thunderbird high. They get all the girls and the boys get jealous. Grayson Fox has got...
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The Best Belongs to You by jessjessjessy
The Best Belongs to Youby Jessjessjessy
Arloe Limbleton (Nick Robinson) is your typical high school crush. His good looks to his high grades and respectful manners causes girls to swoon all over him, all excep...
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