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Tenebrae (Lucifer's daughter) by angelina_bukenovia
Tenebrae (Lucifer's daughter)by Angel ?
Lucifer did not come for a vacation in the city of angels. No. He came for something far greater. He came to LA to find his daughter
  • daughter
  • fanfiction
  • amenadiel
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The Wife of the Devil (Working Title)  by abb1120
The Wife of the Devil (Working abb1120
One day while Persephone was gathering flowers, Hades, god of the underworld, captured her.... Or so the stories say. But in reality Persephone fell in love with a certa...
  • chloedecker
  • lucifer
  • morningstar
The Devil & The God [Lucifer&Loki Book 1]  [COMPLETE] by RandomAlex99
The Devil & The God [Lucifer& AleX
As the God of Mischief tried to escape incarceration by the Thunder God of Asgard, his reckless act hurled him to another dimension, one he has never been in before. One...
  • luciferseries
  • wattys2016
  • demon
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Loving You Is A Challenge (Dan Espinoza) (Completed) by DesertQueen88
Loving You Is A Challenge (Dan DesertQueen88
"LUCI!" A voice shouted causing Lucifer aka the Devil himself to choke on his drink. "Bloody hell," Lucifer says turning around to face his baby sis...
  • amenadiel
  • wattys2019
  • danespinoza
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Collection of Deckerstar Fluff & Smut That Will Make You Flop Around Like a Fish by moonlight_1201
Collection of Deckerstar Fluff & Moonlight
Title should explain, but just in case: This book contains one-shots of everything Deckerstar (Lucifer Morningstar x Chloe Decker) from fluff to smut and everything in b...
  • fluff
  • alternateuniverse
  • one-shots
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Friends With The Devil | Lucifer (Fox/Netflix) by Yellow_Dayz
Friends With The Devil | Lucifer ( Meiceツ
"'Lucifer Morningstar'... is that, uh, a stage name or something?" "God-given, I'm afraid." "Literally. Believe it or not, Detective, it's liter...
  • daisyridley
  • drlindamartin
  • mazikeen
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Seven Devils by Realitybarnes
Seven Devilsby Stydia
"You're not human, are you?"
  • josephmorgan
  • lucifer
  • multifandom
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The Youngest Archangel  by mrnorton94
The Youngest Archangel by Bookworm
Ariel is the youngest archangel of God and the youngest angel in the Silver City. She was closest to Lucifer before he was thrown to hell. When Lucifer goes to Earth Am...
  • ellalopez
  • demons
  • angels
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Lucifer by betterthanwakingup
Luciferby betterthanwakingup
x readers for characters of Lucifer
  • chloedecker
  • ellalopez
  • lucifermorningstar
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Lucifer's suger candy by fredxvenessa
Lucifer's suger candyby cierra jane
Chloe Decker's little sister comes home from traveling Japan and Korea. Her name is Lilith Decker. She has black hair, aqua color eyes,and dark personality. She's only n...
  • demons
  • angels
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Devil's wife by ddevilsadvocate
Devil's wifeby ddevilsadvocate
When you leave hell, don't expect that your past won't follow. •that is NOT Lucifer's and Chloe's love story•
  • trixie
  • amanadiel
  • dan
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☆Lucifer Morningstar Imagines☆ by _lisaromero_
☆Lucifer Morningstar Imagines☆by Lisa Romero
A series of imagines created by me with your favorite TV devil, Lucifer, from the FOX TV show "Lucifer".
  • mazikeen
  • chloedecker
  • lucifer
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Awaken She-devil/angel (Lucifer Fanfic) by XxMimichanxX
Awaken She-devil/angel (Lucifer XxMimichanxX
Continuation of Season 4, (I tweaked a few stuff regarding the ending of season 4) After Lucifer and Maze leaves to hell, and Amenadiel goes to the silver city to finish...
  • pain
  • chloedecker
  • maze
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Amnesia (Lucifer X Reader ) COMPLETE  by KileyStorm
Amnesia (Lucifer X Reader ) Kiley
(Y/N) is a normal girl in her twenties just trying to get by when a twist of events sends her to L.A. where she loses her memory and her mind over a handsome devil.
  • chloedecker
  • lucifer
  • lucifermorningstar
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A little problem  [Lucifer x Chloe].  -slow updates- by MaryRossettti
A little problem [Lucifer x ❤️Mary❤️
Chloe is Pregnant with Lucifer, lucifer just Wants to see Chloe, chloe can't even look him Set after 3x24 This is a fan fiction I own no rights #1 in Chloedecker ❤️ 3-1...
  • pregnancy
  • lucifer
  • chloedecker
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Love You to Hell and Back | Lucifer | Deckerstar | by kitsunewithapen
Love You to Hell and Back | Emily
previously NUMBER ONE in #DECKERSTAR, help me get back up there bois Post season 4 of the show Lucifer. I feel like I need to write this to give myself and anyone else o...
  • detectivedecker
  • lucifer
  • luciferseason5
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A Case Of The Deckerstar // Deckestar fanfic // by rims_the_angel
A Case Of The Deckerstar // Riina
Chloe and Lucifer stumble on a case, where they need to act like a married couple for quite some time! Problems from feelings, sleeping and balancing work! *I don't own...
  • decker
  • detective
  • case
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My Fallen Angel. by lunarshewolf01
My Fallen Alejandra Rivera
What if Lucifer was not saved by his brother? What if he was shot? Well here is what my crazy and annoying mind has come up with. :Spoiler: Wings and Lucifer! This is...
  • devil
  • lucifermorningstar
  • morningstar
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DOUCHIFER ⇝ Quotes by lucifersociety
❝CAN SOMEONE SEND ME, I DON'T KNOW, A MUFFIN BASKET NEXT TIME?❞ In which we share the funniest, deepest, most emotional, badass and legendary quotes from Lucifer.
  • charlotterichards
  • trixiedecker
  • lucifermorningstar
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Lucifer imagines(slow updates) by arianakatie
Lucifer imagines(slow updates)by Katie love
This a book of LUCIFER imagines I do not own any of these characters
  • maze
  • linda
  • amenadial
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