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I Didn't Expect This | A Darkest Powers Fanfiction by ChessurKitten
I Didn't Expect This | A Darkest Cheshire
"This cannot be happening... but it was. I've been trying to convince myself that I was having a nightmare for the last 20 minutes. Derek will be home soon and I'll...
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The Carazy Life of Supernaturals by LillyofShips
The Carazy Life of Supernaturalsby Lilly Riches
Hey guys! Ivy Riches here! So this story is also being posted on LaricxDreyar's site thing. What happens when a whole bunch of supernaturals have to live together? Read...
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Hunted by LillyofShips
Huntedby Lilly Riches
Back to Darkest Powers Fanfiction. It basically has no plot, but that's okay! Also, Carli Cyborg is back! Disclaimer: I OWN NUFFINK I SHOULDN'T!!!!!!!!!! Takes place at...
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Life These Days-It Sucks by LillyofShips
Life These Days-It Sucksby Lilly Riches
Set a year after the Reckoning. Chloe and the gang have some unexpected visitors. The quadruplets of Mother Nature. Something about them seems off, but how can they inv...
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Crystalline ↠ D. Souza, C. Saunders by admonitio
Crystalline ↠ D. Souza, C. Saundersby 『 hey a d o r a 』
❝The war they waged began with a crack like thunder like two gods striking.❞
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it started out with a text by SyfyGeek13
it started out with a textby royal flush
Chloe has been best friends with Simon and Tori since middle school. Being best friends with the two also means being friends with their adopted brother, Derek. Only Der...
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Darkest Powers (chlerek) OneShots by DESIlREESE
Darkest Powers (chlerek) OneShotsby DesiLReese
Chlerek OneShots! Don't like, don't read!
Hold Me Close(DISCONTINUED) by Violet1255
Hold Me Close(DISCONTINUED)by Violet1255
After a rescue mission goes horribly wrong and Derek ends up wounded, Chloe and the others start to wonder if they'll ever see him again. Disclaimer: MOST characters bel...
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Enter the Wolf King by RebeccaTopp
Enter the Wolf Kingby Lynne Dayle
The gang is on the run from another threat when they run into Adam, a mysterious werewolf who decides to tag along in order to teach Derek. Who is he and can he be trus...
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The Secret Life of Carli Cyborg by LillyofShips
The Secret Life of Carli Cyborgby Lilly Riches
Carli was an ordinary girl until a severe car accident caused her to need robotic replacements. Next thing she knows, everyone from her perfect life is being whisked awa...
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Curious by the_asleepybirdy
Curiousby Tap
The saying was really the only thing she could think about. So, what if she wanted to break it up? It was definitely thick enough. Quick Chlerek one-shot
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Smile For Me- (Chlerek) by TheGeekyPotato
Smile For Me- (Chlerek)by Ash Senpai ~(•-•)~
Hey guys, this is my first fanfic!!! Yay! But anyway this is inspired by the book trilogy called Darkest Powers by Kelley Armstrong (you should totally read it... like...
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Darkest Powers Retold by averybear3
Darkest Powers Retoldby αѵεɾʏ
Ello all! ♡ My cousin and I love the Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong so much we've decided to do this. It's basically us putting our self into the story and...
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Dp fan fiction one-shots (discontinued) by singmelovelylies
Dp fan fiction one-shots ( Alexis Zemin
Hello reader! This is basically a collection of short stories about the darkest power characters. That about sums it up. Enjoy. Ps: this book is based off the novels wri...
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Necro-Blood by TheShaddowedSnow
Necro-Bloodby TheShaddowedSnow
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Always and Forever-COMPLETE by learnitsingitloveit
Always and Forever-COMPLETEby “we’re all mad here”
Chloe and Derek are more than just friends-they're soulmates. Can their bond hold out through love, and sorrow, loss and heartbreak?
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Chlerek Oneshots🐾 by darkest_powers
Chlerek Oneshots🐾by Gems
Just a bunch of cute stories about our favourite Necromancer and Werewolf💚💙
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Random Stuff by DESIlREESE
Random Stuffby DesiLReese
Pretty much just random stuff from different fandoms. Glee, The Vampire Diaries, and various books will be included. Be prepared for scariness, funniness, and lots and l...
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The Werewolf by BreannaWhite-bear
The Werewolfby Breanna White-bear
Set after the reckoning all rights reserved to Kelley Armstrong all characters are hers except Finn and Charlotte
The Haunting by Sammicakes
The Hauntingby Sammi Strasser
The Darkest Powers just got darker. Six months later, Chloe is being stalked by a ghost who whispers dark secrets in her ears, Simon is...wrong, and a mole is feeding i...
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