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Galactic Dark Net by Cream_Pastel
Galactic Dark Netby Qin Seri
Description: When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species' colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligen...
  • modern
  • fantasy
  • worldtravel
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Forty Millenniums of Cultivation  by shadowtail7
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation by Shadowtail
A user has previously posted through Chapter 170 of this novel so this will be a continuation from that point on~ "Even if this universe is truly nothing more than...
  • fiction
  • fantasy
  • cultivation
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The Maiden of Dragons ( Mo Dao Zu Shi fanfic) by asuka_lynnbrown
The Maiden of Dragons ( Mo Dao asuka_lynnbrown
Known as the Maiden of Dragons, Qilong Jiao was a talented yet beautiful female cultivator from the LaoQilong Sect. She was also engaged to wed the only son of the Yunme...
  • xianxia
  • wenning
  • originalcharacter
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Sha Po Lang (Priest) Myanmar Translation by Autumn260103
Sha Po Lang (Priest) Myanmar Autumn
The Great Liang Dyansty...အ႐ွင္သခင္ Liang ဘုရင္အုပ္စိုးေသာ ေခတ္၊ ေက်းလက္ေဒသတြင္ ေနထိုင္ေသာ Cheng Geng ဆိုသည့္ လူငယ္ေလးမွာ မိခင္ျဖစ္သူက အတူေနထိုင္ပါလ်က္ ေႏြးေထြးၾကင္နာစြာ...
  • chenggang
  • chinesenovel
  • historical
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Rebirth: Professional Substitute by Rosy0513
Rebirth: Professional Substituteby rosy spell
Prologue ZhouXiang didn't know if God was giving him a second chance to live because he wanted to give him extra loving care or was it because he hasn't messed with him...
  • rebirth
  • yaoi
  • 水千丞
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Staying As A Mob Character by jufiasca-chan
Staying As A Mob Characterby jufiasca-chan
Jing An wanted to stay out of the way from the story plot. So, she lived a peaceful and stable life. But nevertheless, it's too much peaceful and quiet that she wanted t...
  • transmigation
  • femaleprotagonist
  • chinesenovel
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Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess  by Angelique_Williams
Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess by Angela_🖤
*Not an original story. Only for Offline purposes. Ever since she transmigrated, she was blessed with an inbuilt anti-poison detector. Beep beep - What? Her father's con...
  • famtasyworld
  • chinesenovel
  • coldmalelead
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Rebirth To Military Marriage by Kohicello
Rebirth To Military Marriageby Miss Kohicello
Qiao Nan: Crap! I am your biological daughter, yet I am treated as if I was picked up from the streets. In fact, you treat me worse than that! Mother Qiao: Qiao Nan, you...
  • marriage
  • militarylove
  • romance
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Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang by white_neesan
Gu Fang Bu Zi Shangby Innocent Single
"မိန္​းမတစ္ေယာက္က ႐ိုးအ​ေလ ပိုအဖိုးတန္ေလ" ဆိုတာ ပိုင္ဖိန္းထင္ လံုး၀ဆန့္က်င္တဲ့စကား...သူမကက်င္​းအန္​း၀မ္​အိမ္​​ေတာ္​က အေစခံမ​ေလးတစ္​​ေယာက္​ ဒါမယ္​့ ႂကြယ္​၀မႈက...
  • romance
  • general
  • unconditionallove
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Perfect Love Secret: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet by _xiaodrey
Perfect Love Secret: The Bad New Drey
For offline reading purposes.
  • entertainment
  • manager
  • chinesenovel
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100k Volts Electrocutes You to Death [BL] by Reofl88
100k Volts Electrocutes You to Funyaaa
Title : 100k Volts Electrocutes You to Death (十万伏特电死你) Author : 朝圣言 (Pilgrim Words) English Translator : Status : 181 chapter + 24 side story...
  • advanture
  • bl
  • yaoi
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Chu Wang Fei (BOOK 1) by MissNamed
Chu Wang Fei (BOOK 1)by Misnamed
stumbling on this story by chances and i love it. i try to find this story on wattpad but mostly end at chapter 40+. so this is the combination of the chapters that i co...
  • historical
  • revenge
  • chinesenovel
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Growing Fond Of You, Mr. Nian by Arzs20
Growing Fond Of You, Mr. Nianby A.D
*** NOT MY WORK.*** I am neither the author nor the translator. Just sharing here for offline reading purpose. Author(s) Leaf Snow,Ye Xue,葉雪 Translator Nyoi-Bo Studio S...
  • comedy-romance
  • comedy-
  • growingfondofyoumrnian
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Heaven's Fairies (Unedited) by BSieLee
Heaven's Fairies (Unedited)by Just_Scissors✂️
My summary description tends to be extremely boring. Please read to find out. Bare with me, there will be grammar errors because English is not my first language. All yo...
  • mortal
  • action
  • martialart
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Quickly Wear The Face Of The Devil (Smexy Part) by wangxian-er
Quickly Wear The Face Of The wangxian-er
I just literally MTL-ed (Google-translate) the smexy part of QWTFOTD. This part is not included in the novel published online, just in physical book. The whole novel was...
  • transmigration
  • chinesenovel
  • bl
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After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain by Arzs20
After Being Transported into a A.D
**** I am neither the author nor the translator. Sharing for offline purpose only **** Alternative 穿书后我收养了幼年期的反派 Author(s) Sweet And Greasy Millet Porridge,甜腻小米粥 Genre(s...
  • modernworld
  • afterbeingtransportedintoabookiadoptedthevillain
  • sliceoflife
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Cub Raising Association by LeoTranslations
Cub Raising Associationby LeoTranslations
Title: Cub Raising Association Original title: 幼崽护养协会 Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Shounen Ai (BL) Length: 130 chapters Author: 酒矣 Translator: Leo Translated from: Chine...
  • scifi
  • mermaid
  • cats
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Circumventing Fate by MiraiSaesang
Circumventing Fateby MiraiSaesang
Lei Xing never expected anything from anyone and only believed and relied on herself to live well and succeed and aimed to enjoy life freely and untethered to anyone...S...
  • childhoodfriends
  • cute
  • supernatural
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My love to a Bloodthirsty Prince.[ON HOLD] by dulasinethma
My love to a Bloodthirsty Prince.[ dulasi nethma
Tanya is a girl who never went to China as well as a girl who adopted by her aunty. she is a painter. Besides the paint job she doing in various partime job but all the...
  • love
  • chinesenovel
  • bloodthirstyprince
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The Proposal  by loveestory21
The Proposal by loveestory21
Sujin is a young girl of 18, lives with her sick mother and food vendor working father. She is a senior this year at her high school. She has a college boyfriend. She wo...
  • youngadult
  • lovestory
  • mean
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