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A Celestial Requiem (Book 1, The Secrets of Tarot series) ✔ by LuliWrites
A Celestial Requiem (Book 1, The Luli Xú
A crippled herbalist-in-training and the Crown Prince of Wuzhen meet in the human village of Shangzihua and try to understand their new bond, as the dark prophecy of the...
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How To Flop As A Gentleman by SiNC0STaN
How To Flop As A Gentlemanby Scarlet T
Fox demon Crystal is the Matchmaker God Yue Lao's primary disciple, though she doesn't act like it- she slacks off on spinning duty, has a problem with authority figures...
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Myths and Legends by BiamondAuthority
Myths and Legendsby Biamond
So we've heard stories from around the world that pertained to certain cultures and/or religions. Some explain some crazy phenomenon, others explain how some things came...
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Reminiscence of Kun Lun || 3L3W Fanfic by shinawrites
Reminiscence of Kun Lun || 3L3W 『 Shina 』
ON HIATUS Their first meet was indeed an absurd one. Alerted by a Kun Lun artifact, Mo Yuan seeks out the mysterious tiger goddess, Lian Yi, who claims to be the owner...
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The White Snake's Request by System-069
The White Snake's Requestby System-069
Lin Pengpeng thinks her life couldn't get any worse. Her father hates her, her legitimate mother hates her, her father's concubines hate her, her siblings hate her, her...
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Plum Blossom Chronicles by mapleredfox
Plum Blossom Chroniclesby KatWoo
Original work - The Archives stores all the information of our the world we live in. A place where mythology of the ages progressed at the same time in parallel universe...
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Línghún: Aletheia of Bonds by JunWaiSo
Línghún: Aletheia of Bondsby Jūn
Línghún is angry, angry at Percy, yes, Percy Jackson, The hero of Olympus and all those other stuff. He's angry at Percy because he forgot him, the reason why was becaus...
Mirror|rorriM by xXTheShadowedXx
Mirror|rorriMby M. R. Benzie
When dreams and reality combine, the wall between realms grows thinner and thinner, and a young girl finds herself in the center of it all. What started out as dreams of...
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Guardian of Heaven by HouseofBaudelaire
Guardian of Heavenby Steven Baudelaire
All 15-year old Chinese-American Roy Parker ever wanted to do in his life was fit in, but ever since the terrifying night in the museum, he never thought he would be fit...
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"What kind of a species are you?" Well it's natural to say that you're a human. Are you really sure about that? Well if you're sure about it then press the bac...
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Lunar: The demon's blood Prophecy by STANDHEREFROZEN
Lunar: The demon's blood Prophecyby Harry Hamzat
i'm me I'm learning about my families past and my future. My father was kidnapped and their forcing me to find all these things. but me and my friend Reece are not going...
The Lunar Quest by RealBonnieBunny
The Lunar Questby RJ and VG
Alec Rogers, the bothersome and annoying boy, visits Camp Half-Blood for the summer. He usually does this, hoping that one day his Godly Father will claim him. But as th...
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Mirror, Mirror by AzureMercury
Mirror, Mirrorby AzureMercury
Kagami Carter is fresh out of college when she cracks her mirror and falls into another world known as 'Edane'. Quickly, she figures out how to jump back and forth betwe...
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the ancient adventure  by GabbieCordy
the ancient adventure by Batman and Joker
according to legend in the ancient times, people did not know how to calculate the year and month, so they went to ask for help, from the Jade Emperor help. The Jade Emp...
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A Secrets of Tarot Guide by LuliWrites
A Secrets of Tarot Guideby Luli Xú
A world and creature guide to The Secrets of Tarot series. If you'd like to learn more about the Realm of Naestrirea and its inhabitants, check out this book!
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Flame of a Southern Summer ||Book 1 in the Si Xiang Series|| by Rocklee_Toshiro1993
Flame of a Southern Summer || Lee-san/Shiro-chan
Michelle Long lived a normal life with her family in Chinatown, Chicago, Illinois. Straight A student, captain of her basketball team, and President of the Asian Culture...
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