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The Assassin Empress; WBYP  by Hassy_101
The Assassin Empress; WBYP by Hassy
She watched among the crowd as her loving family were killed in the most gruesome way by the insecure cruel emperor and her jealous third uncle. The five years old Su Y...
A Phoenix With No Wings  by nataswan
A Phoenix With No Wings by Rollingpie
She was born to be an empress. Beauty like immortal, talented in many aspects and a great politician. She married to the crown prince at the age of 11. Engendered two he...
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Remain by my side... by shengli23
Remain by my .
魔道祖师 Mo Dao Zu Shi Jiang Cheng x Reader Every chapter has a video with traditional chinese/japanese music in order to make the reading process more enjoyable
Lan Wangji , a boy with outstanding talent.In Lan Clan, he was the pride among all disciples, then he was recruited by a great master Hou to be his core disciple in Tanx...
Yin and Yang: Chaos Amidst The Odyssey by TearsInDiamonds
Yin and Yang: Chaos Amidst The B. Xian
Sage Leoncio is a well-known influencer who amuses himself playing various hardcore games. After finishing the arduous game he participated in, he wants something light...
Other Turn of Lanling by ArineAyano
Other Turn of Lanlingby ArineAyano
No description yet. But it's a Chinese Historical BL style.
PERFECT by umanganaperera
PERFECTby umanganaperera
This is a story of a girl who popped up as the savier of the nation,a girl who was forgotten long ago by her true blood family,the only daughter of the long lost empore...
Syo Hae's Dream by Tif_ty
Syo Hae's Dreamby Tif_ty
Syo Hae enters the royal palace as the princess's maid. She is often bullied by the princess and her comrades. Later, she is made a servant to the cruel 3th prince. Over...
Hydrangeas for a Lotus Wallflower  by Mysticlarity
Hydrangeas for a Lotus Wallflower by Aimi
A Chinese mixed Celtic Tale of a Kelpie and a Aristocratic maiden of the court that's bound and forced to be a concubine for the Chinese imperial emperor. She tries to f...
Sha Po Lang    · 《杀破狼》English Translation by WoodenSparrow
Sha Po Lang · 《杀破狼》English Wooden Sparrow
In the age of the Great Liang Dynasty, the lives of the people were made convenient with steam-powered machines that run on a fuel named Violetstream Gold. Chang Geng, w...
Chinese Stories [Recommendation]  by Cherry_Chione
Chinese Stories [Recommendation] by CHIONE
A book where you'll get stories like : Transmigration, rebirth, reincarnation, time travel, black belly, cultivation, skills, system stories and many more.
Become A Protagonist ဇာတ္လိုက္တစ္ေယာက္ျဖစ္လာျခင္း !!! Author : XiaoTaoHua Start Date : Nov 30 2020 End Date :
GLOW UP(Chinese historical pictures) by jisoosfairy4
GLOW UP(Chinese historical 🐻‍❄️
Glowing up physically and mentally (please read the first page, it's important, don't just skip it!!) Love yourself <33
执子之手,将子拖走: Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away (by 天下无病 Tian Xia Wu Bing) by Linda_cutelik
执子之手,将子拖走: Grabbing Your Hand, Linda_cutelik
Description: I am a princess, moreover, I am a fool of a princess. Born in the imperial palace, my appearance is as average as that of the white radish and cabbages in t...
When Plum Blossoms Bloom by RabbitofJade
When Plum Blossoms Bloomby Jade Rabbit
A love story between an upbeat, shameless plum blossom spirit and a quiet but tired God. A certain plum spirit: "^7^ Little Fruit, why don't you follow big sister...
Beautiful Moon by junghoseok289
Beautiful Moonby junghoseok289
Chao Feng is a man who has been raised to kill without a trace being left behind and to rob without a clue to he found. Xu Kai is an immortal who isn't able to be killed...
Fú Huò Pǒ Cè (福祸叵测) Book 1: Minghua by yanlin_nvshi
Fú Huò Pǒ Cè (福祸叵测) Book 1: Minghuaby Lan Yanlin
In a fictional universe, A young woman awakens with no knowledge of her past; how she develops and transforms from a nameless girl to a hero of her generation. Crediting...
Love is better than Immortality  by rlly08
Love is better than Immortality by rlly08
In the year 2796 Chinese technology has advanced so much, that what was once considered extraordinary has now become ordinary. No longer troubled by the cares of daily l...