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Dimension by ann_lurvelygurl
Dimensionby Ann
A little boy named Yuya was found in the JUMP house compound, and at the same time Takaki went missing. The truth about the existence of a magical world will make JUMP's...
Papa wa Idol?! | My papa is an idol?! by thelittlehood9197
Papa wa Idol?! | My papa is an The Little Hood
What to do when a 4 month-old baby left in front of your house with a little note, "He's your baby." And the worse part is when you are one of the member of th...
Sleeping Cutie (Pangeran Tidur) by gheamasuda
Sleeping Cutie (Pangeran Tidur)by Ghea
Arioka Daiki membuka matanya perlahan. Gelap. Itulah yang pertama kali terbesit di benaknya saat nyawanya sudah terkumpul. Ia mencoba mengangkat badannya untuk duduk. D...
Escape 🗝 (EN) by HSJ1903
Escape 🗝 (EN)by HSJ1903
"Hello my dear students, I locked you here, you have 2 hours to get out of this room otherwise a student will die, look for a box, it contains the key to get out, g...
My classmate is a what?! (Yamada Ryosuke fanfic) by Mei_chan0504
My classmate is a what?! (Yamada Rosie May Ramo
A girl was been transfered in school in Japan. She never thought that her classmate will be Yamada Ryosuke, a famous artist and a singer. Will he feel the same way as th...
Anata wo dakishimete by stuchel
Anata wo dakishimeteby chells
Seperti kata pepatah, jika membenci sesuatu maka bencilah sekadarnya saja, jika menyukai sesuatu maka sukai juga sekadarnya. Lalu jika rasa bencinya terlalu besar apakah...
Hey! Say! JUMP X OC book|✔️ by catie106
Hey! Say! JUMP X OC book|✔️by Catie ^~^
This is a book with all kinds of different fan fictions that will make you laugh and cry. So have a box of tissues near you when you read. Please enjoy~~ Highest rank: #...
Hey! Say! JUMP Imagines by clairvoyanct
Hey! Say! JUMP Imaginesby claire
Showing love for our 9 bois. 💞 - I do not own the boys, just the ideas. - © treeesyyyaaa, 2019
Hey! Say! JUMP 10-Year Compilation by tentenlhey10
Hey! Say! JUMP 10-Year Compilationby LheyLheyLhey [HIATUS]
This compilation contains a little background about the group and its members, lyrics and translations and some trivias about the group's songs, singles and albums from...
Love Me Right #Book1 by Mika_Aoi
Love Me Right #Book1by Mika_Aoi
WARNING⚠️⚠️ -FANFICTION -BxB -MATURED Yamada Ryosuke Love. Is something I neither had nor experienced. Behind the facade of a happy and cheerful life, there is loneline...
Jump on our Journey📍(EN) by HSJ1903
Jump on our Journey📍(EN)by HSJ1903
{Welcome to "Jump on our Journey", we are an online travel agency, you can choose to travel alone or with others, thanks to our "OLÉ!" option you can...
"It's always been like this. We've known each other for a very long time, almost half of our life time. I think we will continue like this for a long time. With how...
Don't Leave Us by EppyPhantomhive
Don't Leave Usby EppyPhantomhive
It happened during a concert where something unexpected happens.
♔Hey Say Jump Lyrics♔ by IchigoSakura4
♔Hey Say Jump Lyrics♔by いちご
Hey say jump lyrics (Romaji) is here ≧ω≦ Feel free to request ♪☆\(^0^\) ♪(/^-^)/☆ you can request Kanji and English ^_^ just comment or message IchigoSakura4 ~~sachi i...
"His Maid?! NO WAY!" by yehet12_kai
"His Maid?! NO WAY!"by H Reiss
Yamada Ryosuke's parents are filthy rich but they're never home. And they have to leave Japan for work for a while so Ryosuke asked if he can have a personal maid. Watan...
Time Line by fadillahrezkei
Time Lineby dila_chan
"Eh tanggal lahir kita sama" "Jangan-jangan kalian kembar" Setelah hampir 17 thn di pisahkan karena suatu hal Dengan sebuah kisah manis, dan pahit n...
Hey! Say! JUMP Scenarios by Kentototo
Hey! Say! JUMP Scenariosby Kento trash™
A collection of Hey! Say! JUMP scenarios, mainly written by request and reposted from Tumblr and AFFA.
The silent admirers (One Shot) by ann_lurvelygurl
The silent admirers (One Shot)by Ann
Author: lurvelygurl Pairing: Takaki/Inoo Genre: Romance Rating: G Disclaimer: I only own the plot Summary: The confession.
Not Only Love by SakuraiS
Not Only Loveby Soara(Hiatus)
《Completed》 Genre: Romance / Angst.... Summary: Marriage, doesn't mean that there is a true love, If the other part Love you he will do what is right to make you happy...
A Farewell Smile by thelittlehood9197
A Farewell Smileby The Little Hood
One day, while looking to the sky, he said, "I'm scared of being forgotten".