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Ultimate Zoo by AnimalX23
Ultimate Zooby Ben Wilkins
This is my idea for a Zoo sim game in the vein of Zoo Tycoon 2 or Planet Zoo, where you build your own zoo and keep your animals and guests happy, and let your imaginati...
The year is 2026. War has broken out across the Earth. But this isn't a War like any other, for it's a War against an animal. The Simians. The Apes. And nobody is safe...
Theory of man by LameFella
Theory of manby LameFella
Something about monkeys and war It's a work in progress so don't judge me yet, if anyone actually reads this please tell what u think
Flavorful PhD by cryingfart2
Flavorful PhDby Farticle
Anthropology professor gone wild - Read the story of a 'modest' young man and his evolution into a lover.
Monkeeman of Delhi: the unsolved crime case, an urban legend? by KanikaSharma193
Monkeeman of Delhi: the unsolved Kanika Sharma
A science-fiction about an urban legend- The Monkey-man. An adventurous tale of a time-traveling chimpanzee.
Lost by missycow
Lostby missycow
There was a boom and I was gone.
An Abstract Purpose by KalvinMadsen
An Abstract Purposeby Kalvin M Madsen
A woman is employed to take care of animals aboard the population transport ship Genesis Six. Every day she feeds all the animals in her section until a strange discover...
Ang Tulang Ito'y Para Sayo by FranceCutey2
Ang Tulang Ito'y Para Sayoby France
May mga salita nag tugma at hindi tugma pero ang tulang ito'y kwento kong pano tayo nagsimula at paano ito natapos For Chimps Plagrism is a crime All Right Reserved 20...
Black Tusk by Robertbrenner7
Black Tuskby Robertbrenner7
Black Tusk" is a young adult teen thriller fantasy novel taking place in the forests of the Congo. There is a unified village of chimps, gorillas, butterflies, bono...
Space Chimps OC  by CometxLucy
Space Chimps OC by Comet x Lucy
OCS name is Lucy click to read more ~Drawing not mine~
Brother & sister of the Irozi-Carraig forest by Judgment
Brother & sister of the Judge Debate
In a forest no one was willing to experience the horrible pain of going through,stand two children. Abandoned by the human race. They find themselves living with the ani...