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THE GIFTED (BoyxBoy Fan Fiction) Thai series by iKunCai
THE GIFTED (BoyxBoy Fan Fiction) iKunCai
"Every student in the gifted program will enjoy the highest privileges in the school.But then, someone who was tagged as a NOBODY from the bottom-ranked class sudde...
The Gifted : Our Last Days (HIATUS) by saekisakuma
The Gifted : Our Last Days (HIATUS)by saekisakuma
Wave x Pang I decided to do this as multiple one-shot. Any request is accepted~
The Eleventh Gifted (The Gifted Fanfiction) by CatInABox__
The Eleventh Gifted (The Gifted Nero
Ritdha High School, a school with a "Gifted Program" that holds a special class for a handful of "special" students that were chosen by the school ad...
"This is an important event of your life. And... I wanted to be a part of it."... Twists and turns are definitely parts of life. You can never really expect th...
Loving You Dearly by ashlightwood08
Loving You Dearlyby ashlightwood08
When everything is a bleak for Nanon, Chimon became his torch of light. His frienemy and honorary member of his family, the fiancé of his late brother, Pluem. Could Chim...
Can't Take My Eyes Off You by IamYorisho
Can't Take My Eyes Off Youby LazyIka
Chimon, a simple person, living in a not so simple lifestyle. Right after some event that happened, Chimon went missing for 2 years and came back unexpectedly, one of th...
Kiss || pangwave  by BabyBearTaeChim
Kiss || pangwave by Baby Bear
"Kiss me" Pang said.... Wave did..... At the moment, the event was very perturbing for them, but they started to want more and more without really understandi...
Ship Sailed by ArienSolaris
Ship Sailedby ArienFiore
Imagine KristSingto, TayNew, OffGun with their Children In a Neighborhood. Chaos and Stories will Unfold. follow their journey on how they handle their Children and how...
The Moon That Calms Me by lukeoflourdes
The Moon That Calms Meby Luke of Lourdes
A PlueMon AU featuring TayNew, FrankDrake and Nanon. Chimon is a fresh grad nurse who gets hired to take care of a really grumpy rich kid named Pluem. He then meets the...
Fuck me, Be Mine by Taerinism
Fuck me, Be Mineby eri
they had a one night stand without knowing each other
💙💙💙Polca💙💙💙 by whitechocolover
💙💙💙Polca💙💙💙by whitechocolover
Breathe (Cheryl Fanfic) by AnnaVilog
Breathe (Cheryl Fanfic)by AnnaVilog
A life of an eleven year old little girl in her isolated world after being rescued in an abusive foster family which cause a severe trauma to her. Though she doesn't spe...
Should I Trust Him by ydlove0130
Should I Trust Himby ydlove0130
What if Pang didn't exist in The Gifted and Andrew didn't exist in Blacklist, but the two were in the same universe and the students of Ritdha Highschool and Akeanan Hig...
DESTINY'S GAME | NaMon ( to be published again soon ) by AkinLangSiKarma
DESTINY'S GAME | NaMon ( to be 💌 .
※ To be published again soon. [CAFE SERIES #1] "All I can say is that this cafe is where me and my first love started." - He's Korapat Kirdpan, also known as N...
Gangsta's Ray Of Sunshine // BounPrem by chocomilkkx
Gangsta's Ray Of Sunshine // milkkx
In which a gangster met a ball of sunshine in high school but things get out of hand when his "gang" is not your typical gang and wants to take his sunshine aw...
Above the streetlights and skyscrapers by ellan23
Above the streetlights and ellan23
the sequal to the story of "under the stars and moonlight" Tharntype-mewgulf Pickrome- offgun Petekao- taynew Phuphatian- EarthMix Innsun- pluemchimon Pattpra...
SUDDEN LOVE (Gatun Hun/กะทันหัน) by NikiShare
SUDDEN LOVE (Gatun Hun/กะทันหัน)by winlovefanpage
Genre: Youth,Romance,Drama Content Rating: 13+ Episodes: 13 Language: English Casts: Love Pattranite,Win Metawin,Chimon Wachirawit,Prigkhing Sureeyaret,First Kanaphan,Ph...
Let's Talk by PotatotatoSalad
Let's Talkby ...
collection of fake chats of various different BL groups and couples mainly focused on GMM boys ❤️
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