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The Child Of Isaac by rohmbes_boi
The Child Of Isaacby The Tired Shy One
Isaac Chroner is given orders by He Who Walks Behind The Rows to marry a girl of his choice his age. But there is more to it than that... One night, his wife Suzanne fee...
Ceasefire // Malachi Boardman // Children of the Corn // by VisiannaRoselily
Ceasefire // Malachi Boardman // VisiannaRoselily
Anastasia sick of her abusive and alcoholic father takes her siblings and run away from home. She has to travel across the United States, sleeping and lounging on couche...
The girl ( Children of the corn x oc )  DISCONTINUED by Black-lives_matter-
The girl ( Children of the corn Black-lives_matter-
Emi was a quiet girl, she was also the daughter of Bert and Vicky. When she was a little girl they had adopted her. What was different about her was that she could see g...
malachai's first love by husbandmalachai
malachai's first loveby married to malachai
you join the cult and you meet a guy named malachai and you two get really close.
Isaac's curse  by CinderCherry
Isaac's curse by CinderCherry
He who walks behind the rows seems pleased with Isaac's work but wants to give his 'son' a special gift...
Isaac Chroner imagines ♡ by xorangeblood
Isaac Chroner imagines ♡by j a s p e r 🖤
I've loved this character for awhile now, so here are some imagines 🖤
80s, ATTACK ON TITAN & individual fandom rp by zoehanges
80s, ATTACK ON TITAN & ◥(ºᵥᵥº)◤
includes- •IT •stand by me •the outsiders •the breakfast club •attack on titan •and if there's any other fandom you'd like just comment it and i'll say if i can rp it!💙
She Who Walks Among the Rows by ThornOak
She Who Walks Among the Rowsby ThornOak
Isaac Chroner's faith is tested when Sarah foresees that they and the rest of the children will be visited by an "angel of god".
Gay love ( Malachi Boardman x Isaac chroner ) by Black-lives_matter-
Gay love ( Malachi Boardman x Black-lives_matter-
Isaac becomes concerned for Malachi when Malachi starts avoiding him. He has been acting strangely and isaac wants to find out why.
Your Gatlin Boyfriend by Bhindthrows44
Your Gatlin Boyfriendby Bhindthrows44
Your with a ginger who is overprotective.
Rise of Them (Children of The Corn fanfiction) by everyhearthasahero18
Rise of Them (Children of The Kinsey (K.A.L.)
Years went by after Issac's death in Gatlin. His former follower Malachi took charge, but with the disappearance amongst the kids happening, things turned for the worst...
Different  ( 1984 Malachi x reader ) by Black-lives_matter-
Different ( 1984 Malachi x Black-lives_matter-
You had been blind since you were 6 years old, yet you still weren't used to it. Your parents were Burt and Vicky. For your 14th birthday y'all decided to take a road tr...
BLOG by De_Barn_Av_Kornet
BLOGby The Norwegian Asshole
Just my blog, where I'll post dates for updates and tags and random shit :D
Dead Frightened by UnbrokenMango21
Dead Frightenedby UnbrokenMango21
This story is the continuation of the short story 'Children of The Corn' written by Stephen King. I have continued the story in Ruth's perspective.
cursed fanfics by gmon22
cursed fanficsby gmon22
I ask my friends to give me two characters, and then write a romance fanfic from it
The Torcher  by wrench1026
The Torcher by wrench1026
This is a introduction or imagine book
Children of the Khorne by shinyspringroll
Children of the Khorneby OGWattpadBaddie
Join my 80s blonde mullet cult. Or don't. It's your choice.
Children of the Sonic (Children of the Corn and Sonic crossover) by Creativeguy1
Children of the Sonic (Children Nickka
Children of the Corn and Sonic crossover. Warning: weird and maybe cringy. But it's a good story. Children of the Corn belongs to Stephen King. Sonic and its charact...