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I've got You, Brothers. (Slow Updates)  by iamabove16
I've got You, Brothers. (Slow •~•
What happens when a broken soul searching for redemption, finds a family with all the love she was craving but soon gets played by fate. Yun sigh but then she looked in...
Dadzawa and DadMic's Home for Traumatized Children by TheMiraculousMatt
Dadzawa and DadMic's Home for TheMiraculousMat
In this AU the ages are fudged. In this Touya is 9 (Fuyumi 7, Natsuo 6, and Shoto 4) Shinsou is 5 when he first appears. Bakugo is 7 when he shows up. Mic and Aizawa ar...
ဘယ်သူချည်လို့ မြဲပါပေ့နိုင် by Kattamkaung
ဘယ်သူချည်လို့ မြဲပါပေ့နိုင်by ကတမ်
အဲ့ဒီနေ့က သူတို့အားလုံး ပြောခဲ့ကြတယ်... မင်းလက်သန်းက ကြိုးနီလေး အရောင်တွေ‌မပြယ်သေးဘူး တဲ့~ အဲ့ဒီေန႕က သူတို႔အားလုံး ေျပာခဲ့ၾကတယ္... မင္းလက္သန္းက ႀကိဳးနီေလး အေရာင္ေတြ‌မျပယ...
Teacher attachment  by Miaxnatasha
Teacher attachment by Miaxnatasha
The actor Scarlett Johansson decided to give out acting lessons to teenagers with dreams. Evelyn gets a place in the actors new class and is over the moon about it. Evel...
Dressed as The Villain's Little Pregnant Wife (MTL) [COMPLETED] by Asseylum5
Dressed as The Villain's Little AsseyLum5
*WARNING!! a machine translation novel. So don't come at me about a bad grammar* Original Title : 穿成反派的小孕妻[穿书] Author : 名堂多小姐 (Miss Mingtang) Status : Completed (65 cha...
Life With The Bennet Brothers by PKmickey22
Life With The Bennet Brothersby PKmickey22
Everything in Charlie's life is constantly going wrong and all she wants is to be able to start fresh, so when her dad tells her that his company wants him to move to Am...
Gain my trust by DaWeirdoUwu
Gain my trustby YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodWeir...
Alone... He's always alone... And he wants it to stay like that. Unfortunately for him, some Pro Heroes have other plans. Izuku Midoriya,a boy who was kicked away for on...
Cross Worlds (Bnha x suicidal other world OC/reader) by AkiTrash
Cross Worlds (Bnha x suicidal Aki Trash
This is about a suicidal 18 year old girl, who refer to herself as Aki. She planned to end her existence, when she was interrupted by someone 'saving' her from meeting d...
Mr. Perfect by breakfastclubb
Mr. Perfectby 🤍#
He looked like the perfect guy. But turns out he wasn't as perfect... Will she fall out of love, or will she fall harder? ﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨ـ♡ﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨ـ Amelia Collins is desperate to...
0n1 by Thewierdowithissues
0n1by Thewierdowithissues
A story of an ftm a gay a sane person and an idiot in a dimensional takeover where 0n1 has taken over not only the dream world but now the waking world
Star Wars: I Am a Slave ✓ by SapphireAlena
Star Wars: I Am a Slave ✓by S. A. McCaffrey
Rey in the hands of Unkar Plutt calls out in the Force for her mommy. Anakin hears his granddaughter's call and becomes her protector and trainer in all that he knows. ...
Baby Buck (agere) by deuce_tiberius
Baby Buck (agere)by Deuce
Being a firefighter is hard (sometimes). Being a kid is easy (mostly). Sometimes Buck just needs a chance to escape. To build a childhood he never had. This book is stri...
Just A Hybrid by EmyImaginary
Just A Hybridby Emely Reyes
What if lance was hidding a secret that hunk and pidge get heartbroken by the truth, that shiro must question his trust with the team that keith get more closer with l...
I adore you by cerealsforramirez
I adore youby Ricardo Fahrer
don't read it if you can't handle gore stuff or physical and mental abuse
Sarang by Taekooks_lovechild
Sarangby s̷a̷y̷o̷n̷a̷r̷a̷
I thought I was done, done loving him. I thought I had a tight grip around my shattered heart, but I was wrong. So wrong. My love for him poured out of me like blood fro...
Mark x Sean x you: lost in littlespace  by Carcar20222
Mark x Sean x you: lost in Carson2022
Hi all! I decided to write this as I think that Markiplier and Sean (Jacksepticeye) would be accepting and kind if you told them that you're an age regressor or little...
metanoia by whore4yomama69
metanoiaby whore4yamama
"You deserved happiness ... so I left" "It was her chaos that made her beautiful" "You can't just decide to walk out of my life because you thin...
When Wrong Feels Normal by joyfulsoulcollector
When Wrong Feels Normalby Marko
Marc has problems and refuses to believe that they are, in fact, problems. So it's up to Steven and a Certain Someone to help him #7 in Steven Grant!! (10/26/22)
Forbidden Desire by XOXO_BabyDollss
Forbidden Desireby XOXO_BabyDollss
Red-''Nevermind, hope to never see you again''[she said leaving] Raven-''I don't think that's going to happen''[he whispered under his breath] Raven looks over at Kai ''...
Unconventional Coffee by PrettyPyro
Unconventional Coffeeby Nicole
Meet the Tavarro family as they introduce themselves with a bang! Join them and watch as the chaos unfolds in their wake. Tavarro family series #1