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Love Live!: School Idol Festival (PART 2) by SecondRound
Love Live!: School Idol Festival ( SECOND ROUND
Determined to save the idol industry, our protagonist Akihiko Suzuki and the 27 idols of μ's, Aqours and Nijigasaki must save the School Idol Festival from becoming canc...
My New Life - [Aqours × fem!reader] by DahKittehKat
My New Life - [Aqours × fem!reader]by DahDrawingKat
(Y/N) (L/N), the girl who only makes friends with boys. When she finds out she's been moving to another school, a all-girls high school in Uchiura. There she will make n...
Love Live!: Perfect Dream Project by SecondRound
Love Live!: Perfect Dream Projectby SECOND ROUND
STARSTRUCK after watching a joint performance by μ's and Aqours, our protagonist Akihiko Suzuki seeks to find the same radience of School idols from his own school of Ni...
Love Live! One Shots (u's & Aqours)  by dusk_drawings
Love Live! One Shots (u's & parfaitgay
Once upon a time there were two idol groups from Japan, filled with 18 teenage girls that have stolen the hearts of thousands (as well as each other), who also happened...
Chika X You Yuri Oneshots  by Bunniesaregr8201
Chika X You Yuri Oneshots by Bunniesaregr8201
You X Chika is an amazing ship that deserves more love, so i'm making a story for them. I love this ship so much! Childhood friend ships are the cutest!! ^^ I want to m...
The Sound Of Music by SeraTakami
The Sound Of Musicby Taylor
Taylor Izumi is a delinquent who's about to have his life change for the better.
Love Live! Fantasy! (Complete) by ColinMareWriter
Love Live! Fantasy! (Complete)by ColinTheWriter
Demons have returned after 500 years and ready to take over Earth. The second generation, Riko the Angel race gathered the other 8 warriors to come together and stops th...
Love Live x Reader One Shots by dietnukacola
Love Live x Reader One Shotsby 🐝Cutie Honey🐝
Requests: CLOSED! Currently working on 17 requests
Sunshine!! ×× Aqours Seiyuu by Wilderfox
Sunshine!! ×× Aqours Seiyuuby Sergeant Akane
Aqours is a school idol group in Love Live! Sunshine!!. They're the school idol group of Uranohoshi Girls' High School. The group consists of nine members. - wiki They d...
Love Live ONESHOTS (Requests CLOSED) by Claidu_sama
Love Live ONESHOTS (Requests 草
Oneshots here ^^ Requests are closed. Can be Male or Fem!
Love or Hate (YouRiko Story) by Wheeinandwheeout
Love or Hate (YouRiko Story)by Wheeinandwheeout
Riko Sakurauchi is a new student at Uranohoshi high school. On her first day, she is able to make a few friends and also a few enemies. One day she finds out that her fr...
Can I "Shine" with you? -A LoveLive! Sunshine!! Story by KanKanMikan808
Can I "Shine" with you? -A Kan Kan Mikan Ripqi
Kurokami Ryouta is a Vocalist also Leader of a Band named " φLOS " one of the most famous and popular band in Tokyo. But, one time Ryouta became depressed beca...
Dancing My Feeling Away by SeraTakami
Dancing My Feeling Awayby Taylor
Sara Moon is a high school student at Uranohoshi Girls' Academy with a dark past and a trouble home life, how can she get out and begin healing her life before it could...
Secret (ChikaRiko AU) by RikakoTrashyFan
Secret (ChikaRiko AU)by Fic ゆうツ
Uranohoshi Girls High School is a private school in the seaside neighborhood of Uchiura at Numazu. Riko Sakurauchi moved here and became a school idol because of Chika T...
Instagram Love Live! by La_Akko
Instagram Love Live!by Akko
Como conocemos los lectores hay muchos de WhatsApp //Pues ahora hay uno de Instagram xD
What Is Your Name by SeraTakami
What Is Your Nameby Taylor
Chika Takami love her town, school, and her friends but when she get bullied she refuse to go to anyone for help but what will happen when she experience a body switchin...
Water vs. The World by uwucrysuwu
Water vs. The Worldby Crys
The cousins You Watanabe and Kanan Matsuura are delinquents in Uranohoshi. The school is infamous for its lack of students and many fights that occur. After the murder o...
The Angel HAS Fallen For You♡ by SuwawaTrash
The Angel HAS Fallen For You♡by ⛅ Sunny
Sakurauchi Riko is a 18 year old female who is in her first year in college. She seems to have a crush on her best friend Takami Chika. She finds it hard to show her fee...