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quarantined (upstead) by written_by_maya
quarantined (upstead)by Maya 🥀❤️
"My place?" Jay asks, breaking the silence. We discussed this before, jokingly, Jay and Vanessa and I. We said that if we were to get quarantined, Jay and I w...
💙 Loving You Secretly - (Upstead Fan-Fiction) 💙 by onechicagofanfic
💙 Loving You Secretly - ( onechicagofanfic
💙 An Upstead Fan-Fiction. - (NBC Chicago P.D.) 💙 💕 w/Rhekker 💕 The sequel to '💕 Is this Love? - (Rhekker Fan-Fiction) 💕' Go check it out here if you haven...
explosion (jay halstead / one chicago) by written_by_maya
explosion (jay halstead / one Maya 🥀❤️
Moving from Madrid to Chicago and starting as a paramedic at firehouse 51, all Liz Severide wants is two things: leave her old life behind and stay away from love. Unfo...
Chicago (A Jay Halstead Story) by chuckGotF
Chicago (A Jay Halstead Story)by Charlie/Court
What happens when Jay Halstead meets Hank Voight's adoptive daughter and ex-fiance of one of Chicago's most notorious Drug Dealers Disclaimer: I own my original characte...
scripted reality (jay halstead / upstead / one chicago (cast)) by written_by_maya
scripted reality (jay halstead / Maya 🥀❤️
What if you wake up one day and all you know is gone? What if you wake up to be someone you thought never existed? My name is Jesse Lee Soffer. Okay, wait. Let's try tha...
FS| Firehouse Lovers by Samantha_Chicago
FS| Firehouse Loversby Samantha-Jane
It's Katrina Harts first day at firehouse 51. Hart Grew up alongside a family of first responders and that's why she grew up to be a paramedic. Katrina is the new PIC...
Million Reasons by Bullet-ProofLove
Million Reasonsby Bullet Proof Love
Life had given Antonio Dawson a million reasons to walk away from love but Maggie O'Neill gave him a really good one to stay.
remorse (sequel to 'explosion') by written_by_maya
remorse (sequel to 'explosion')by Maya 🥀❤️
Over two years have passed since Liz Severide moved to New York City. When she left Chicago with the promise to come back one day, she took a secret with her that would...
Chicago Love Season 1 by Paulinemartin100
Chicago Love Season 1by Pauline Martin
Welcome to Season 1. It'll make you laugh, it'll make you cry! Kelly Severide and Beth McGann have have always been unlucky in love. So when they first met in Molly's...
lost and found (upstead) by written_by_maya
lost and found (upstead)by Maya 🥀❤️
Hailey is a law student at Central Chicago University, and when she's not studying, she's working - two jobs, so she can afford living away from her family and be indepe...
Chicago Love Season 4 by Paulinemartin100
Chicago Love Season 4by Pauline Martin
How will Kelly and the family cope ? Or will he have to? Find out in the next season of Chicago Love! Face claim Jean Watts as Beth Severide (permission from Jean Watts)
Chicago Love Season 2 by Paulinemartin100
Chicago Love Season 2by Pauline Martin
It's best you read Before you before reading this season!! 💕 Welcome to season 2. Find out where Beth's mom is and enjoy the antics of Beth as she continues to tormen...
Chicago Love Season 3 by Paulinemartin100
Chicago Love Season 3by Pauline Martin
Continuing from Season two. Will Kelly and Beth rekindle their love for each other ? Or will Mark and Beth stroll off into the sunset? New Season coming soon!! Face c...
Because she was Hailey and he was Jay - Upstead by notxalways
Because she was Hailey and he Liv
They loved each other with every fibre of their being, they didn't have to say it, to know it, they just knew. They didn't need to use words, they understand each other...
The Cardiothoracic Surgeons by AvaJohannaPatricia
The Cardiothoracic Surgeonsby AvaJohannaPatricia
A collections of Rhekker oneshots. Tell me any ideas you want to read about them!
The benefits of bullets  by wierdWizard123
The benefits of bullets by Kaitlyn 💫
After losing her father in the military, brook spencer decides to join the police academy, but just before graduation she loses her mother too, with the support of her b...
W| Back In Chicago (Samantha Lindsay-Voight) by Samantha_Chicago
W| Back In Chicago (Samantha Samantha-Jane
When two best get together there's nothing stopping them. Hannah Halstead and Samantha Lindsay-Voight are best friends from Chicago, the pair moved to New York after a d...
W| Chicago Love (M.Casey) by Samantha_Chicago
W| Chicago Love (M.Casey)by Samantha-Jane
Jamie Severide is Kelly Severide's twin sister. Jamie, Kelly and Matt Casey all went to the academy together. Jamie moved away to Las Angles and had a girl called Alexan...