A Fetish For Perfection (Unfiltered) by CourtneyBre
A Fetish For Perfection (Unfiltere...by CourtneyBre
Ryker's a man with a fetish for perfection, but when the walking ball of chaos that is Natalie Walker is hired as an intern at his company it's no surprise that she driv...
  • fetish
  • boss
  • assistant
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With Love, From Bassil.  by akabahajaar49
With Love, From Bassil. by akabahajaar49
Samantha Alberto has the highest low-self esteem a woman can ever have. Cause? An ex who hates her. The only good thing?.... she knows what she Wants and "...
  • billionaire
  • erotic
  • mature
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His Precious [His Series 2] by Sarah24SM
His Precious [His Series 2]by Sarah24SM
Gabriella Mary Price is her father's daughter, if it's not her name then it is her mouth that makes people realize whose daughter she is. She has a mind of her own, a to...
  • love
  • jealousy
  • humor
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Bound by Love and the Knife by acrolover99
Bound by Love and the Knifeby acrolover99
Sara's life changes after she stabs her best friend Joe at her party. Slapped with an electronic tag, community order, bad press and most of her friends on Facebook blo...
  • arranged
  • sweetromance
  • stabbing
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BREAKING THE BAD BOY by twinklesticks
BREAKING THE BAD BOYby twinklesticks
Highest Ranking #125 Chick lit || 18 Feb 2018 Standing face to face, right in front of my worst enemy, Beatrice. We were so close together, I could feel her ragged brea...
  • happy
  • teenfiction
  • drama
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Beneath Her Makeup by soozaina
Beneath Her Makeupby soozaina
Getting fired from her high-paying accounting job might have just been the best thing that ever happened to her. Desiree Atwood faces her life's challenges by reinventin...
  • rich
  • india
  • featured
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The Boss's Touch by LemonNavyBlue
The Boss's Touchby LemonNavyBlue
"It is simple, I do my job and you do yours. No one will know about the agreement. All you have to do is say yes." She sighed, there was no way that she would...
  • desire
  • erotic
  • boss
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I'll Have What She's Having by MozzaSprout
I'll Have What She's Havingby MozzaSprout
Winner of the #ChickLit #WKLYPrompt contest week #9! So excited and grateful for all the reads and messages of congrats! :) <3 <3 <3 Maple is a lonely writer...
  • shortstory
  • lovetriangle
  • fiction
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Destined to be yours by Teja6566
Destined to be yoursby Teja6566
"I don't want this marriage dad. Why is this all of a sudden... I didn't even know anything about him. I can't do this." I insisted. "Every girl will fac...
  • action
  • family
  • sarcastic
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Eva by BookMaker00
Evaby BookMaker00
All my life I found boys as irritating creatures. I had only one friend, who I could tell everything, and the school's plastic Larissa hated me. This all comes crashing...
  • chicklit
  • sibling
  • teenfiction
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Tranquility. by piplop86
Tranquility.by piplop86
Tranquil, 17, is a loose end, begging to be cut off from society. Due to her mothers mental state, her father is her sole caretaker. She and her little sister fend fo...
  • guns
  • violence
  • generalfiction
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Fallen From Grace  - A Novel by chichiriio
Fallen From Grace - A Novelby chichiriio
26 year-old Jillian Charters has everything she's ever wanted. A caring and supportive family, her satisfactory figure skating career, and even more than fathomable by a...
  • skating
  • feelgood
  • figureskating
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BECAUSE OF HER SKIN by I_productions
BECAUSE OF HER SKINby I_productions
This is a book about how a darskinned girl faces society and defeats all odds and doesn't let the color or her skin or her ethnicity hold her back
  • black
  • daveeast
  • magic
Rose Sounds Beautiful (Weekly Prompt Series) by LHChampgane
Rose Sounds Beautiful (Weekly Prom...by LHChampgane
They developed feelings for each other. She sounded gorgeous, he was blind. He played the guitar while she sang. He moves to another country. Seven years later, he come...
  • music
  • love
  • everyday
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Her Body Wants Her by TomokaSiguira
Her Body Wants Herby TomokaSiguira
Aloha is the girl who like to dancing anywhere, even she is the leader of there group but, suddenly Shaina Meneses was love her so much since they're meet in a second, a...
  • romance-action
  • gxg
  • love
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Love and Hip Hop Season 1 by Bhabie_Gurl_Mimi
Love and Hip Hop Season 1by Bhabie_Gurl_Mimi
On the first season of Love and Hip Hop, Layton Greene, Queen Naija, Armon and Trey, Taylor Girlz, Perfect Laughs and more up coming artists will be making songs and you...
  • behindthescenes
  • loveandhiphop
  • taylorgirlz
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tea, pints and hearts by pseudoannie
tea, pints and heartsby pseudoannie
When Alison traveled across the pond to avoid Valentine's Day, she never expected it would be so memorable. Destination V-Day Contest Entry (February 2018) 1,885 words
  • london
  • nonteenficiton
  • vdaydestination
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Fated by FrazzledStar
Fatedby FrazzledStar
For the Forbidden Love Contest! Prompt: Two people, who are married to others, have their own lives, and are generally content with their current partner, start falling...
  • life
  • marriedman
  • contest
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