Still Down by chglover123
Still Downby chglover123
Young mom had a very trouble pass. But she met Kyng a local Drug King and he spoiled and loved her the right way
  • thegame
  • life
  • dreamyrobinson
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The Lawyer's Obsession by KaylaLeBlanc02
The Lawyer's Obsessionby KaylaLeBlanc02
A shared touch A brief glance A single word Is all it took To become, His New Obsession • • • Adelina Cortez, a newly popular model, has a brief encounter with a hands...
  • lawyer
  • lies
  • lust
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The Gardens by IvyThatWrites
The Gardensby IvyThatWrites
But what happens when an outspoken, pragmatic Legend Ramsey comes strutting into an arrogant, imprudent Kindle Hayes city and most importantly into his life? Will opposi...
  • babies
  • urbanfiction
  • lust
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Beautiful Obsession by tundra-sun
Beautiful Obsessionby tundra-sun
"What do you want from me, Hazel?" A muscle in his strong jaw ticks, almost as though it's counting down the seconds until his emotions swallow the both of us...
  • tutor
  • featured
  • contemporary
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Somethings' Forgotten by WritersHeaven17
Somethings' Forgottenby WritersHeaven17
"They say, the presence of someone that annoys you the most, is the person you love the most. The most unliked and annoying presence is more of a bothersome when ab...
  • childhood
  • arrogant
  • arrangedmarriage
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The Silent Ones (#2 in the Chilvati Series) by DELynch43
The Silent Ones (#2 in the DELynch43
****Spoiler Alert**** Please read The Dangerous Ones (#1 in the Chilvati Series) before reading this blurb!!! Both books can be found on my profile page. All of the char...
  • love-hate
  • ceo
  • arrogant
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He Came Through The Fog by imastupididyut
He Came Through The Fogby imastupididyut
I saw him coming through the thick fog as I was out with Gaijin, my pet wolf on one of our walks on the mountain I grew up on with my family. At first, I was not really...
  • wolf
  • gaijin
  • fear
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Made Up by avidreader232
Made Upby avidreader232
Maria Williams has just been offered the job opportunity of a lifetime! She's finally going to become the biggest makeup artist since Mary Greenwell. Unless her grumpy...
  • boss
  • grumpy
  • romance
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Billionairess by leo_robertson
Billionairessby leo_robertson
In a world ruled by men, Olivia Thorne is the first woman to break stereotypes and build a business empire on her own. Rich, beautiful, and cold hearted, she's the girl...
  • possessive
  • drama
  • relationship
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him♡♡♡ by conormaynard_fan
him♡♡♡by conormaynard_fan
this is one of those cliché fanfiction where the badboy and good girl fall for each other. But the good girl isn't exactly good meet Laura Smith, she was adopted by an a...
  • love
  • conormaynard
  • secret
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Pillow Talk by Livania_22
Pillow Talkby Livania_22
Freya Lorden was beautiful, smart and innocent but she was different from most girls her age. Nixon Ford was handsome, brooding and downright bitter. His past has left h...
  • arrogant
  • 2018
  • sad
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Always You by LovelySeptember
Always Youby LovelySeptember
***Highest Rank: #279 ~3.22.18*** It was a sweet start when they were little. James only thinks of Lily, Lily only thinks of James. Ten years has passed and things seem...
  • childhoodsweethearts
  • lovestory
  • happilyeverafter
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Stranger Danger by hong-h
Stranger Dangerby hong-h
Skylyn Ferco is the new girl. She's the new spotlight at her university. Hot, intelligent, beautiful, nice... Or so they think. Skylyn has her ways with people and she's...
  • teenfiction
  • teenage
  • badgirl
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It's always been you by chloesworks
It's always been youby chloesworks
Ella and her family move from sunny LA to chilly Boston midway Ella's senior year of high school due to her younger sister Carly's medical needs. Ella is fixated on the...
  • romance
  • first
  • family
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natasha. ✓ by Loverockers
natasha. ✓by Loverockers
Natasha doesn't bend for anyone, and definitely not for society's illogical rules. * Loverockers © 2018
  • newadult
  • doctor
  • mature
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The Boy Next Door by fibhainam04
The Boy Next Doorby fibhainam04
Aprils life is messed up and she finds it hard to breath in her suffocating life. That is until she meets this new guy who gets on her nerves and then turns out to be h...
  • badboynextdoor
  • new
  • boy
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I fell for you by hollywoodgirl2003
I fell for youby hollywoodgirl2003
Graciela a 16 year old teenager who has everything she wants:health,breathtakingly beautiful, a perfectly curved body, 5'9 tall,wealth and money and the importantly: a s...
  • loyal
  • jealous
  • rich
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Do Yourself A Favour by WolvesAndBlackRoses
Do Yourself A Favourby WolvesAndBlackRoses
It's a story about a tomboy.... Well so she thinks.... Julianna is a very easily influenced girl. Her whole life takes a new turn when she meets a guy and rediscovers a...
  • humour
  • cute
  • change
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