Tragic Ending Transmigrations by APotatoWithPowers
Tragic Ending Transmigrationsby APotatoWithPowers
When a goddess kills a couple and transmigrates them for the sole purpose of fun. What happens? Andrew is annoyed but doesn't mind much. After all, what's love without a...
  • tragedy
  • quicktransmigration
  • yaoi
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The Walk of Shame by DaisyFitz
The Walk of Shameby DaisyFitz
| COMPLETE | *** Wattpad #1 and a Most Read Award Winning Author *** The morning after the night before... When you've spent the night with your brother's best friend...
  • bookworm
  • bestfriends
  • hotboys
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Tell Me a Fantasy by TamaraLush
Tell Me a Fantasyby TamaraLush
* This is the companion novella to Tell Me a Story. You don't need to read Tell Me a Story, but it's probably a good idea. This is the abridged, PG-rated version of this...
  • marriage
  • cosmopolitan
  • badboy
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The Nerd Boy And The Crazy Girl  by xabamama
The Nerd Boy And The Crazy Girl by xabamama
"Oh come on Lana, you know you don't stand a chance with him. And how is he gonna notice you. " My friend Mary says. I look at Mary with my intimidating smile...
  • girlxboy
  • familyissues
  • love
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Reckless (MAFIA  STORY) by lexi34
Reckless (MAFIA STORY)by lexi34
Adaline James, known by the world as a gifted chef and blogger. Her world just got flipped upside down when her restaurant got broken into when she was there alone and...
  • mafia
  • mob
  • love
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Lies From Pretty Lips by InkpaperVodka
Lies From Pretty Lipsby InkpaperVodka
Arinola is a beautiful young Yoruba lady who is still tied to her parents strings. She's caught in between her love for Osaze her highschool sweetheart and satisfying h...
  • nigerianlove
  • lies
  • love
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FOREVER AND ALWAYS™ by authoressbubbles
FOREVER AND ALWAYS™by authoressbubbles
He walked into my office and I held my breath for two reasons. I was afraid he would recognize me and i was afraid I would cry. "Have a seat," I said, forcing...
  • bruce
  • infinity
  • scarlet
Benefits by mynameishaley
Benefitsby mynameishaley
Highest ratings: #202 in ChickLit (April 14, 2018), #8 in "Rising" Chicklit (April 19, 2018) "I am just using you for your body and lips." ... "...
  • youngadult
  • lovetriangle
  • humor
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Partially Perfect by LevittDawn
Partially Perfectby LevittDawn
❝Everyone has a chapter they don't read out loud.❞ -anonymous For nin...
  • humor
  • okayenoughwiththetags
  • love
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Oh, Cinderella! 2 by DeprezzedSally
Oh, Cinderella! 2by DeprezzedSally
Hey y'all, ima just re write the book! This is a rewrite, so that way this book has better grammar, and hopefully is more interesting, fingers crossed! Pls enjoy! I also...
  • cindy
  • savannah
  • pink
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Good Boy Acting Bad by Charlie_Harriet
Good Boy Acting Badby Charlie_Harriet
"If bad boys are her type, I should be one so she'll notice me. Even if I had to cast my old self behind and wear a mask of a stupid man. I would." ...
  • badboy
  • badboynextdoor
  • college
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We painted the stars by lou_loves_unicorns
We painted the starsby lou_loves_unicorns
In a world where being normal is boring, lily meets Daniel who is her recent neighbor and convinces him to help her complete her bucket list. Together they embark on a j...
  • humor
  • roadtrip
  • love
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Don't You Wanna Love?[Needs Frequent Editing And Updating] by NiharikaPatilScorp
Don't You Wanna Love?[Needs NiharikaPatilScorp
".........You gotta be kidding me!". "Nope" "I don't trust you for some reason" He shrugged, "Not my problem............." "...
  • beginner
  • sweet
  • romantic
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Letting in Light [Book two] by TillyB789
Letting in Light [Book two]by TillyB789
*** Spoiler Alert - This is book two in the series, so please do not read below until you have read Out of the Shadows [book one] *** *** All of the characters from Out...
  • heartthrob
  • romance
  • modern
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Before it's too late by supercarlogistic
Before it's too lateby supercarlogistic
[BTNE book 2] After 5 years... Highest rank: #24 in ChickLit Book cover: mycngi Date started: April 07, 2018 Date ended:
  • jungkook
  • rose
  • blackpink
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With Me by IU_092
With Meby IU_092
It's a book about me. Basically like a diary I guess; feel free to read and judge. Don't really care. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my not so humble life.
  • diary
  • mẹ
  • life
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Ice Cream Incident  by _cranberries_
Ice Cream Incident by _cranberries_
Amelia Cruz, 17 years old, the student with highest grades in RedWood Highschool with the popular best friend, loves ice cream and anything sweet. What happens when the...
  • typicalteen
  • badboy
  • chicklit
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Build Me Up by Kishyie
Build Me Upby Kishyie
He was an Architect. She was an Engineer. In their world of design and construction, it wasn't new that Engineers stole the work of an Architect. Within their allied pro...
  • wattyawards
  • humor
  • funny
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