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Sweetheart by JadenGivens
Sweetheartby Jaden Givens
Ay yo ma! Wanna bring that tight ass here?" "Hey sexy!!" "That girl makes me wanna turn gay" That was just few of the catcalls I get while walki...
  • teenfic
  • comedy
  • younglove
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A Diary of a Thinking Woman by Cara_Stoklosa
A Diary of a Thinking Womanby Cara Elizabeth Stoklosa
Olivia Bree Mason, the Thinking Woman, must use her emerging powers to make a difference to the world at large by fighting the heir of the House of Agni. The price of no...
  • romance
  • olivia
  • projectwomanup
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The Actress' Husband by Zanzan112
The Actress' Husbandby zanzan
❝Hollywood is scary. She is scarier.❞ • • • The night before their marriage, Emily Pinault catches her fiancee in the act of cheating. Completely devasted by his betraya...
  • husband
  • hot
  • hollywood
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The Outsiders by vicxvega
The Outsidersby curt
Have you ever imagine yourself having a greaser boyfriend? Well look no further than this book of imagines and preferences based on your favourite characters! including...
  • darrycurtis
  • twobitmatthews
  • chicklit
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All Roads Lead Home ✓ by witchoria
All Roads Lead Home ✓by ★ zuzanna☽
Zoya Hart has been eluding her gold-digging stepmother for the last few years. Knowing that this woman will do anything to gain control of her and her late father's comp...
  • projectwomanup
  • lgbt
  • diverselit
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Eliezer's Ange by polarhoidinq
Eliezer's Angeby - ̗̀ xosabrina ̖́-
"Kiss me," she whimpered. • detailed synopsis inside highest rank i've seen | n° 5 in brooding & n° 4 in cosmos [ a wattpad featured book ] © 2019, Sabrina S...
  • brooding
  • love
  • sadending
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WANDERLUST [poetry] #Wattys2019 by MayGarner
WANDERLUST [poetry] #Wattys2019by 𝚖𝚊𝚢 ✨
〞and my mind is spinning in these w a n d e r l u s t thoughts 〞 Here, I watch myself decay and stitch my being back together before the sunrise. ~ poetry collection...
  • wattys2019
  • poembook
  • poems
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I Fell In Love With A Girl In The Drive-Thru Window by idontlikesmiling
I Fell In Love With A Girl In pieceofsh!t
"You must really like burgers, huh?" "Nah, I just really like you."
  • chicklit
  • romance
  • drive-thru
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Falling for a Memory by sylviaNgould
Falling for a Memoryby Sylvia N. Gould
Bailey had only known John as the handsome man from floor ten that smiled at her and said hello whenever they met in the elevator. Yet, when he suddenly passes away she...
  • selfdiscovery
  • coping
  • chicklit
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Rented by ElhamMulugeta
Rentedby Ivartheboneless
It was quite a simple task. Until it got complicated.......
  • love
  • cute
  • chicklit
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Winding River Book Reviews. ([OPEN]) by HillbillieNolan
Winding River Book Reviews. ([ Nolan LaValley
STATUS: CURRENTLY OPENED FOR REQUESTS Welcome to the river, deep in the forest. Here on the banks you can find a small community inhabited by a group of wattpad reviewe...
  • creepypasta
  • paranormal
  • chicklit
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16 Years Later. by tinytitch87
16 Years tinytitch87
Sometimes friendship just isn't enough.... They may try to hide it to begin with, BUT, Max and Sophia love each other. Between their pride, psycho boyfriends and connivi...
  • karma
  • chicklit
  • unexpected
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Drugged & Dreaming by EbanatawJ
Drugged & Dreamingby JJ Waterhouse
Steve Henderson, a 27 year old paramedic of St. Andrews hospital was just performing his job as usual-- transferring lifeless bodies onto gurneys and administering first...
  • drama
  • teen
  • chicklit
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Wedding Woes by WordsByTahmina
Wedding Woesby Words by Tahmina
Majid and Maya Amin have three daughters. While Majid is happy to let his daughters, Jameelah, Aisha, and Laila find their own path in life, Maya's sole purpose of exist...
  • romance
  • wedding
  • chicklit
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That Little Three Words by YoshikuniMichiyo
That Little Three Wordsby Yoshikuni Michiyo
That little three words... For certain people that three little words were easy for them to slipped away from their mouth But for some other people,that three little wor...
  • sliceoflife
  • romance-friendship
  • friendstolovers
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Fall In Love With An Idol by skyepine
Fall In Love With An Idolby Skye ♡
BOOK I : COMPLETED BOOK II : ONGOING She is Patricia Samantha Castro, an idol. Kilala siya sa buong bansa. Halos lahat na lalaki ay may gustso sa kanya. Until someone go...
  • lovetriangle
  • all-boys-school
  • secrets
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Elucidation of Love by DreamingToBe17
Elucidation of Loveby Joy
love is divided into five sections; love seeks, love grows, love fails, love repeats, and the most important section of all, love's elucidation. every poetry has a littl...
  • dreamingtobe17
  • chicklit
  • poem
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THE SKY AND BEYOND by kalopsiceye
THE SKY AND BEYONDby khushi purohit
"Kyle was my biggest 'what if' and I despised fate, for we were a 'should' not an 'if' " sure people say that life should be like a roller coaster ride, but ha...
  • romance
  • emotionalrollercoaster
  • love
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The Playgirl's Game by killinjanx
The Playgirl's Gameby bitchImJanxie
"So.. This guy is a target?" She pointed the picture in the profile with a frown. Her bestfriend nodded and continued," I know it's hard for you because o...
  • romance
  • badgirlgoodboy
  • andros
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The Strings of Love by HumbleWinner
The Strings of Loveby Ramnik Sharma
This is a love story of two brilliant individuals who are made for each other. Dr. Niharika Sehgal, a badass businesswoman is ruling over the cosmetic industry. She is k...
  • romance
  • business
  • wattpad
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