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Dee x Black!Reader by ripthisaccount102
Dee x Black!Readerby i don't use this anymore
Dee meets a cute girl at school, Though she has a odd quirk, she brings him lunch every day. No one's ever done that for him so he is taken aback. Though she is also ver...
• his untold story • by Youcantseemee_
• his untold story •by I’m a cat person
TRIGGER WARNING ⚡️ Suggestions of abuse, swearing, sleep paralysis. Please do not read if any of the above will effect you! Inspiration ⚡️ I constantly try and find a st...
Metal Family x reader one-shot by El_gaytoo
Metal Family x reader one-shotby Simplord
Metal Family x reader one-shot because why not One-shot done: -Dee x reader -Dee x jealous&guilty!reader -Lif x reader -Heavy x reader Cover by me Started: 01/05/2021 Fi...
Truth Comes Out (Metal Family // Glam's Past) by metalfamfan
Truth Comes Out (Metal Family // liz🎸✨💿🌈
This story is basically how I imagine Glam would tell his family about his past, and how it effects the other members of the family... Pretty sad so a TW (abuse//sh//su8...
𝕁𝕒𝕟𝕚𝕤 [ Metal Family Fanfic ] by ripthisaccount102
𝕁𝕒𝕟𝕚𝕤 [ Metal Family Fanfic ]by i don't use this anymore
If Glam's family has another addition of a 14 year old girl ( since vikki and Glam are 🤍 the mc is finna be white as well girly pops ) and noooo x reader stories here...
Metal Family [alternative] by izukumidoriyaaaaaa
Metal Family [alternative]by .
⚠️TRIGGER WARNING: ED, RELIGIOUS TRAUMA, AND PROLLY OTHER ANGSTY STUFF⚠️This is almost a metal family fanfic, however it will focus more on me & my friends OCs, primaril...
Sensations  by Ilovegaymanga0
Sensations by RAY
Ok so this is a fanfic of glam x ches(I think his name was) from metal family ok so hear me out I am devistated what you people have done to glams poor boys but that's a...
Metal Family One Shots  by Sweet_Candy_Dream
Metal Family One Shots by _Sweet_Candy_Dream_
Some short stories about my Ocs I also accept requests for 'x Reader' and 'x OC' just comment on a chapter with what character you wanna be shipped with and a little plo...
The Day It Rained (Metal Family Fanfic) by DUCK_F4CE
The Day It Rained (Metal Family DUCK_F4CE
Glam leaves his abusive household and decides to stay with Ches.
💀🖤Metal family💀🖤 by Ilove_woman1
💀🖤Metal family💀🖤by Ilove_woman1
What the title says. THE COVER IS NOT MINE
'•Metal family'•° by GlamSimpp
'•Metal family'•°by Angie
Welcome, welcome!! Wait.. you're under the age of 18? Why didn't you say so!!?? In that case, get the hell out. Are they gone? Should be. For my adults welcome to this...
Just Friends-Dee x Reader by NessieMartinezz
Just Friends-Dee x Readerby Mia Evans
~"Crush on Dee? No, he is like my brother. We've known each other since our childhood." ~
Breaking free (Dee x Reader) by XxkuroosimpxX
Breaking free (Dee x Reader)by XxkuroosimpxX
⚠️ I DONT OWN MY METAL FAMILY OR ITS CHARACTERS ⚠️ This story will contain abuse and foul language Y/n has always had a strict family Her life was a living hell of bore...
Quesa by Aparnamishra323
Quesaby Utterly fired
Quesa was a polite girl, but I wish I could say the same about her surroundings. Even though Quesa was kind, caring, and well mannered, she was a disappointment to each...
Play me a song ...   by beanieboyyy
Play me a song ... by I like cats
( Metal Family AU!! ) . since I have been obsessed with this series for a very long time! I hope to get more into writing so if you would like to. i do not see this sh...
Metal family Dee x Lif by GlamSimpp
Metal family Dee x Lifby Angie
There are fr NO dee x lif i can find so i made one✨ THIS IS 18+ CONTAINS SMUT⚠️
Ask Alex ~A wattpad Advice Column~ by BAMbooks
Ask Alex ~A wattpad Advice Column~by BAM
Mostly Mad by HeavensRaven
Mostly Madby Raven Of SunFlower
"What's your name?" He questioned again pounding on a big oval table surrounded by other Avengers. The girl disappeared in pink smoke then revealed by the door...