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Seeking Solace by _TheDragoness_
Seeking Solaceby Teya
Wei Wuxian dies during the siege and the cultivators have a rude awakening. 《Updates are irregular, I will update chapters when I can, please bear with me.》 {Cover is c...
wei wuxian the ghost king (Hiatus) by rianne322008
wei wuxian the ghost king (Hiatus)by Jan Rianne Uy
My husband WAS dead now He reincarnated to a boy but he looks the same before and the same name.... cangse sanren my mother and wei cangse my father was dead too but the...
Just Once More....One More Chance  by HarukiUsagi46
Just Once More....One More Chance by Rika
When Wei Ying fell down the cliff he doesn't know that inside of his clothes there is an unfinished talisman. "Just once more chance." As the bloo...
Yiling laozu's time travelling plan (Hiatus) by rianne322008
Yiling laozu's time travelling Jan Rianne Uy
jiang fengmian : will you marry me again san-niang? wei wuxian thought 'i am dead?' ' where am i'
SYPNOSIS : Lotus Pier was enveloped by raging fire, bringing the mighty sect to ashes. The sect leader and his wife is gone and their children are missing along with th...
ALL WELL THAT ENDS WELL (A WangXian Story) by MDZSTreasure
Driven to the edge of insanity, Wei Wuxian thought of ending himself. But even at the dark abyss of his mind, a small flicker of light is visible. Wei Wuxian thought tha...
Lavender (English Version) - END by Cute_YilingLaozu
Lavender (English Version) - ENDby Cute's.YilingLaozu
Lan Xichen, who was initially betrayed by his lover, Jin Guangyao, then met the beautiful doctor Wei Wuxian and married him, will love grow in their hearts? ️ CRACKPAI...
Wangxian by cen00xen
Wangxianby cen00xen
This story starts after Wuxian was thrown in the burial mounds, without core he was so weak and here is where he met the legendary Baoshan Sanren, he stayed in there for...
Loving you  Till the end of the World by rianne322008
Loving you Till the end of the Jan Rianne Uy
lan wangji is dead.. and i ascended to immortality... it hurts so much to see your husband not remember you and have to wait 10,000 years for your husband but its worth...
Le mariage by WeiWangji88
Le mariageby WeiWangji88
Ça y est ! Lan zhan a osé faire sa demande à Wei Ying et aujourd'hui, les deux se marient ! Suivez dans cette courte histoire le mariage de nos héros favoris ! *Attentio...
The right thing to do by CoraxCrow
The right thing to doby Corax Crow
He lost him twice. He could no longer hear his Bichen. He was alone in this familiar yet foreign world, in this new, strange body. Now there were only two people he was...
The Untamed 2: Deranged Minds by Harini-Dissanayake
The Untamed 2: Deranged Mindsby
People were dying in mass numbers, and nobody could figure out why. Everyone is facing fear and confusion not knowing what they face. Wei Wu Xian is still away, roaming...
10,000 years of loving you (Hiatus) by rianne322008
10,000 years of loving you (Hiatus)by Jan Rianne Uy
wei wuxian destroyed the stylan tiger amulet only to see ... " where am i?"
Second Prince Wei Of Celestial Mountain  by cen00xen
Second Prince Wei Of Celestial cen00xen
Since his parents died, Wei Wuxian ,the second childe of Celestial Mountain stayed with his Grandmother and Xiao Xingchen being his uncle, the first childe. It is widely...
the two idiots that time travelled (Hiatus) by rianne322008
the two idiots that time Jan Rianne Uy
wei wuxian died when wwx ripped off his hand from lwj lan wangji's self control snapped and he shouted " WEI YINGGG! I LOVE YOU!!" Wei wuxian's eyes widened '...
RESTART (Hiatus) by rianne322008
RESTART (Hiatus)by Jan Rianne Uy
Lan Zhan begged Wei Wuxian with tears "WEI YING!...i love you please" Wei Ying knew he would die if he falls but if he doesnt then he would die too but not alo...