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A Blooming Lotus by Noppoh
A Blooming Lotusby Noppoh
The first lotus blooms at Lotus Pier after the war and it catches Jiang Cheng's eye. It feels significant, to have lotuses opening again while they're rebuilding their h...
Wherever you go, I will follow Book 1 (2020) by mdzs_fujoshi
Wherever you go, I will follow #ProtectMyBoys
⚠️ This is a book on the pairing called ChengXian, so please do not read further if you are not interested in that pairing ⚠️ Jiang Cheng vows to protect his lover, but...
You are my beginning, my end (Book 3) (ChengXian) by mdzs_fujoshi
You are my beginning, my end ( #ProtectMyBoys
The children have been born, but Jiang Cheng can't seem to let go of his past. His regrets and guilt continue to fuel his rage and he struggles to tame his demons. Will...
Dame paz y Dame guerra by SayuriUchicha
Dame paz y Dame guerraby SayuriUchicha
Universo alternativo, ChengXian El corazón de Jiang Wanyin es como un diamante, hecho para que solo una persona habite en él, y la persona que puede habitarlo es Wei Wux...
Soñamos con Aguas Tranquilas by CPAnt777
Soñamos con Aguas Tranquilasby CPAnt777
"Se encontraron en una cafetería atestada de gente, un día de lluvia e invierno" ... Modern Au Solo un poco de ChengXian encontrándose, conociéndose y construy...
Substitute / what we take for granted by Nyayatya
Substitute / what we take for Nyayatya
(english version of "sustituto") She resembles him so much ... She was not him -One sided Jiang Cheng x Wei Wuxian -Illustrated Fanfiction (art by me) only on...