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Stay Here By My Side - A Hot Chelle Rae Fan Fiction by youbethewriter
Stay Here By My Side - A Hot Mads
Spencer lost both of her parents and brother to a fatal car crash almost two years ago, and is now living in an orphanage. And there it's a known fact that unless you in...
  • teen
  • death
  • keaggy
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Beautiful Freak by xcoolx3
Beautiful Freakby Savanna
Shakira Brown wins a trip to see her favorite band Hot Chelle Rae. She is really excited to finally meet Jamie Follese.What will happen when Jamie Follese and Shakira fa...
  • awesome
  • ryan
  • fanfic
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Say That You're Leaving With Me by MrsFolleseHills
Say That You're Leaving With Meby MrsFolleseHills
A Hot Chelle Rae love story - Ian Keaggy's little sister Isabel and the bands lead singer Ryan Follese fall in love, drama within the family and band causes Isabel to fa...
  • band
  • follese
  • keaggy
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Hot Chelle Rae Scenarios/Imagines/Oneshots :) by Becca_Ann
Hot Chelle Rae Scenarios/ Bec
If you love HCR then check this out :) Different imagines for funny/cute/awkward situations :) Give me your opinions ;)
  • overstreet
  • rae
  • imagines
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Love Attached - A Nash Overstreet Fanfic by HCRFan2
Love Attached - A Nash Amy
When Josslynn finds herself in a relationship with the guitarist of Hot Chelle Rae, she doesn't believe that he'll ever feel the same way about her. When people step in...
  • chelle
  • amyelizabethstowers
  • nashoverstreet
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All I want is you - a Hot Chelle Rae fanfic by BrittaneeAnnee
All I want is you - a Hot Chelle Brittany Anne
Blair Everty has a dream: to be a famous singer. She gets tickets to her idol's concert, Hot Chelle Rae. Those 4 boys have made her life worth living, with the depressio...
  • hotel
  • mother
  • candles
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Hot Chelle Rae Preferences by deadlymac
Hot Chelle Rae Preferencesby deadlymac
I didn't see any hcr preferences so here lovelies
  • rae
  • chelle
  • hot
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Inspirations by nightfeelings
Inspirationsby Dayra
A collection of short scenes inspired by different songs.
  • attack
  • brand
  • angie
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I Want You Recklessly {Hot Chelle Rae} by AliNeedTonight
I Want You Recklessly {Hot ali
{{Third continuation of If Only You Knew and Close My Eyes & Count To Three}} Dylan and Amelia are adjusting with their new life in the city away from their family, Nata...
  • hot
  • thirdbook
  • rae
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Portal: Human Glitch by programmedalex
Portal: Human Glitchby programmedalex
Herobrine, AKA Nate, has unleashed a glitch that'll possibly end the world. It created a virtual Earth inside of an innocent game: Minecraft. Minecraft was recently infe...
  • humanglitch
  • cube
  • new
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The Hero (BNHA x OC) by Tjandi
The Hero (BNHA x OC)by MiyakeSora309
Harada Aika is a girl from the past where quirks haven't developed. Or so she thought. Since little she tried to do anything to have a superpower. It's her dream. To be...
  • bokunoheroacademia
  • 308
  • chelle
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My First Love by SeannaDegolliada
My First Loveby Seanna Degolliada
Isang babae na nanggaling sa angkan ng isa sa pinakamayan na pamilya sa asia.Nagpanggap na nerd,at nakatagpo ng lalakeng gugulo sa kanyang mapayapang pagpapanggap. Ano k...
  • chelle
  • kyeopta
Hot Chelle Rae Oneshots by AliNeedTonight
Hot Chelle Rae Oneshotsby ali
Oneshots of the band Hot Chelle Rae!
  • keaggy
  • chelle
  • feels
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Broken~ A Hot Chelle Rae Fan Fiction by taylorvanbeek
Broken~ A Hot Chelle Rae Fan Taylor
Blakely Monroe is your average 17 year old girl, growing up in the city of Detroit. She's raised in an unstable environment. She tries to escape her situation, but will...
  • hotchellerae
  • chelle
  • hot
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Catch Me If You Can by NotThatOrdinary
Catch Me If You Canby NotThatOrdinary
Too cool for caution, too damaged for relationships, and too careless to give a damn Zella lived her life to the fullest. No fear, no worries simply trying to out run a...
  • ryan
  • jamie
  • rae
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Saving You (an asim azhar fan-fic) by MahaBarry
Saving You (an asim azhar fan-fic)by Maha Fawad Barry
Sophiya Anne Leotard. A 15 year old girl, Abandoned by her mother at the age of 13 after the death of her father she is forced to live in the californian orpahange for t...
  • starbucks
  • arecute
  • bestfriend
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Living The Life (Ryan Follese Fanfic) by MrsRyanKeithFollese
Living The Life (Ryan Follese Tammy
Living the life with Ryan Follese <3
  • chelle
  • ryan
  • hot
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Close My Eyes And Count To Three (A Hot Chelle Rae fanfic) by AliNeedTonight
Close My Eyes And Count To Three ( ali
{{Sequel to If Only You Knew}} When a twist of fate splits Katie and Ryan further apart than they ever imagined possible, can their love be saved?
  • follese
  • keaggy
  • hot
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Never Met a Girl Like You - a Hot Chelle Rae sequel by BrittaneeAnnee
Never Met a Girl Like You - a Brittany Anne
SEQUEL to: All I Want is You. Blair has got everything she's ever wanted, a record deal, the love of her life and a baby on the way. Herself and Ryan Follese have beaten...
  • ian
  • everty
  • rae
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